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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Exchange One For Another

It is an interesting though anything but pleasant thought to realize that many people, especially women, exchange one drug habit for another when the first one is eliminated. Whew! That was a lot of words to introduce the need for some people to enter drug rehab after they have had Gastric Bypass Surgery also known as Roux En Y surgery. This was known in the past as stomach stapling.

The results of such an extreme form of treatment is "managed malnutrition via malabsorption." You eat less, and your system gets fewer calories and/or nutrients from what little food you do manage to eat. Another effect of RNY surgery is you can eat far less fats and or sugars, otherwise you invite disaster in the form of "dumping". Dumping is when you system rejects immediately after you have swallowed a forbidden food (too much fat or too much sugar) to get rid of what you ate by the quickest method available. The only two choices are throwing up or "Hershey squirts". If it doesn't escape out one way, it heads for the other! Can we say EWWWWWWWWW!

Oh yeah the reason for this posting is that the obsession many of these folks had for food before the surgery is all too frequently replaced with alcohol addictions. This seems to happen more for women then men, even though it is usually noticed more often in men. Personally I think this because it is a common misconception that only men drink to excess.

Surprise! The Truth Really Sucks!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Truck Stuff

I've been looking at some of the stuff available to put on a truck. When I met Nancy, I had a light blue GMC Sonoma. It's the truck we were in when I asked Nancy to marry me. The first time, the second time, the third time.....I think she finally said yes about the twentyth time or so.

Part of the truck I miss is the truck toolbox. I was able to carry all sorts of things in that tool box.

I sold the truck to a friend of mine, so we see it now and again.

But I don't need the truck. I've got Nancy


We have two vehicles, a van and a Saturn. Both vehicles are paid for and run well. The only downside is that we can now only carry Nancy's scooter in the van. That's not been an issue up until now, as we'd pretty much been using the van exclusively. That's about to change (oh, yes!) and Nancy's going to have to use her Saturn to get around in. Now, she's able to fit the scooter in the back seat by taking out the battery and lifting the front end into the back seat and pushing it in.

We've been thinking about what kind of vehicle we'd replace the Saturn with, and who'd be driving the new one.

Since the lift is in the van, I think I'll be using the new vehicle. And I think we need a truck. If Nancy's going to keep wanting large amounts of potting soil, mulch and stones.....we need a truck.

So, we'll be shopping....and not just for the truck. I'm thinking some sort of auto accessories to round out the truck would be nice too.


You never know what life will throw at you. Currently, it seems to be tossing good stuff our way, at least for this month. Nancy won a hundred dollars from Pay U2 Blog, and something good will start for me tomorrow. Blessings sometimes catch you unsuspecting.

Someday, Nancy hopes that the unsuspected blessings will take us towards Florida, and that we'd be able to stay in some style. She's been looking at Orlando vacation rental homes and humming a lot. Nancy hums and sings when she's happy.

She's been singing a lot this month. I like it when she's happy.

Swinging From The Chandeliers

Swag lamps, chandeliers, and track lighting are three options I had not considered using until now. As I look around the house, I see where some lighting could be added or enhanced. The dining room has a chandelier, but it is rather plain. The living room currently uses halogen lamps high up in the vaulted ceilings. I would definitely want lighting that can be set lower, softer and with the options of not using all the bulbs. The two spare bedrooms could use some stronger, whiter and sharper lighting systems. Finally outside - I need to place both spot lights as well as flood lighting to enhance the home's appearance. But all of this is just a dream for now. First I need to get the job I've been offered but have yet ti begin. Second I need to pay towards my life insurance loan accounts. Third I'll do the extra shopping to light my world as it should be.

Friday, June 22, 2007


My wife and I haven't done much traveling other than by car. Nancy gets airsick and I refused to fly because of my size. Now? It might be possible.

When we went to Washington D.C., we drove. The next time we head to the Northeast, I think we'll fly, if possible. Nancy will still get airsick, but they have pills for that. If we can get her scooter on a plane, all will be well.

Now, with HOW to get there decided, the WHERE comes to mind. We've done DC, so now, NYC might be our target. But neither of us really wants to stay in the city. We're thinking of perhaps finding a place in New Jersey, perhaps a New Jersey bed and breakfast. It would give us a base to travel from and return to, in a quieter place.

Hair, Hair, Hair, Beautiful Hair

OH, OHHHH, say can you seeeee my-yi eyes? If you can, then my hair's too short!

Before the surgery, I would go in to have a hair cut and have the (lady) barber grumble about the unfairness of it all. You see, at age 53, I was among those lucky men who had hair. Lots of it.

