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Friday, August 31, 2007

Ewe Lights Up My Life

Nancy likes spending money. See, in our marriage, I am the CFO (chief financial officer). I keep the books and over see the budget. These are things Nancy does not like to do. Instead, she is the CPO (Chief Procurement Officer).

She does like to shop. And (along with a new laptop or desktop computer) she wants a new table lamp for her bedside table. Which means that she'll be looking for two of them, as she has this thing for things matching.

De' Law

Some things, you're glad exist, even when you're very sure that you never want to need them yourself. Things like Cancer treatment centers, Nursing homes,Raleigh personal injury lawyer, and public defenders come to mind...

Some things, you're just glad to know where they are, what they do, and where they can be found. Those kinda things are things you want to be able to help a friend FIND when the FRIEND needs one, not the other way around.

Sometimes, a quiet, boring, sedate life has much to recommend itself..

Friday, August 24, 2007


I have an Aunt and Uncle that live in Arizona, so I may yet check into Scottsdale real estate. Why did I capitalize the titles, well when you meet them you will understand. It has surprised me to learn of the steep hills that either overlook the city or as is his case, look out over the neighboring valleys. He used to own a home that was closer to town, but I think the ever increasing amount of traffic pushed him further out. He is pleasant about most topics, until someone brings up contra flow lanes. It seems that several such lanes have been installed in various Arizona cities, and they are rarely (at least by his standards) used. To their credit, they have lived in the Chicago and Dallas areas, as well as the always sprawling Jacksonville areas.

I MUST Be Getting OLD

Okay, beyond the enticement of sexy pictures and the promises of what may lie beyond what we can see at first, why would a woman wear a crotchless panty. I am not looking to belittle such a delicious thought in any one's mind, especially mine. I have made wonderful memories for both myself and now for my wife by the use or at least the mere mention of such. I wonder how difficult it is for a woman to wear such apparel at work. Yes, I have seen the 'accidental' snap shot (all puns intended) of a starlet or two as she exits a taxi cab, but is that the only purpose - just to allow a glimpse?!

Wow I must be getting really OLD!

Can You See?

We have been keeping the porch lights on to help us when we stay out late to work in the yard. It would be so much nicer if we would get around to installing some landscape lighting. Even if we only put in a few lights to start, it would help our efforts and let us do more work. Why work so much in the dark you ask? Because this is Texas it STAYS hot well into the evening!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

What a Ride

Imagine that your orders are to fly to Cape Canaveral, enter the edge of the no fly zone circling path, when you hear the commands given over your headset you guide your jet to a new position near the edge of the atmosphere. You listen anxiously for the final command to which you reply by standing your jet on its tail, aim it towards God in Heaven, put the pedal to the metal and turn on the cameraS in your belly. Your cameras recording speed is the highest yet developed and at least one of your cameras records on film - note that would be a hell of a lot of film. The digital cameras have several banks of high capacity chips to store their data on. OK so what's all the hullabaloo about a jet going straight to God's bungalow at near the speed of light while filming something closing in AT a tad bit faster than you. As the space shuttle come close you kick in the after-burners and the real ride begins.

You know what will happen in just a few minutes, but you are dedicated to fulfill your mission regardless of the cost in lives. Yes there have been deaths when doing this, but they are both rare and not released to the press. The families of the few that perish are also given little if any information saying their donation to the military died protecting the country. What am I talking about now? We've all seen the closeup pics of the space shuttle climbing thru the atmosphere without any hint of someone potentially dying. Sheesh - are you talking trash? No I am not. I have met these men and we discussed at great length what it was like, how far they flew and what they had to hope for afterwards

Ok so what terrible fate awaits the pilots of the space shuttle camera ridden chase planes? The fact is they fly up PAST the atmosphere they need to fuel their jets. The use some oxygen they carry on board and when that runs out they begin their fall back to earth. Oy! The jet is falling earthward waiting until they are at an altitude where they can restart the engine. And THAT is ITSELF is quite a ride. I am told that the pilots begin their conversation to whatever or whomever the put their trust in at this point. Just imagine racing down a straightaway in your high speed car, and you'll need to have a running engine to steer around the upcoming turns, Just after you put the pedal to the metal your engine conks out and your car manages to coast at nearly the speed you were at before... You will need to get your car going soon, you are nearing those curves. What a ride!
an F-15 Eagle to join an F-14 Tomcat in the chase

Here is a T-38 "assisting" the shuttle as it prepares to land at Edwards AFB.

This blog is about Good Places to Go - I would say that this Qualifies...;->

Take A Walk

With my wife on her scooter, da pup Sir Charles on a leash checking on both of us and anyone who passed by. I strolled alongside the pair trying to maintain a good pace. We got a few hellos, and a few good days as well as a few stares at the fact that I was wearing dress slacks and a Long Sleeve shirt with the sleeves rolled down! My shirt slowly became a two-tone. I finally puled out the shirt's tail, then I was seen to roll up the sleeves. I usually keep the sleeves down, cuz i don't want to have to explain the marks on my arms. Honestly, IT AIN'T CONTAGIOUS...IT JUST AIN'T... ;)

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Too Many Books - Right?

