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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Pharmacists Care As Much As Your Doctor or More!

This is one of those posts that is a delight to make. I have had nothing but great experiences with Pharmacists. From way back, 20 years ago, when I just had to have a certain prescription filled and the Eckerds I went to didn't have any on hand, the pharmacist immediately called to a nearby Walgreens and transferred the prescription, placed the order and gave me directions to get there and told me who to ask for. From what my doctor said later, I think I even got a discount on the cost. This was before I had good insurance, and I had to pay A LOT for my medications.

While I was with McGregor's, a company that provided the doctors, the medications and associations with select hospitals, I met a pharmacist that provided something constant in my life. McGregor was constantly changing staff. I was "informed" that many doctors came there just to get noticed by the public, so that they could set up their own practice. As a result I couldn't seem to keep the same doctor for more than 2 months. The pharmacist remembered what my last prescription was, and often made comment if the newer prescription seemed to be counter productive to my health. When the clinic on Mason closed, I started going to the Fallbrook clinic, and sure enough there he was. Later when that clinic closed, the best choice for me was the Harwin clinic. Yep - he had survived and was there - good things are meant to be.

Finally, McGregor closed its doors for good and I went back to the doctor I had used many years before (David Joseph Shin - Family Practice, 22511 Katy Freeway, Katy, Texas, 281-392-3100) I am still on the lookout for that pharmacist - I know he's in town somewhere - hopefully associated with a hospital!

Now we move to the present and to the Kroger Pharmacy @ FM529 & Barker-Cypress, 18030 FM-529, 281-550-6942. A quick note here that the folks at the Walgreens in this area are also wonderful, but this post is about 2 special women at the Krogers. Their names are Chandra D. Wright, R.Ph., Pharmacy Manager and Asiya Askari, PharmD., R.Ph., Assistant Pharmacy Manager, Certified in Immunizations, Spanish & Urdu Speaking - Wow what a mouthful and all that fits on 2 business cards!

These two women hold my wife's and my health as a top priority. They have taken the time to remind us of interactions between medicine's that are mentioned on the included papers, but often minimized. I think they want us to be as informed as possible, because they know the other medications we use. What may seem of little consequence to the general public, could have a more serious affect on us. The remind us every time we pick up something that if we have any problems, CALL THEM IMMEDIATELY, then call the doctor. I asked about off-hours, and was told to call the pharmacy and leave a message. They check for such messages often and would follow up. WOW Such service - such a caring attitude. My family doctor is not as available during off hours. Yes, I can call his office. His answering service would take a message (often while grumbling), then suggest I go to the hospital if it is so dang important and eventually the doctor might call us back.

The final touch (that I often see at other pharmacies) is their willingness to educate us about the Over-The-Counter medications. Even though those choices may not seem life threatening, they realize that making the wrong choice will waste money and possibly react poorly with the medications they have given us.

A Simple ending - Praise God For Pharmacists -

Monday, March 26, 2007

Yeerohs Is Closer - Jyroes Ain't

I've heard this word pronounced a dozen different ways and only one is correct. To the people that can say the word GYROS, I applaud their efforts. It is only right that we pronounce a word correctly but then Texans have long mangled words - and it is right - cause there is a Texan way and an American way. This post is supposed to be about the owner of the Gyros & Shish Kabobs Restaurant @ 4886 Hwy 6 @ Aspen Glenn 281-855-1224. They are open Monday thru Saturday 11 - 9. He is friendly to talk to, quickly preparing your meal, willing to give you a little more, and he loves Soccer. His place is quiet and comfortable with Greensheets & those brown cafe newsletters. From time to time you he has bought the Chronicle and it is available to browse as you eat your meal. His business card says "Stop by often, so we both don't starve." I've always enjoyed his way of making the gyros especially with loads of cucumber sauce. My wife enjoys the grape leaves and hummus of which once again he provides an ample serving. This is one of the places I go to often, and frequently see people coming in to pickup an order they've called in. They comment loudly about how good the food is and how quickly he prepared it. They call in and by the time they drive to his place, its ready! He is one of the best!

