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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Ahh The Follies Of Youth; I Loved to

When I Was Younger I Loved
...starting fires on my bike
...chasing butterflies
...walking slowly down the wooded path
...taking all the time in the world to get to school
...roaming all around Milwaukee, finding the ethnic "neighborhoods"
...riding the bus, from one end of the route to the other
...going to the library
...going to San Antonio's RiverWalk
...snowball fights
...walking my dog thru 10 foot snow drifts, 'til POOF, you fall thru
...watching the squirrels
...helping the neighbor kids with their homework
...going on a Sunday drive
...camping with my family
...taking vacations thru several states
...getting up early, and driving everywhere, but never the same place twice
...going to several movies in a day (on an Air Force Base)
...going to town, to see a movie, get some candy, visit the library, use the wax paper from the candy to slide down the toboggan slide for hours, then easily walk home - and call it a Grand Saturday! buid the church
...pick sunflower seeds
...get lost in the mazes of shrubs wild boysenberries pears and apples from the orchard behind our house hopscotch
...write programs
...teach programming
...lead a Commodore User Group in both Houston & Chattanooga the Chattanooga user group add over 100 members in 6 months; add 650 disks to their 25 disk library; change their 1 page newsletter into a nationally recognized Magazine
...learn, learn, learn
...enjoy running
...walk all through Cades Cove, Tennessee thru 38 states
...find all the towns my dad grew up in
...hmmmm I need to keep thinking about this...

Friday, April 27, 2007

A Pleasure Trip To A Realm Of Possibilities

While the nation trudges through the modest recent recession, my wife and I have had a similar problem. The money in our family is flowing quite a bit slower than in the past. So when we were told about we knew we had found a way to change an otherwise arduous task of entering a furniture store, fighting off the rather pushy salesmen whose only purpose in life is to make that altogether “fantastic sale”. When you do finally get a chance to make a decision you then learn about all of the extra charges that make your “find” rather questionable.

Now by going to the web site that offers amongst other items loads of home furniture into a pleasure trip to a realm of possibilities. All of those words can be simplified to saying that going to this site makes furniture-shopping fun again. The furniture is grouped by Style, by Brand, the Monthly Special and that always-popular Search box. Hey, it works for us.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

A Good Notice To - Let The Buyer Beware

I usually try to only post Great people and Great places to go, but this time I need to tell you about a letter (a real live Snail-mail letter) I received from First Credit Services, Inc, based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The letter said I owed money to an apartment that (at the time) I didn't even know where it was. I have since Googled it and found that it is in Austin. It is called Longhorn-Landing. You will see both good and bad reviews. My only review is that someone needs to be sure who the HELL they are insulting, when they send out such malarkey aka BULLSHIT. The letter didn't give a date, or even the address of the apartments. (hmmmm THAT made me suspicious) It mentioned a small amount of money.
The part that upset me the most was that I keep track of my debts and what money I do owe, I KNOW to whom I owe it. Well I called the number, gave them just enough info to identify the letter they sent and was told OOPS! we made a mistake. It seems they run what is called a SKIP trace, where they use a last name and a city name. From there they find all similar names within a 50 or so mile radius of that city and mail out these letters.
I asked if they usually find the person. They said yes about 2/3 of the time. I then asked if they get people worried about their credit, and send in the money, just to be sure, even if they are not who they are looking for. Sure enough, I was told YES! WTF! I asked if they sent that money back, and was told that EVENTUALLY they will reimburse the wrong person, usually at year's end, when they balance their books.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Just 13 More!

They all knows its coming! Its only 13 days away! It will be here sooner than we expect - Oh what a Wonderful feeling that is! I know just how they feel - excitement careens thru my body! Oh how glorious What? You say you don't know? How can this be? It seems that Everyone Knows!The children are all clapping as the neighbors stare in amazement!Need more info? Then head over to Kerrville, Texas on May 5th.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Been There Frequently, Enjoyed The Food Always

They are all over town. The attitude seems to be constant and the food is always great. A Problem I have with them is that their servings are too big.I have learned ways around that. Who am I ranting on about - why Jason's Deli - of course. Jason's Deli

