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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Back to the Cubicle Farm

Hi, Nancy here.

'Pup's new job has meant that he's going off to work in a kind of environment I have never had any experience in. He is bringing me to work with him after hours though, to do some clerical work for him.

Since it is after hours, I get an interesting look at the way some people seem to live with their office furniture. Some seem to take the bare bones approach, putting away everything neatly before they leave. Others seem to decorate their cubicles with pictures, silk plants, candy jars, cute sayings and even a coffee pot.

'Pup's cubicle is...homey. He, like me, "files" active projects horizontally rather than vertically. Makes for a dizzying array of papers for the uninitiated, but he gets the job done.

So Sad

Brittany Spears has been attracting more than her share of attention lately with her problems with.......well........with everything in her life. She started out a golden child, able to sing and dance her way out of a trailer park and into a mansion or three.

Problem is, she never learned how to live with money. And so now, she faces losing her kids, some time in jail, the complete tanking of her singing career, and now, most likely, some drug rehab.

Sad. Very sad.

Revise That!

One of my Puppy Truths says that faith is knowing that you don't have to panic. I may need to revise that!

Florida Rumors - How Can I Prove Them True?

I was discussing various financial options with a pair of friends from Ohio that are considering buy land in Florida. I suggested that check out Broward county real estate as I have read that it has some good deals. They took note of what I said, and we then moved on to discussing options in other Southern states. I am told that Southern Georgia, Florida's panhandle and the lower portion of South Carolina are still prime choices.
You should be very selective and do your research about where the hurricanes have been recently, how quickly each area recovered and the relative elevation to surrounding areas. But if you have the money and the desire to live out your retirement years South of the Frost line, head on down their way!

save our homes

Peek A Bo....Gotch!

I wonder how effective radar detectors are at close range. I was travelling behind a large SUV,wait is that redundant? Aren't all SUVs large to begin with, so to say a large SUV would either mean a monster truck or I was too close to whatever I was following. Oh well (a deep subject) back to the discussion and cussin. As I said I was behind a vehicle and when I pulled out to pass, what should appear but a Texas Department of Public safety Ve-Hick-elle - a Bar! Yep, I got a ticket and a few lectures. And it took so much extra cash and effort to obtain and send to the correct mail address copies of state documents. In other words hoops and more hoops. Each hoop requires a little more cash to cover some other ridiculous administrative cost. Oh and the best part is that they failed to give me the addresses of where to send the cash and various letters. Oh I received the written copy of instructions that referred me to page 2......errr where did page two go?hmmmmmmmmmm.

Oh That I Cood Afford Wood

I am so into buying what ever I need to just get by. That lets me feel comfortable but still wanting something better. To have real wood would answer many of my dreams, wants and several needs. But alas my sorrowful finances block me again. That is where something such as faux wood blinds might be a useful idea. I already have faux wood shelves, bookcases and side tables so putting up a few not-real wood blinds would actually fit into my fung shu-aa (caution I have no idea how to spell that funky word).

Bak Tue Skuul

I have always wondered what kind of education or essentially what degree someone needs to be involved in market research, state vehicle inspector, work in a tax office, the person that inspects a jobsite to insure everything is within specs and following the local laws. For that matter what kind of education would a person need to create, manage and update a tool such as Blogger?

Friday, September 14, 2007

Arthritis Is Painful - In Any Flavor

It is easier to tell others that I have Arthritis without explaining the differences between osteoarthritis relief and rheumatoid arthritis. From what I have been told the pains of Osteo are bad, but the pains of Rheuma are of so much worse. Rheumatoid arthritis is a usually chronic autoimmune disease that is characterized especially by pain, stiffness, inflammation, swelling, and sometimes destruction of joints. Talk about going down a one way street. I do not know of a cure for either. So all we can do is continue our search of better PAINs relief.
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  • Monday, September 10, 2007

    Life - Plan For It

    So, What is your purpose in life?

    No, not "what are you supposed to be doing right now", but rather, "WHY are you here?".

    That's a question 'Pup asked himself while he was out of work. It's a question I asked myself when it became obvious that I would never be able to go back into a regular classroom again.

    Is it a question you ask yourself?

    We recently received a set of CDs from Clay Nelson, a life coach, who has a commitment to putting fun, family and financial freedom into every one's business and personal lives through teaching you how to balance all the needs of your life with your purpose in life.