Fish R Fun but The Salesman is Not

Here is one for the Grumblers Pit. The shop at the corner of Eldridge & FM-529 offers loads of aquarium supplies, fish galore and loads of valid advice. There is the 10% Off shelves loaded with products all marked 10% off. The owner/salesman has dealt with many of the problems in keeping an aquarium or pond, but he just has one bad habit. He directs his comments to ME, not to Nancy.

Nancy is more knowledgeable about what she needs, and she can explain situations we need to have resolved better. Yes he listens to someone speak, but he doesn't look at her. When she finishes her comment or question, he proceeds to answer me. For the most part Nancy ignores his rude behavior, but it bugs the H*LL out of me.

I guess the answer is to move behind Nancy. That way when he looks to speak towards me, he words will have to go past Nancy and it will seem right.

A Visit To Lucky's, Mary's and Zoe's Starbucks

Here are three places that I visit on a regular basis for several reasons. These folk are pleasant to do business with, they know their trade well, they enjoy serving me and they make the effort to use their service enjoyable. I'll discuss many others in the next few posts.
First there is Mary's Tailoring @ 8632 North State Highway 6 (her business card says Houston, but her shop is in Cypress). Mary has tailored many of my clothes. She has worked on so many of my slacks, that she is able to exactly fit them to me at a such an inexpensive cost. I needed her services as I lost so much weight after the Gastric-bypass surgery. I have come down from a 64" to a 39" waist. Mary often runs errands during the day, so be sure to call her to make sure she's in the shop when you stop by [281-463-6717].
Second there is The Lucky House. We have visited this restaurant on a few occasions and been surprised each visit with the ample portions that taste so very fresh. They say that they do not use MSG (I think I am becoming Allergic) which is a change. They are located @ 17440 FM-529 #109 and can be reached @ 832-593-8822.
Third is a place that I've visited many times - the Starbucks @ Memorial Drive & Benignus [713-647-9824]. The manager is Zoe and she was training several new people when I learned about her open and inviting attitude. She showed her people the importance of greeting and meeting your customers. I had only been there twice and she asked my name. We went on to discuss my preferences in teas. I wanted less sweetener and she let me try several combinations until I was happy. We have since changed the options on subsequent visits. Is a Starbucks a bit expensive for a simple cup of Tea? Yes, but it is very enjoyable and we allow ourselves this treat on a weekly basis - something our budget can tolerate. We enjoy Chai Lattes and most recently, I've started to just but a large cup of boiling water and the tea bags. This way I get the strongest tea to which I add some half-and-half (a sweetener.)
As the title says - Good People to Know at Good Places to Go!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Living On The Edge @ Cliff's

There are several Cliff's Old Fashioned Hamburgers in town. I have been to four of them including, Main St., Westheimer, Hwy 6 and Kingsride. The woman that takes your order, makes the drinks, the salads, delivers the food to your table and makes sure you are having a good time is one of the better people I have had the pleasure of meeting. I keep my extra change in a cup I keep in my car door, and when it gets full, I make it a point to stop by Cliff's. The people there appreciate it when you swap loads of change for bills. I am told that it costs them precious time to have to go to the bank during the day to get rolls of coinage, so now you know what to do with your extra change. We enjoy the breakfasts there - Nancy loves the Breakfast Sandwich while I delve into a Biscuit, Sausage & Gravy over the whole day. For lunch I enjoy a hot dog & fries and Nancy has a hamburger with a salad. Simple meals, prepared quickly with a pleasant comment. The TV is large, the customers are good company, the tables are big, clean and well spaced. The condiments are nearby and there is always someone available to get you anything you might need - Sounds like my kind of place!

Just A Few Dollars More

From time to time I notice that the Air Conditioner or Heater seem to run longer than I expect them to, to get the job done. It is usually caused by a dirty filter. I had been buying the cheapest filter I could find, usually at the food store. After a little research, I found that for a few dollars more I could get a filter that would last 3 - 4 times as long. I am referring to Pleated filters and yes, they can be bought at some food stores and definately at hardware stores, but I find it so much easier, to have several on hand so I can change them as I need without a trip to the store. Also by paying one price at the start of the year, I don't have to worry about cost increases.

