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Saturday, February 3, 2007

Goodyear has Good people

The Goodyear auto tire store on FM529 near Barker-Cypress in Cypress, Texas has some of the best people I have yet to meet. They are a good crew who manage to do all they can to help the customer, even if the customer asks for something they either don't really need or may cause extra wear on their vehicle. The manager believes that the best rule of thumb is to follow the manufacturer's manual in 99.9% of the cases. To make matters worse, he is downright stubborn on that point!

I had seen the TV ads, read the magazine articles and discussed the possibilities of using a synthetic oil in my van. He reminded me that if I did convert to a synthetic, I would need to stick with that oil for the rest of that engine's life. And if I found myself in a situation where I needed to add oil, and THAT particular oil was not available - I would be begging - no make that demanding trouble for the car. Hey, I may be stubborn but I hope I ain't no fool. So I have stayed with the oil that the manual suggests.

Now that I have started into bragging on these folks (and yes, I have many stories to tell about them), let me take a moment to tel you how I decided to use them in place of the dealership. I had been using the dealership where I had purchased the van - and generally to my delight. The salesman was not too pushy, especially when he saw that my wife and I had done our homework and had a good idea of what we wanted the first time we stepped onto his lot. We knew about what the options should cost and which ones would do us the most good. So, yes, I would give the dealership (at least the Original dealership) a good rating. Unfortunately for us, the dealership changed hands about a few years after we bought the van. The good news from that was that the lead Service Analyst (or some such title) was a woman who knew her cars and how to treat people.

When you drive up, she recognizes you, quickly calls up your info, discusses your options with only a mild push for an optional service or two. Hey we all have to do what we can to bring in those few extra dollars to our company - I understand that, and she understands that a little nudge is one thing, getting downright PUSHY is the wrong thing. So what was my problem? - On two of my visits, she wasn't there. The first reason was an appointment and I needed the work done then. So I accepted being put off on another Service Analyst who treated me like crap. Well maybe that's too strong a word, but I think you know the feeling. There are lots of dealerships in my area, so nothing demands that I bring my van there, except it had always worked in my favor in the past and it was close to the house. This time, the charges were a bit higher in the past and a few problems that I complained of were not fixed or were explained away.

This is not what I had come here for. But I chucked it up to experience, looking forward to my next visit. The clincher came when I went in for the 60,000 mile checkup. I had not checked the owner's manual myself, but I remembered seeing somewhere that 60K was a significant birthday for my vehicle. If for nothing else, then at least for the transmission. But once again my favorite dealer rep was missing and once again I got someone who had just transferred in from another dealership and was "new to all of this"!

His suggestion: the regular 3,000 mile checkup. Excuse me! What the #@#%#$ did he just say? I demanded to see the Service Manager - which took 45 minutes to accomplish during which time I did my best to notify every customer there of how shitty I was being treated. Finally, they managed to calm me down and get me to accept his suggestion. Soon after the van disappeared into the work-bays, when someone came to me with a small vial of Darkly colored oil. Telling me of several problems my van had. Hold everything. Stop! Put everything back where you found it, close it up and let me get the H*LL out of here. If my van had all these problems, then why hadn't THIS dealership, the only dealership I had gone to since I bought the dang thing, hadn't noticed any signs leading up to this. I am not going to say the name - just suggest you be cautious of the dealers along US290-W beyond West Road.

As I left the dealership daring anyone to get in my way, I found a coupon in the floor for a FREE 14-point inspection. Yes I realized that this could be an opportunity for someone else to find loads of problems in the van, but I was in a mood to dare 'em to try! The Goodyear that made the offer could not take me for at least a day, so they suggested I check out another Goodyear. As it worked out, their suggestion was closer to the house and was still in their Grand Opening phase.
Well that's enough for now, but don't worry I'll have lots of other good stories about these fine folks - including "don't forget, I know where you live".

There Are People Who Only Know How To Help

It is in their very core, they can't help themselves. They only know that doing good for others is the right thing to do with their life. I think I used to be that way. Now I am not sure. My thoughts are so jumbled, so I will use this blog to remind myself of the good people that God has put into my life to remind me of what I used to be and what I can become once again!
If this is a blog a potential manager sees, then perhaps he/she will see that there is more to me than what they see at the workplace. I am more than what I show others. This is my pledge - not to the reader, but to myself: to remember and note those people and events that keep life viable.

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