After the surgery, I lost some of my hair. Now the barber (still a lady--I like lady barbers), grumbles only a little. I still have a full head of hair, it's just that now, it's a more normal amount.

Now, I must tell you, that I am not a miser when it comes to my hair. If it were possible, I'd donate to the folical challenged. But, I supose you need your own hair for a Hair Transplant.

Now THAT's My Kind Of Style

I hope to add cruises to my list of possible goals. With all the stories in the news recently I am becoming more and more concerned about my safety on those ships. After all as soon as you leave the dock and get out to open seas you are all alone. Yes you are travelling in a complete city. Yes they do have security and yes any such problems are few and far between, but they are becoming so much more frequent than ever before. Or is it that the nightly news is learning about these problems more often than before and this frightening problem has been there all along!

The Best For Charles

I used to buy nothing but Premium dog food for all of my pups. But recently I have learned that Charles likes plain dog food, found in the local grocery store and costing oh so much less. This is not to say that the more expensive dog foods are not a higher quality and therefore better for my pets, it is rather just taking into consideration Charles preferences, or rather his lack of them.


Recently Charles (my latest pup) and I went for a long, slow, casual stroll in Bear Creek Park (bounded by Hwy 6, Clay Road, Eldridge Road, and the often flooded Patteson Road) just to enjoy being out in the clean air. Yes, we actually see clean air from time to time. As we got close to a picnic table to take a rest, I noticed a gentleman practicing his golf swing. He was using those wiffle balls, so I jokingly commented about what kind of distance he can get. He quickly responded with a sharp comment that to get Great distance I should use Titleist golf balls. Well I made note to check out his recomendation with a co-worker, and it seems that other agree, Titleist is the Best!

Good Pens, Great Pens, Special Pens

My wife has excellent penmanship, especially when she does calligraphy. I would think that using better writing pens would affect the outcome. I have looked at several web sites and found many choices which I will probably look into much closer when my funds are increased next month.

I can see myself being with more respect if my new coworkers see me using higher quality pens. I would also consider having a logo or a phrase on these pens. Then when I give away a pen I have given that person a memorable gift - always a great idea!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Clear Picture

When Nancy and I went to Washington DC several years back, we got the camera she likes to use. It's a Nikon, and, while it's not state of the art, it works well and takes good pictures. It came with one battery and a recharger. We knew we were going to be taking a lot of pictures on the trip and we didn't want to get caught with no charged battery. We were lucky enough to go to a battery store called Interstate Batteries. The store we went to didn't actually have the battery we needed, but went out of its way to call around to other stores to find one for us. We've got three batteries now, usually going with one in the camera, one in the charger and one in the bag to change out.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Well it happens eventually, it is after all inevitable. The monitor begins to fade, kind of like my beauty. So now I am considering a replacement monitor. Should it be a Gateway monitor? Or perhaps a viewsonic monitor? Should I go with an old standby, the Dell monitor? Decisions, decisions, decisions - now I need to compare the costs. From what I have read thus far most of the features for these monitors are the same, just called something different. Usually a feature that has the make/model as a part of the feature. Oh well its back to and Best Buy to get some prices.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

In The Family

I realized when I wrote the post below that it would probably be worth my investment to buy my dad's home. That will release him from any financial concerns and give me a place just North of Austin for a home or possible to retire. Yes this will take some cash I do not have right now, but my 401k will mature soon as will other investments I made several years ago.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Investments - So Many Choices, So Little Cash

For most of the better paying jobs offer the infamous 401k fund to invest in. We've been looking into OTHER options including a place to stay while on vacation. I am thinking of checking into a vacation home Orlando or vacation home Denver or even vacation home Austin. Decisions, decisions, decisions. I sure don't want to get into a timesharing situation so I am loking as causiously as possible.

Here's My Card...Stop By Sometime!

I used to have business cards when I worked for a Large North American Bank of Major Importance (in their minds) and found them quite useful in introducing myself, regardless whether the introduction was business or personal. So now I am looking into buying them again. We have tried to create them at home but we failed horribly.

If the printer gets off kilter by just a little bit, the error multiplies for each subsequent card. Making that many mistakes seems like a foolish way of wasting what little money I have. I have seen a few offers of 1000 cards for less than $15. Yep, it is something I'll put on my to do list a.k.a. the Shoulda List (of Woulda, Shoulda, Coulda fame).

