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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Tony's Smoke House - Such A Variety

My wife found this restaurant several months back. She commented how delicious the fish was. Later she brought home some bar-b-q, and when I complimented about how great it tasted, she reminded it is called Tony's Smoke House (713) 849-8500] 7020 N Eldridge Pkwy, Houston, TX 77041. With are finances at a low point, going out to eat is a special occassion. With this in mind we visit Tony's often because we know we'll get a great meal loads of food for such a low price.

Mr. Lee, the manager, is very cordial and willing to cook your food as you like it. The shrimp is butterflied and the breaded coating has little pieces of shrimp in it giving you a Doubly Delightful Taste. Most of the fish plates can either are Grilled or Fried. There are several side dish choices - all delicious.

For dessert, we had Peach Cobbler. They gave us a heaping slice that was warm, dripping and so good!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Will They Come?

The movie taught us to "Build it and they will come", but I am not finding that to be so close to the truth. I have seen many small businesses in my area close after less than a year's business. To my delight I have found where some of the businesses I use once or twice a year, have moved to. When I asked why, I was told it was the co$t of the old location. It seems that they have a good idea, just not enough traffic to afford the other location's rent.

Should I feel bad that I don't frequent these places more? Nah! Should I suggest their names to more people, probably - and in places other than a blog. But for now I'll go only when I need to, mention these places from time to time on here, and stay on the lookout for "relocated" or even "upgraded" businesses I can visit.

Ahh To Be Young & Dream

Two of my co-workers have recently gotten into the fascinating world of micro-brewing. Yes, they understand that they can't see their product on the open market (until the state legislature changes a few laws), and yes they produce a small quantity - but I am told that this improves quality!, and yes they are not allowed to advertise beyond word-of-mouth, but they like it.

We were discussing what it would take to go national. What should one take into consideration. I was told that the best way in the long run would be to get market research and modify your plans accordingly. I do not think that their suggestion was to disappoint the brewer's enthusiasm, but rather to make sure he saw reality. It is my understanding that they "might" pursue such a option later this year.

The Need For Speed

My computer system is usually kept running at peak performance considering its limitations. The good news is that it came with enough memory to run the (current at the time) applications. Recently I have noticed a slower response when using certain programs. These programs offer a lot of functionality, but without the extra memory they cannot show off their strengths.

From my browsing several site I am considering using Dell Memory to enhance my system's response times. I'll keep checking for the best prices and return policy. My funds are a little short right now, but I think that will improve by the end of summer.

Friday, May 18, 2007

We Need A Vacation

We will only have a week at the end of summer to take a vacation, so we need to pack a lot of fun in just a few days. I would love to stay in the United States, as I usually have, while seeing as many stars as possible. With that in mind I have been thinking about going to Branson Missouri. I have read that Branson is home to dozens of attractions including shows with Live Music that never ends. As for our summer, only time will tell.

A 3-Day Workweek

Well it seemed like a good idea. I was offered a position at the bank where I would only work three nights a week. Oh why work at night in the first place? That is an easy one to answer, because it meant more money and a chance to learn about more systems at the bank. Prior to that opportunity I had worked as a Programmer Analyst in the Deposits Section. That included Demand Deposits aka Checking, Certificates of Deposit aka CD's and Savings aka Savings. I had also worked a night shift the previous year between Thanksgiving and the New Year. With all of that under my belt, moving to a three night, 13 hours a night work week seemed like a good idea.

And actually it was a great idea, for the most part. It was a bear only when there was a major catastrophe during the night, and oh so many people were called in to work to fix all the problems including much of upper management. After that long, laborious evening, they wanted to have a two or three hour meeting to determine what went wrong, how it could have been prevented and whether or not I had acted correctly. It was in preparation for such meetings that I wished I could have had an Energy Drink.

Sadly 20-20 hindsight rarely works to any one's advantage.

Friday, May 11, 2007

I Spy With My Little...

One of the pleasures of driving across the state is seeing how the other cars react to the possibility of local police. Yep, I am one of those folks that currently doesn’t own a radar detector. I think I have learned where most of the police like to lie awaiting their prey, err speeding violators.

Would I own a radar detector in the future, even knowing that they are illegal in many state? Yes, if and only if they made one where the detector was well hidden in the grill and the readout was a part of the radio display. If you know of such a device, send me a note @

We Love Sleeping

We like to sleep. Yep, it’s a fact and we thank our pup for teaching us the benefits of staying up late, then sleeping in ‘til noon the next day. What about work? Well considering we both head off to work late in the afternoon, sleeping ‘til noon just makes sense. My wife has no problems sleeping just about any part of the day, but I need darkness or at least a dim room to sleep. We like to use honeycomb window blinds to buffer the light that comes in the north facing windows. In the east and south facing windows we use curtains with sheers. The light is plentful, but soft - just right for sleeeeeeeeeeeeping!