    The CD series we're listening to is his new "Getting Started" Series. It's a set of three CDs that leads you through the steps that you can go through to gain control over your own life. Clay Nelson Life Balance was borne out of Clay's own life philosophy: To teach what one has learned in life is the greatest gift one has to give. He has not only audio lessons, but the series includes worksheets that will help you create a written plan for your life and where it's going, whether it is your personal life, your financial life or your business life.

    The CD's and worksheets are done at your own pace and in your own time. We'll let you know how it all works out.

    Friday, September 7, 2007


    The gastric bypass has left me with a recurring and constant battle for nutritional balance. Since I don't have a stomache, I can't break down some of the foods I need to get some of the vital nutrients my body needs to live. The means that I have to be very careful about what I eat (and I'm not always). So, to make up the differences I have to take supplements.

    After some research, I'm even considering some things from a place online that says their products can be classified as things from garden of life.

    Good Skin

    One of the more difficult things to deal with after the gastric bypass has been the loose skin caused by so much weight loss. Some of it is slowly going away, but I'm having some trouble on my face. I seem to be allergic to the sun. Some of the medications I take don't help, they even make it more likely for me to react to anything in the air or anything that might bite me. I need some skin care products that work.


    Someday, there are some pieces of furniture we need to replace and others that we need to add to the house. We need a new desk in the office, where we keep the desktop now. The one we have needs more drawers and some other cabinet space to hide..errr I mean put away, things we don't have to use at the moment. It also needs at least one file drawer for some records. We've been looking here and there, some of it at some of the discount furniture stores, both online and offline.

    Let there be Food

    Food, glorious, food. I wish that I could eat you. Food, glorious food, I wish that someone would cook you.

    Nancy usually does the cooking. She's been falling down on the job lately, and I don't mean just because she...well...falls down sometimes. We've both gotten a little lax with the housekeeping. But we've promised ourselves that it's time to get together and get it done.

    When it's finished, we may reward ourselves with things like some berndes cookware to make cooking the food easier and funner..more fun......funnier?

    Not that Nancy cooks funny.

    The Colon

    I've been hearing a lot of things, good and bad, about something called a colon cleanse. The proponents say that it helps them to be more energetic, healthy, more regular and helps keep away colon cancer.

    I'm not so sure, but when people do things to make themselves feel better, and it works for them...then that's fine. I guess it's the, uhm, end result that matters. I know, I know...puns are pun-ishment enough.


    Nancy and I live in the house I bought in 1989. I bought it using my G.I. benefits for the mortgage. I put very little down on the house. I now owe less on it than it is worth, so it's been a not bad investment.

    I look at the McMansions going up around us and I wonder. They are so much house for so MUCH money and NO LAND. But what really boggles the mind are the numbers of duplexes, quadriplexes and cookie cutter low end houses that START at more than my house is worth. They're getting what(!?) for their money? Even less house and even less land. How are people affording these?

    I guess it could be worse. Houston's housing is still reasonable, compared to other areas. Our economy is a little stronger as well, and the housing boom is not as LOUD a boom, but it's still booming, if not BOOMING.

    It could be worse, we could have a market like Wilmington NC real estate has.

    Tick Tock

    I need a watch. Oh, I think I have one or two somewhere. I would often be given watches as presents when I was much bigger. They'd be too small or too tight in the watchband, so I'd put them in a drawer and sigh. Nowadays though, my wrist is much thinner and I think I could wear any watch I wanted.

    And I want something good. I want: dependable. I want something like swiss army watches.

    Getting Older

    Between the gastric bypass and getting older, I am having some trouble with my....daily meditations. Mostly because...I don't get to meditate very long sometimes before..........I uhmm.... meditate. Completely.

    Nancy will say it's because I've been cheating on my diet, eating things that are too sweet or have too much fat in them. She may be right.

    (Update and note from Nancy....OF COURSE I'M RIGHT. I'm Always Right)

    So, this was not a problem when I was at home and not working. Well, it was a problem, but it was easier and faster to get to the facilities. At work, I'm at risk of embarrassing myself. I have stashed a change of clothing in the van, and I'm even considering a back up plan of something like: tranquility diapers.

    Da House o'da Mouse

    Nancy wants to go to Orlando. She wants to go see Mickey. Me? I'm not so enamoured of the mouse. Not that I don't like the cartoons and animations, but amusement rides are just not my thing. Still, some of the amenities in some of the hotels or condos for rent might make it worthwhile to go and just chill out. My only criteria for full enjoyment of an Orlando Vacation would be that I must must must be allowed to take my dog. I need my dog.