All Sorts Of Coin

There is a commercial on television that shows a man putting his change in a jar as he mentions "Its just some change left over from buying groceries at the store." His wife mentions that a specific Life Insurance that the couple have costs as little as that small amount of change. She says something like "for a few pennies a day." Blah Blah Blah. I also collect change from my daily escapades and buying food for Nancy and myself. I put my day's change in a cup and check out my collection at the end of the week. Usually I just sort and put the coins in piles where each pile is $1.00. I have long thought of buying a coin sorter to help the process. Then I could determine what I need more of, creating a good excure to go Shopping and my wife never complains about that!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Good To Know Leslie & The Divine Miss Marilyn

In a previous post I mentioned my concern for the pet foods currently under suspicion for harming/killing our beloved pets. The post asked for a better solution. Leslie has come thru and provided a much needed suggestion - "Try Wellness dog food. They don't use any gluten, and about the only grain is brown rice. The Divine Miss Marilyn eats their Core formula cat food, and is thriving on it." 'The Divine Miss Marilyn' is her cat of whom she care for as well as any of us care for our special friends. But the The Divine Miss Marilyn knows how special she is so she expects such treatment - Right!

Friday, June 8, 2007

Circles and Squares

Well we have a six sided inside an eight sided ring made of landscaping timbers in the front yard. The wood looks good and has stood againt the heat and rains for about a dozen years. Now I am thinking about getting some more wooden furniture inside the house. For our lifestyle a table needs to be multi talented, like my wife! hehehehe So I am giving some thought to getting poker tables. NOW I need to decide what shape would look best in our home. Since we don't play many card games, I am thinking a round shape might be best. Then again why limit myself to almost round shapes or truly round for that matter. Maybe a simple triangle would work! Hmmmmm

Location, Location, Location...

I think our finances are getting better. One of the things that has helped us get thru the rough days was selling some real estate. It didn't bring a lot, but the taxes were getting to be a bother. I have thought of buying more, but I keep seeing so much growth in Texas I am not sure where we could find land at a price we could afford. Any Ideas? Hmmm maybe in Louisiana...

Car 54, Where Are You?

It seems like a great way to dress up the front of the house. We have our street address on the mailbox, well some of the numbers are there. The numbers are on the curb, in reflective paint. It really looks nice, even though we frequently get the postcard offer to paint our numbers on the curb for a small donation - yeah right! Then there are the numbers above the garage door. The only problem there is that one of the nails that holds up the first 8 is missing, so we have a tilted 8. At least it was a number that can be read in any direction. So I am checking into doing something to replace them all. Maybe I'll get an Address Plaque. Now to start saving my pennies.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Running On Empty

We were discussing how much energy the kids have during the summer session at the tutoring center. For myself I have no problems keeping up with the kids. Their energy seems to be contagious for me. But for the tutoring center's manager, his energy level hits bottom in the early afternoon. He has even mentioned getting some Energy pills. He is from Korea and has knowledge of many herbal remedies, but he rarely discussing such things with us - until yesterday!

Preparing For Hurricane Season

Its baaaaaack! The spirits? The neighborhood dogs? Nah - just Hurricane's and all the problems they bring with them. This means I will start building my emergency supplies once again, including several First Aid kits. Why would I want more than one? And why build a new one each year? That's because I'll want to be sure I have fresh supples anywhere we are at any given moment, if we decide to bug out!

We will probably stay in the area for most of the hurricanes, but we'll also take into account the possibility of loading up the cars and heading to my dad's place in Georgetown, Texas. So we'll check the supplies in our existing kits and replace anything that has dried out, or been used over the last 12 months.

To See A Broadway Show

One of my co-workers at the tutoring center moved to Houston from Brooklyn, New York. As it happens a different co-worker has taken a job in New York's inner city school system to teach junior high jounalism. Her profession in Houston was to write freelance for several small newspapers so this should be a delightful assignment. These two women got together the other day to discuss the entertainment options in New York. It was mentioned several times to check with a New York ticket broker for the best prices to both off-Broadway and on-Broadway shows.

An Easy Way To Advertise

About fifteen years ago I noticed a pen a co-worker was using had a scripture on it. When I asked where she had gotten the pen, she mentioned a store in the Houston area. I called them and found the best way to deal with them was through Snail Mail. She gave me the pen, I sent the letter, bought a hundred pens and enjoyed the reaction of the people I gave them to.

Recently a co-worker at the tutoring center mentioned buying those pens. I looked back through my notes, but I could not find the address of the local company I had used. So I searched the web. What I found was a great source of marketing pens.

Their web site offers a starting kit "if you are you interested in purchasing a Deluxe PENSRUS sampler kit for only $24.95", that sounds good to me. So tomorrow I'll check with a friend who has a microbrewery. He has commented several times that he is looking for a inexpensive way to get the word out about his brew, but there are laws that keep him from downright advertising. Well I can see nothing wrong with offering someone an ink pen. Just because it has a website or a phone number on it, people won’t care if they need a pen. Later when they get a moment to notice, I think they will either try to contact my riend or pass the pen on to someone else. Which only helps his efforts!