During an A/C checkup a few years back I was told how to get the pleated air filters at a good rate, a case of 12 at a time - from Air Filters Inc.
By the way, I am not getting paid to offer these web sites, restaraunts, stores or contacts in these posts. I felt it important to let other people know about many of the good things in life and the good people that are out there waiting for us!`

For The LabWork That Just Has To Be Done

When I lost my job last year, and we had not yet been offered the retirement insurance coverage, we looked for less expansive ways to have the monthly lab work our family doctor needed from us. We soon learned about Your Health Lab 281-647-6687. The one we like is on Kingsland Blvd., just West of Barker-Cypress. You go into a building that's a doctor's clinic, and in a few rooms off to one side they complete the paperwork and perform the lab. The nurse is casual, confident and courteous. After insurance covered their portion, we owed $11. - That I can manage!

Scoot On Over

My wife had back surgery a few years back, and her recovery has been difficult at best. Many of the pains are downright disabling, so we went looking for a wheelchair. OMG! Those things go for about $1500 and up and my medical insurance wasn't going to help much. As we looked around and continued to talk with the insurance company, we learned that she can get a motorized scooter - a Dasher 9.We first thought of the Scooter Store, but a short visit there dashed our hopes, as we were told that they no longer work with our insurance company. The company is a major insurance carrier, so red flags popped up in our minds. We later found that the Scooter Store has been "black balled" by several insurance carriers. When it works, its good; when it doesn't its hell! aka Buyer Beware!

So we continued to look for a store to meet our needs. Several doctors suggested Texas Medical & Mobility on FM-1960. We worked closest with Kelly, but everyone was willing to help and often did. With several years documentation of her injuries we were told that the deductible would be waived. The scooter was ready for us, we were shown how to charge the battery, swap out panels (colors: Silver, Blue & Red), and the good and bad things to do to keep our scooter healthy. Later we paid under $200 for some administrative charges.

Ya can't beat that with a stick.

Only other comment is that she is learning that I can still outrun her, even on her scooter, since I lost my 200+ pounds, but that is another post!
My wife had back surgery a few years back, and her recovery has been difficult at best. Many of the pains are downright disabling, so we went looking for a wheelchair. OMG! Those things go for about $1500 and up and my medical insurance wasn't going to help much. As we looked around and continued to talk with the insurance company, we learned that she can get a motorized scooter - a Dasher 9.We first thought of the Scooter Store, but a short visit there dashed our hopes, as we were told that they no longer work with our insurance company. The company is a major insurance carrier, so red flags popped up in our minds. We later found that the Scooter Store has been "black balled" by several insurance carriers. When it works, its good; when it doesn't its hell! aka Buyer Beware!

So we continued to look for a store to meet our needs. Several doctors suggested Texas Medical & Mobility on FM-1960. We worked closest with Kelly, but everyone was willing to help and often did. With several years documentation of her injuries we were told that the deductible would be waived. The scooter was ready for us, we were shown how to charge the battery, swap out panels (colors: Silver, Blue & Red), and the good and bad things to do to keep our scooter healthy. Later we paid under $200 for some administrative charges.

Ya can't beat that with a stick.

Only other comment is that she is learning that I can still outrun her, even on her scooter, since I lost my 200+ pounds, but that is another post!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Frodo Failed

Seen on a bumper sticker today


8 Is A Good Number

For the last few check-ups following my gastric-bypass surgery [2-2-06] I was told that I was anemic, but given very little help on how to remedy the problem. My family doc suggested taking lots of Iron, but that never brought the level very high. It seems that as I lost weight and felt better, I was taking less and less of the supplements - Ir om, Calcium, B12, different Protein sources. I had settled into eating beef - a protein that my intestines have a hard time digesting, because the enzymes needed are in the gall bladder, which feeds the stomach. My surgery bypasses the stomach. I am told that in a few years, my stomach will have "learned" to release the right enzymes into the digestive tract to properly digest beef. That's awhile away.