Retirement Possibilities

Several years ago my wife and I took a trip to Washington, D.C.. On our way there we stopped by many towns and cities to consider the possibility of moving there after retirement. One of the areas we wanted to check out in more detail were the Carolina coastlines. Since we have lived in a hurricane zone for many, many, many years the thought of such storms no longer frightens us. One of the more promising locales were the Outer Banks, a place we will get back to soon!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

The North Struggles, But The South Wins!

No matter where youuse guys are from, no matter how longggs youuse been talkin the waze youuse think ppl should speak, after just one visit to Texas, youuse will eventually uuse the words y'all, catcha, yonder or Howdy. It may not be right after you return home. It may not happen all at once. But sooner than you expect, perhaps when you are writing in your blog it will sneak into your language. Then we'll know we Gotcha! And the South Wins again!

May I Help You?

Nancy & da Pup traveled about most of Kerrville in search of various supplies. Just about the time we were ready to get back to the Blogmeet, da Pup pulled into the drugstore right across the street from the motel called the
Kerrville Drug Co.. The three women were very helpful in finding just what we needed. They were confident of their products, often offering their opinions on their use. da Pup is glad to have found such helpful people so close to the Inn of The Hills motel.

This Watermelon IS Great!

When I first divided the watermelon, no one seemed interested. So I haneded a piece to the nearest body. Just after, the sound was heard - "HMMMMMM This is Wonderful!" to which everyone reached out for a piece! Many soon added the compliments with a question. Where did you get this? Nancy picked out the watermelon at the local Walmart, just down the road (Northwest of our motel). But then every walmart is a Local store! The melons were grown in Mexico. Ferget the where & how, It Tasted Great! and how quickly it disappeared proved that!

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Don't Need To Re-Invent The Wheel

I have worked for several people that needed a database created quickly. That was the easy part. It quickly becomes difficult when the person you are developing the programs for starts detailing exactly how they want to enter their data and how they need it to appear. At some point, time becomes a critical matter.

On more than one occasion, I wished I knew of a easy to use existing system that could create reports in an instant. As it turns out I was recently asked to develop of system to be used for analysis and reports of all kinds. After discussing the amount of time it would take me and the similar amount of time it would take my users and their staff to input the data, the asked for a plan B.

I scoured the web and found an excellent piece of reporting software. The system we found allowed for reports to be created with a minimal amount of data which made my users very happy. They were afraid they would have to enter ALL the data to get any reports from the system. Now all I need is for the users to hire me for Data Analysis using this great software.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Life She's A Changing

And we had it all panned out so well. We would have all sorts of extra time, then someone goes and makes OTHER plans for your life. Our boss at the Tutor Center, wants to take us o dinner tonight so he can discuss the Summer program. So what's to discuss. We currently teach children on an hourly basis from 3Pm thru 8Pm as they choose the times.

For Summer we had been told we would teach 2 three hour sessions that includes, Vocabulary, Reading & Writing & Math for the younger kids and Vocabulary, Essay Writing & Math for the older kids. Then we'll offer the "normal" classes in the evening (currently that's after school, then it will be after-summer-school) 5Pm thru 8Pm.

So now we'll need to get ready today, head for Dad's tomorrow Morn, drop off Charles, and head out for Kerrville.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Pet Friendly

...found in my latest issue of Smart Computing June 2007

Tuesday > Wednesday > Thursday > ???

...we'll head West towards my Dad's place in Sun City, Georgetown, Texas. Have a delicious meal (Pop has always been a magnificent chef). A discussion of our weekend plans. Deciding what to do with Charles - I know that Dad loves Pups as much as I do, so we know he'll be in good hands. When we are there, I keep Charles on a leash (as I did with Brain) in my hand in bed with me. The house is not his, and I would not feel good to have him roaming about at night. We'll leave lotsa food and treats. Hopefully my brother will spend some time with Charles, teaching him about "stay"!
When Charles is told to stay, it lasts about 3 seconds. I think it has a lot to do with "abandonment". Aw poor pup!

Then Friday morn....we're see the Wizard of Oz or is that the BlownEyed Bloggers?

A Good Place I Remember

I think it was a Picnic in a place with no name I can remember. I do remember that I spent much time alone. I needed to find Peace in my life. I had been taught all the Answers, but none of them fit my life. I had been told that I was smart, yet I did not know what I needed to feel the calm I sought. It seemed to me that what I needed was to learn, so I sat before a Tree and asked.

I saw many things that lived within the bark's grooves and plateaus. I saw the ants rush to somewhere, the butterflies land for a moment then fly to another adventure. I felt assurance in the strength of the trunk. This was a starting place for me.

Then I remembered Grandfather's soothing voice. A sound that comforts me, thoughts of a man that had gone Home many years afore. A man that had oft said I would find strength in what God built before. I realized that God will answer all I need, if I but ask a Tree.

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