The one thing we have more than enough of is books. My wife buys them at almost every store we visit. When I mention that we need to build or buy shelving to put them in, her response is that she wants to keep them close at hand. Oh she reads constantly, and she reads several books during any one reading session. She will often be headed to another part of the house and pick up a book along the way.


I have tried to limit my posts on this blog to experiences I have had. This post will be about an experience I hope I am never involved with.

When I sign up for various rental agreements, I understand that if I fail to make several payments I may start getting calls and or personal visits from a commercial collection agency. It only makes sense - considering I am using a service, reducing the value of objects I have "bought" and have yet to pay for. Some rules to live by: keep the payments at a manageable size, pay ahead whenever possible just in case you miss a payment, and if you use mail, give the mail system a day or two extra to cover either their mistakes or the weather. You can blame whatever you want on the weather, but a missed payment only creates havoc.

Have A Seat

Now that I have lost a lot of weight I am half my former self. Along with looking thinner comes the ability to fit into a lot of furniture much more comfortably. When I used to sit in an easy chair, my hips would rub against the arms. Yes it was comfortable, after a sort. What I'd love to have for watching TV and or reading a good book might be home theater seating.
These chairs are so much larger than an average wait that's a line from a Yogi Bear cartoon. Hmm What I need to say is how much room I have on all sides of me in those chairs. Possibly enough room to draw up my legs, snuggle under a blanket, peek out to watch TV and doze off.

Insurance - Plan For It

Yes it is true, I have full term life insurance. It was what was we purchase oh so many years ago or should that be created from my twenty thousand dollar coverage that the Federal government had on me for four years of serving in the Armed Services. I have since learned that if I buy any additional insurance, I should strongly consider term life insurance as it is both cheaper and does not require any proof "of insureability' or something like that up front to get. That means that jut abut anyone can get this insurance. When it reaches its full value after a set number of years it can be cashed in or used to but a separate term life insurance or both! Seems like a Great Plan to me!

When The Company Grows Too Big

Many small companies who start small use very simple and inexpensive accounting systems. This 'usually' works well enough, until someone is paid incorrectly. If that person complains to the government, the company stands a good chance of being investigated by the Internal Revenue System. Then the fun, pain and anguish begins. Why not consider using payroll software from the get go. Fewer problems, lead to fewer fines and much happier employees. There are several systems on the market that can grow as your company grows.

Easy and Fast - You Decide

Facts count more than opinions so I will not give any opinions. I want to talk about weight loss. I think it is natural for people to look for the easiest, fastest way to the goal of carrying around less of you. I have been told that "hoodia sends signals to the brain that make the brain believe that the body is full, even when it is not." I think that Hoodia is a tool that can used with other tools, each in their own way, expectations and results. Getting back to easy and fast, consider using a hoodia patch.

Give Me Room Lotsa Room

Now that our finances are back under control and we are actually generating available funds, I am once again thinking of adding Dell Memory. I have long felt that Dell produced some of the higher quality memory chips along the lines of Kingston.

I liken adding memory to the computer to a desk top. If all I have to work with is a 1 square foot space, I am limited to how quickly I can accomplish my assigned tasks. Besides, imagine how many times I would need to shuffle around the materials when I read or get information. THEN I have to shuffle the books out of the way so I can use the newly located data.

Now if I had a Large desk top, I would have loads of space to open all the books and make them available to be read in an instant. I could even work on several projects at the same time and the quality would not suffer.

So with these thoughts I am shopping for memory.

BIL's Job

My brother in law used to sell Samsonite luggage along with many other major luggage brands. He managed an outlet Store just South of San Marcos, Texas. Then he foolishly (Hey those are his words) left that job to take on an office job for a start up company - that failed. So he was back to looking for work. Fortunately he had a good reputation with his suppliers and he was soon given a job offer to manage a furniture store. He slowly gravitated his way to the luggage department. Hey you go what what you know best. I am not sure of all the details, but I think it was one of the store's suppliers that offer my BIL a job at an Outlet - well imagine that?

He May Of Been Cajun

...and therefore he would often over engineer a project, but with all the rain my backyard has received recently, you just have to love the fact that you can walk thru the backyard in just a few hours after a downpour. Yea Robert!
What Rob did for us was to install French Drains. We have since determined that most of the pipes he installed are filled with dirt, but Something is still working right!
For several hours, even days after the flooding has occurred in my neighbors yards, the water continues to leave. Rob ran the piping down the side of the house and finally thru the curb. The neighbor assitisted Rob in adding a line from his backyard and Eastern sideyard to the water flow.
This is especially helpful because of the pond the neighbor has in their backyard near these lines. The pond leaks!

That Looks Great

Looking at our small but cozy kitchen I have been thinking about changes. They say that change is good, but isn't it also expensive? Oh well, ya got to do what you go to do to get everything looking just right! Yeah!