Until then I need to eat other sources of protein. Tuna and chicken are good sources, but I am so tired of those two - yuck! So now I need to try tofu, lentils and beans. Please send me your tofu, lentil and bean recipes or a link to a good source. Either post a note here or write to

Now for the number > 8 <.

It seems that the indicator of my being anemic, was a hemoglobin of less than two and less than three is dangerous enough to be put into a hospital and possibly get a blood transfusion! My doctor does not feel that the blood supply is SAFE, so he looked for other options. We tried a mega-dosing of calcium (3 or 4 500mg tabs), iron (4 tabs of 27mg and 4 tabs of 65mg), several Vitamin E capsules, at least 1 B-12 tablet, and 2-4 B-complex capsules - Every Morning! The good news is that number 8.

It needed to be above a 6, so an 8 is great! Now to keep it that high! Why? Because when it drops so does my system's ability to fight infection, hair growth, bone growth, which makes the red blood cells, sores that should heal in a week were taking a month or more - overall health goes downhill. I've learned a lesson. Since my system cannot extract what it needs from the few foods I eat, I MUST take the supplements! Or suffer a pitiful, painful life.

Growing Our Own

With the various warnings and recalls we've heard recently, I am behind my wife's plans and actions for our yearly vegetable garden. I am not sure what will be found to be contaminated next: the bread, the tofu, the canned vegees & fruits, the frozen foods, maybe an entree or two, or dare I say it - some of the candy! OMG!

So I do what I can to help. Add mulch (leaves) to the soil, spray it with water-soluble fertilizer every few weeks. For the first few feedings, we'll use something with a high middle number for extra blossoms. Then a general fertilizer (10-10-10) for overall growth, then one with the last number being the highest so the roots will go deeper and we can get an extra crop from the plants.

Ropers - A Cowboy Cafe & Store

Yep - that's what the sign says over the doors with the burglar bars on 'em. The outside is vertical wood plank - rustic - nice looking, clean. Inside there is a small eating area to the left and a store with minimum supplies. They offer the vegetables they use in their meals as produce (nice touch!) The tea is Lipton's brewed, a nice change from the instant that so many other cafes use.

For a Cobb salad and a BLT sandwich, with the tea for about $12 - not bad for a meal in a one cafe town - Simonton. That's West of Fulshear and East of Wallis on FM-1093. There is also a pecan processing plant and a real nice grocery at the junction of FM-1489 & FM-1093. The food came fast and the salad was large and delicious!

We had gone out that way to check out the Spring blooms. We were pleasantly surprsed, though I think the next few weeks will bring out more colors and oh so many more flowers! We'll post many of the pics on this site and Nancy's.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Know All About Ya & Still Wanna Help

Friends - the real ones are folks that enjoy spending time with you. The really special ones mean it when they ask if there is anything they can do for you. An excellent example is Marilon Speed. She lives in Magnolia with a friend. On Friday she offers he time and help to a group called SIRE.

SIRE helps handicapped children that have difficulties walking, either as a result of a disease or their body just doesn't work quite right. Someone has determined that when a horse walks, the rider's body moves in a manner similar to a person walking. This help teach children what it feels like to walk correctly. They can compare these feelings to how they react when they try to walk. Also the pure joy of being on a horse, way up there, so far from the ground, being at ease with such a magnificent animal.

On Saturday my wife and I work at the tutoring center 'til early afternoon. So after work we headed up to Marilon's place and after fixing a small problem with her computer we headed over to her Mom's place to gather leaves. We raked a lot but only managed to bag a few. Next time we'll have bags that fit into trash cans better, and will be easier to tie at the top. Her Mom's place is loaded with leaves, mostly oak. Even after we had done what little bagging we could at the moment, we raked leaves into large piles for next time. Yes, next time we'll load the truck with loads of leaves, then if Marilon comes down to our place on Sunday we'll get oh so many leaves. Why do we want leaves? Check out my other posts and Leaves = cheap, useful, wonderful mulch, weed blocker, enriches the soil, breaks up clay soils, draws worms and beneficial insects - all the good things our garden and flowering plants LOVE!