Monday, June 4, 2007

Energizer Bunny Discovered in Kids

Yep, its true. The Energizer Bunny has been discovered. Huh? Wha? Are you nuts?

The summer session for the tutoring center Nancy & work at began today June 4th. The manager commented to several of the tutors that they must be exhausted after working 9 hours. One of the tutors quickly replied "I am so full of energy, I could go on for days." His jaw dropped as I agreed with her. The other tutors added their comments about how energized these children were compared to the kids we usually see in the school year. And its so true! These kids actually WANT to come here; they Want to learn; they are full of energy and it is contagious - wonderfully contagious!

Today I had 1 child @ 10am for Reading & Writing; the same child @ 11am for Vocabulary and again @ noon for Math. I then had two kids for Math @ 2pm; 1 child for Math @ 3pm; 3 young adults for High School Math @ 4pm; and the4 livliest of the bunch for Math @ 5pm. The day started early as Nancy & I came an hour early to prepare our materials, or so were our plans. Alas the manager didn't arrive until a few minutes before 10 am. That made it all the more difficult to get started. We were afraid that our lack of preparation would be mentioned by the children to their parents, but there was so much confusion about who was inwhich class that no one would have noticed the tutors scooting about tryng to get ready!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

A Great Place To Stay - Home...

It has taken quite a bit of time, effort and cash but I think we have created a wonderful place to sit and enjoy - peace, beauty, life and the calm that is God!

Many have said that we have created separate rooms; a different reason to enjoy that space! "Pond", "Niche", "Butterfly Trap", "Vegee Row", "The Nursery", "Bee Heaven", "We Canna Do It" "Your Choice of Herbs" and "The Welcome". Plus plans that worked better that originally hoped.
First A Pleasant Welcome...

Daylily Delights

A Nursery
Or Two

Friday, June 1, 2007

Hey, Don't Blame... But you say ya just gotta blame somebody. Hey, YOU took the time to measure the windows; make notes of the measurements; ask me to take measurements and compare them to your notes; patiently insure that we transferred the measurements to the plywood and made the cuts. Ya started the saw and followed the line rather closely at first, then ya must have fallen asleep or sumthing, 'cause you headed off in your own direction. Tsk, Tsk, Tsk! You were doing so well until then. So when I comment that you need to pay closer attention you suggest we find someone ELSE to blame the errors on. OK, I called my wife's name a few times, but you didn't like that either. You agreed that I would be in the most trouble with her and that since I lived with her, I'd be getting hell more often, but then you stated that you Worked with her and didn't want to hear any crap at work! Aww poor baby!

Just A Thought

I've recently started attending a local church that meets in a strip center. They were asking about where they could get a good price on folding chairs. I found several web sites that offer good prices and great delivery options. Now they are asking about some of the church supplies and decorations. This is such a great way to help out these folks as well as learn more about using the search engines. I may even be able to start a distribution company that would offer the best prices via the web for starting enterprises. Just a thought at this point. Just a thought!

Lower My Rate

I have refinanced my home several times over the last 15 or so years. Lowering the interest rate is good for me, but starting the loan payments all over again, and knowing that most of these "new" payments will be for interest is a bit nerve racking so I started checking for better deals. If I do refinance I want it to be the last, best choice.

I have told this to a neighbor who is planning on moving to California. He has found s few good homes that meet his criteria but he wasn't too excited about the California mortgage rate. I took some time to check out rates in other states such as the New Jersey mortgage rate. Interesting, very interesting.

Dreams...If I Win The Lottery

Yeah, I am one of those folks that likes to imagine what I would do if (and when) I win the lottery. I've thought about paying off my debt, as well as my father's. I'd keep some money aside to help my wife's kinfolk. I'd buy a pair of new cars - Cash! I definitely would want to go to places I couldn't afford in my previous life. Hehehehe

Amongst the ideas I've had was buying Las Vegas Luxury Condos as well as condos in other cities. Just typing the word "Luxury" sounds exciting. I've also considered buy some vintage cars, after lots of careful research.

I'd love to be able to help those folks in Houston who dedicate themselves to helping others. Most of these folks use their own resources, often working several jobs to get the cash to help others. One of the things about giving someone money is the frustration knowing that the money I received will be taxed again when I give some away. So I am thinking I would pay the utilities of the person I want to help. That way they can use their own supply of funds for other actions and no one gets taxed. More of the funds I contribute will actually do good things!

Puppy Truths

Don't Think Outside The Box - What's A Box?

A Wife is for Life! Once Is Enuff For Dis Pup

Faith - is knowing that you do not HAVE to panic.

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