I have thought about the variety of range hoods on the market. The hood I currently have doesn't draw much air. It is too noisy. I do not think it filters that air very well. We redirected the vent output to go directly in the attic space.

All of these options will be investigated and their associated costs will be bemoaned. Hey what else do you expect of a Chief Financial Officer?!?

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Learn Puppy Learn

Even as I do my best to learn about supply and demand which immediately affects my income, I am also learning in my spare time (excuse me when did you say was my spare time?) about fixed asset accounting. I have been told that knowledge of this kind of accounting will help my business career. Hey who am I to argue with other folks that are already successful. Now I'll go web surfing to try to find out some basic definitions.

Reports That Benefit

My world she is a changing. Now that I have a more stable job with a company that has employees with an average of 20 plus years with the company. That is the good part which I will be mixing with several unknowns. Let me see, how many unknowns can I add to the mix until I have no other choice than to get some financial reporting software. For my knowledge of finances and taxes it probably won't take much!


A few weeks back, my wife Nancy, bought a simple dress on sale. Simple by design but lovely in appearance. So lovely in fact that I need to give a large amount of consideration of what kind of jewelry would go best with this dress! The dress at first remind me of a Granny dress, which is to say a Country style dress. Yet this particular dress is much more than a feed sack pinned in all the right places. I am noticing just how many of these loose fitting in appearance skirts Nancy currently owns, yet this one definitely stand apart from the others!

An Uncle's Delight

I was reminded recently that one of my nieces had a baby girl that is getting old enough to appreciate quality plush animals. She seems to favor cats, so I was considering expanding her world and seeing if she also liked lion and tigers and even bears - Oh YES!

Since she has only seen her world in Pink (girl's stuff is always pink), it will be nice to give her things in browns. tans, blacks and even recognizable whites - in all the right spots! I don't think I will need to spend too much as she is still young enough to just want something fluffy & huggable!

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Special People

Now, I know that the current "politically correct" thing to do is to refer to people (like Nancy and myself) as "differently abled"...Give me a break. Though I must admit to a certain preference for referring to me as a PERSON with a disability, rather than a Disabled Person. See, the PERSON should be first, and the disability should not be the defining identifier for any person.

What brought this on? Well, today I came across the name of a gent, a stand-up comic named Josh Blue. Turns out, he has cerebral palsy. And, rather than being defensive or angry, he uses his particular perspective of the world to his advantage.

Now, him? I would pay money to see.

A Little Light Reading

Nancy likes to read, a lot. I prefer to watch movies. I wish I could get into a book as deeply as Nancy seems to, it's as if she goes away somewhere. Very annoying when I have to drag her back to reality. She's been known to get somewhat surly when her reading is interrupted too many times. Not that I would know, really...but I've heard about the phenomenon. And besides, even when she snaps, she usually misses biting me. I can jump back very quickly when necessary.

The one time we both read is when we go to lunch at Jason's. They've got a TV there and, while the sound is turned off, the closed captioning function is on.


Nancy and I don't go to a lot of concerts. When I was larger, it would have been difficult, uncomfortable and I didn't want to do it. Now I'm smaller, but until recently we've not had the disposable income to go and do things. We've some debt, but it can be paid down and paid off, hopefully by next summer.

When we do, we're still going to be selective about what we go to and where. For example: def leppard tickets, may or may not be a draw for us, unless we had friends to go with who would like to go. But...there are lots of things for us to do and see and be at, now that we can.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Surprised! I Sure Was.............Again!

I went with the group. They all headed off to the elevators like sheep. But don't we all. It was time for a friendly get together of the entire floor I work on. Why is that so special? Because this company has few meetings. Oh they do have meetings that last several hours. Many of the managers spend their entire day in meetings. Those meetings only happen once a month. The remainder of the time is spent on work. OK back to the meeting.

As I took my seat the two gents in the row ahead of me spun around and said "Hi". The gent on the far right said his name so I told him mine. The other gent mentioned his full name as well as the other gent's but it was in such a low tone that I missed the details. The "gent on the right" spun around again and we begun a 15-20 minute discussion. of my past work history, the needs of Korean national children in the US, a Tutoring center my wife currently works at (and where I worked for a year), the Korean edict that requires all Koren children to be able to speak conversational English by age 16. He asked interesting questions and I gladly answered as many as I could. I poured out my self to this man, which is something this Pup does - often.

When the meeting started the "gent on the right" was introduced loud and clear, so I jotted down his name. Everyone got quiet as he began his comments. He spoke for over 30 minutes. His words were a "delight everyone" there. When he finished, he left the room and the primary spokesman continued the meeting. After an HR spokeswoman told us about programs that no one had heard about and many wanted to immediately sign up for, we were sent to a break room for Lunch.

After lunch I asked my manager that sat to my immediate left who the gent on the right was. My manager replied with a grin and a smirk "That was the President and Chief Executive Officer of the company and he is very picky choosing who he chats with."

If you are gonna start off your new job with a Good attitude, meeting the Right people and Leaving a Good Taste/Memory in management's Heart, Mind & Soul - do it Right THE FIRST TIME!

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