Sunday - that's when Marilon shines. Last week she helped empty out the garage, or most of it. We've rediscovered so many supplies, a few extra tools, several gifts we were wonder where they had gotten off to and loads of clothes - most of which will be given away - the Assistance Ministries love us for them. Many of the supplies were used immediately and the rest were put in the backyard in a cabinet we'd bought for just that use. We have several other smaller storage units that now contain loads of garden tools, contractor bags and various garden decorations. During the week we'll give away what we can use; stow away what we can find a sensible place for and plan for the follow-up attack on this Sunday.

Again I say Thank You Marilon for being such a Wonderful Friend!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

I'm Off To See The Wizard @ The Job Fair

Yesterday I got an opportunity to re-discover just how my health has improved since I lost over 200 pounds. I went to the Targeted Job Fair held at The George R. Brown Convention Center. On my way downtown, I got a flat tire. So as I pulled into the parking lot on the far Northwest side of the center, the attendant was waving his arm frantically, pointing to my tire. I acknowledged his observation, paid his fee n headed for the job fair. I could get help from AAA after I checked on a several job openings - ya gotta have priorities. So I set off on a hike - in search of the job fair. As I usually do, I started a conversation with a fellow job seeker. His name is Graham, recently out of the Army. He had spent his time at Ft. Hood, Texas, Korea, Iraq and a short visit to Belfast, Ireland. We both tried several doors n several other events in order to finally meet someone on the street that "told us where to go." The new destination was wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy down the street, to the far Southern end of the center - the last door.

Yes, I have lost a lot of weight; yes I am getting my strength back; yes I was pumped up about going to this fair; yes I was walking by another person's side trying to maintain a conversation and yes, the strain of walking so far, so quickly HURT like the dickens! We got to the door, entered the building, went up 2 escalators, walked to the back of the center & found room 362! Whew! Once there I set about trying to speak to someone at each & every booth, even if their sign gave no mention of needing a Business, Financial or Data Analyst. Hey - I was there - why not ask.

The good news is that many of the companies spoke of a possibility of needing my skills. They accepted my Resume and Cover Letter, told me about their web site, shook my hand and sent me on my way. I must have made over 20 loops in the room, trolling for a shorter line or one of the representatives standing away from their table. The bad news were the few reps that only wanted to talk to engineers and were LOUD when they said NO to anyone else that bothered to ask! I left with a few business card and having dropped off about a dozen resumes and cover letters.
We shall see. The only good news to report for today is that one of the Human Resource gents at the fair had requested I send him an email with a Word doc version of my resume, he thinks he can find an opening for me - the prayers continue!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Color My World

As I was looking around the blogs of others, I found a site with a post that inspired this one:
White should mean purity, cleanliness - but it brings to mind Death. The lack of life. Life is full of color in a pleasant scene, in a sensual trip thru life, in a slow and casual way. No - white is too much - everything at once and not everything can exist at the same time unless there is death.

Red depending on how intense it is can either be exciting, fiery, motivating, insightful, energetic or it can be mellow, lulling you to sleep, helping you find a calmer view of your surroundings or in a small dose it just says Stop!

Green leads me to soft places; it allows me to wander thru my memories finding those moments I want to live again, those people I want to have in my life again, while avoiding my mistakes. Yes, Green is but a pathway, a road filled with moss, a set of stepping stones carefully placed in time. The deeper the Green the slower I walk. The slower I float, the more carefully I fly, the more cautiously I step.
Yellow is either bright to awaken my senses, to remind me of the source of life, to show me where to find the colors I need in my life at times, to entice me to learn, never to harm me or burn any horrors or fears into my life. OR Yellow is a casual lead into Oranges, Browns and Greens. Autumn - Fall - the Ends of Summer.
Orange is either a warning of danger - which I will obey, avoid and find another path. Orange is also a boundary marker, limiting my choices, keeping me heading in the direction I really need to follow to seek life and all it can and shall offer me. When Orange is allowed to settle, softens any bad news, brings those things I must face into my presence a small portion at a time.
Brown is much like Orange, a guide, a covering, a protector, a shield, a defense. Brown is willing to give of itself, so that I may continue. Brown seeks that which can harm me and by finding those things that I prefer to avoid, Brown will sway me away towards Life, towards Yellow and Orange and Green and Blue.
Blue is my center. It is my source. To step into a pool of Blue, to immerse myself in the Source of Life - Blue. After all of the other colors have performed their functions, after they have shown me their worth, after they have given their all - the end of a day watches as the Blue dims and finds Black.
Black is not despair, It is not Death, it is not the lack of life, nor is it being lost. No, Black is but a new beginning, looking forward to starting a new day.