Since we started going there a few months back, my boss at the tutoring enter has given us pre-loaded Jason cards that he refreshes monthly so most of our meals are FREE. But even with free food, it has to be something you'd want to eat and Jason's is that and more. The Jason's near work has seen us enough times that they start writing before we have said anything - hhehehehe. They know we usually drink either water or unsweetened tea and that we've learned to order a side-salad. The side-salad only allows one trip to the salad bar, which is usually enough for either of us and it is half the price - YEA!
We like to sit near the TV, so when they escort us to a table when we have ordered a large meal, they head for our favorite seats. Yep - they know us. The area is clean, the salad bar well stocked, the lighting pleasant. About the only thing I would change is the chilled air - picky, picky, picky...

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Spring Creek Bar-B-Q on SH 6 near W. Little York

A few nights back my wife and I stopped at a bar-b-q we had seen being built. Nancy had mentioned earlier that she was hungry for RIBS so visiting this new place Spring Creek Barbeque seemed like a good choice.
From the moment we entered and were directed to the line we new we had made a good choice. The interior was well lit, the walls were covered with rough hewn wood, and the ribs on the grill were presented to pique your taste buds. When the customers ordered certain entrees such as a baked potato with everything, the cooks and servers would sing out in a loud voice "All The Way" and then continue with their work as if nothing special had just happened. I think this gives the idea that all of them are paying attention to the requests of the customer - they care.

The servers were quick to answer any question with a pleasant attitude and a smile. The green beans and corn were hot and well stocked with someone checking them frequently.

The glasses were filled with ice and there was a wide selection of drinks including Sweetened & Unsweetened Tea. The bowls of lemon and lime wedges

were kept full and there were sugar packets,
as well as a sugar dispenser available.

The complete menu also included Chicken, Sausage,both Chopped Beef and Sliced Beef Brisket as well as a Combination plate. The prices seemed a bit high. but the serving size and wonderful taste explain the higher costs!

The Yeast Bread Rolls were a completely different matter - Delicious - Hot - Buttery. There is a separate area where Peach Cobbler, Blue Bell Vanilla Ice Cream are served. Also in that area they let rise and bake one tray at a time the yeast rolls. They empty the tray of Hot Buttery rolls into a large basket and walk around to all the tables offering fresh bread to everyone. If there are any rolls left, they are taken to the serving line to be given out when the meat is put on your plate. This helps insure that everything is Hot and Fresh.
The Bakers were also the last voice you heard as you left. They spoke in Cheerful, Pleasant voices to "Come Back Soon" or "Y'all Come Back" - and we did the following night for some take-out. But that's another post.

For now I hope this has made you hungry for some Great Bar-B-Q and now you know where to get the Best!
Spring Creek Barbeque

Friday, April 13, 2007

Twas Good While I Had The Chance

I was thinking about several restaurants I used to visit in Houston that for one reason or another no longer exist. There was a Luther's Bar-B-Q on Gessner @ Katy Freeway. They were forced to move to Westheimer when the Interstate was ready to expand. The service was quick and accurate. The Luther's management trains their people well and it was common to see people offered a small piece of pie or other treat, especially if the family brought along a small child. When a young mother was having problems with her baby, the manager steppped over to her table and helped her prepare the bottle. He quickly stepped away only to return with a container of warm water and a chilled bottle of water. The warm water for the baby and the ice water for mom. He didn't have to do this, but I think he saw a good opportunity to extend the Luther's Care to a customer.

That expansion has also removed two restaurants closer to the city. One was famous for its Mediterranean menu and the other was great family fare, especilly their hamburgers and chicken dishes. They made hamburgers in all combinations except anything plain. I'll ask my friends to see if anyone remembers the names of those two places - I don't.

Monday, April 9, 2007

Gotta Get Out More Often

Its been awhile since I have met anyone special. Its not that there aren't any other good people to talk about, but it seems I keep going back to the places I have already discussed. As I think about my most recent experiences, I can remember a change in the attitude of the Kroger nearest the house, another visit to the Cypress Dry Cleaners, ah yes, a short trip to a hair salon near my workplace, and my good friends at the Kolache Factory.

I'll need to get the address of these places and maybe some names, but I'll speak on them soon!

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