C o l o r M y W o r l d......D a i l y

Fresher Clothes and a Fresh Start On Your Day

The dry cleaner close to the house [Cypress Cleaners, 281-858-0511] has a profound affect on me everytime I go there. Whether I park the car, enter the establishment and drop off my suits and shirts, pay ahead, get a receipt, and am asked to come back in a few days OR drive around the building to do the same thing, I leave these kind folks feeling better about having gone there and about having the opportunity to speak to them.

When I do drive 'round the building to pick up the cleaned and pressed clothes, the attitude of the folks there renews my attitude towards the world. Now I am ready for the day!

Monday, March 12, 2007


Last year as people up and down the street set about gathering up the leaves, I headed to their yard to join in their efforts. When asked WHY, I responded that I wanted to take the leaves home. Many times I have the extra large contractor's bags, so we gathered up leaves and dumped them in my back yard. This really puzzled a few neighbors, while others just thought I was weird and left it at that.

My wife Nancy and I used the leaves to insulate our plants when the frost hit. On the light nights, it only required us to throw the leaves on top of the planters. On the nights that the freezing temps would be more than 4 hours, we covered the entire pot and plant. And on the few times we knew the freeze would last over several days we placed plastic over several plants at once and used more leaves to fill in any gaps.

We lost a few plants, just a few. As I removed the leaves last weekend I raked them to the open yard and ran the mower over them, Instant Mulch. Finely ground. Rich nutrients for the soil and some for the soul.

As we prepared the pots from last year for either new plants (tomatoes) or seeds (cucumbers, carrots, radishes...), we added several handfuls of the leaf-mulch. There are several more pockets of leaves between other pots that we've yet to collect and mow, but we've enough for several weekends of work as it is. I'll try to gather the other leaves soon, lets 'em dry out a bit more, then mulch 'em.

Several years back I used only lawn clippings, and the compost that resulted was oh so rich. When I gathered my final pail, I gave it to one neighbor in particular - Arnold. Why just one? Because he encouraged me for what I was doing, brought over his lawn clippings and leaves to help and even spent part of his Wednesdays turning the pile while I was at work - he deserved as much.

From what few bushels of leaves we gathered last year, I know this year I'll go to just about every neighbor on the street for leaves - ya meet your neighbors, make a few friends, beautify their yards and save me oh so much money next year - a winner no matter how you view it!

Stay Positive - Helping Others

I am going to try to post more often, if for no other reason than self-therapy. That almost sounds convincing, so only time will tell. I'll try to keep the posts shorter as I have a tendency to run on a tad. When I was the editor of a computer club's newsletter, my lead in comments seem to ramble on - so they were aptly named Richie's Ramblings. After hearing that term at many of the club's many locations in Houston, I was sure no one liked it and mentioned stopping. THAT was met with "Oh No You Won't". It seems the intro was a positive commentary on the club's activities, the comments we received about our newsletter and an easy way for folks to find what they wanted in each newsletter. Oh - the name of the group was CHUG - Commodore Houston User Group. Yeah - I've been a PC puter'n THAT long - the early 80's with a Commodore 64 and even earlier back in high school when you used punch cards and scheduled time on the district mainframe. Whew!
As for helping others I'll comment about the folks that help me; my wife, my family doctor, and my latest friend Scott and his folks.

Puppy Truths

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Faith - is knowing that you do not HAVE to panic.

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