    Retirement Dreams

    My dad has moved into a small apartment in a complex set up for the needs of older individuals who are still able to live alone, but want some amenities meant especially for them. That's as close as I can come to describing the apartment complex. It's not an assisted living center.

    This is the first time he's ever lived alone. He left highschool to go into the Navy during WWII, got married and had kids right after that, and even after Mom died, my brother K was still living with him.

    Now, he's independent, and I think he likes it.

    Makes me think about what Nancy and I might do if we decide that living in a house is too much for us.

    Humm, maybe, if we're really rich (the lottery has to happen to someone!), perhaps Condo Hotels are in the future?

    Office Upgrade

    I am in the mood for some new contemporary office furniture. I like the fresh look. Not old and tired looking because it reminds me too much of myself! So my wife and I will be out and about this weekend shopping at several stores in Houston, then returning home to check out a few web sites. With local prices we can find the savings online. We will also need to add in the shipping costs, but many web based companies discount shipping.
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  • Kitchen Upgrade

    We are considering doing an upgrade of the cabinets in the kitchen. The easiest upgrade as well as the least expensive is to change the cabinet hardware. We can either go to a Modern or Antique style in any metal. Choices include brass, pewter, iron or plastics. We can stay with the existing number of mounting holes (usually the best choice) or add a hole or two for strength. For my own safety I like the drawer pulls that have no loose ends. The sides of the pulls taper back to the drawer face.

    Gate Art

    Have you driven out in the country recently and seen the beautiful gate art? If you stop and take an up close look, you will see that this art is made from thick metal. Such materials cannot be cut or sawed with ordinary tools. In this case you will need a plasma cutting torch. Once you learn how to use such a tool, no doubt you will find other uses, but gate art is still one of the best!

    Courteny's Gift

    Our neice is getting older, as in she will be graduating high school all too soon. My wife and I want to her my sister and brother-in-law with the expenses so we are considering paying for the graduation announcements. This way we can give her something really special and select all the bells and whistles that her parents would probably pass over. For use this is a once in a lifetime experience and the cost would not be a major concern in our budget. Whereas my sister has to watch every penny with three kids and a hubby.

    For A Friend

    A friend's new business has gotten to the point where he is considering getting a product liability attorney. This is more to prevent a lawsuit than to answer one. He is offering several education services, and he wants to be sure he is not guilty of either copyright infringement or other expensive violations. Instead of spending his time to make sure he is in the clear, the attorney would do the leg work and online research. It will be cheaper for him in the long run and let him offer his business with confidence.

    Make The Experience Complete

    Watching a movie at home has its advantages, unless you want to have the full experience you used to get only at the movie theaters. At home you can make popcorn one small bag at a time and that is usually adequate, but to be able to dedicate yourself to the movie, you should have a popcorn machine. Now THAT's the way to make popcorn. You can decide what topiing to add beyond butter, such as ranch flavoring or cheese to melt on top.

    More People Should Have One

    I used to have a water bottle filter that was used in the kitchen because it gave me pure water one glass at a time. Now I use a water filter for a container that holds several quarts. With the gastric bypass surgery I need to drink almost a gallon of water everyday. That used to seem like a lot of water, but now it seems about right. At work I drink anywhere from 60 ounces to 100 ounces, so drinking another quart or two at home give me more than enough. And drinking filtered water makes the experience that much more pleasant.

    Thursday, September 6, 2007

    Recent Years

    I have noticed in recent years the increase in the number of payday loan businesses. The opportunity to have extra cash, to do with as you please seems like a God send. This is true as long as you include the cost of the loan. In other words, do not borrow the total amount of your paycheck. It is also a trap that is ever so easy to fall into, to borrow as much as you can, pay the loan off on payday, then find yourself needing a loan to get through until the next payday. OUCH! The good news is that if you can avoids the perils, and are willing to pay the interest, these loans can be just what youy are looking for.

    Very Close To Reality...

    ...Or so I am told. I remember talking with several Viet Nam War veterans at several times in my life about flying helicopters. The easiest way to explain how easy or difficult flying a helicopter is, is to envision a bell jar. The helicopter sits on top of the bell jar, which is to say the air that the copter pushes underneath itself will only affect the machine directly underneath. As the helicopter moves off in a particular position, it is like slipping off the side of the jar. The problem with flying anything but horizontal is that you create so very much less lift.

    Now that I have been told, dare I say taught about flying helicopters, I am thinking about buying RC helicopters. Then I will need all my wits about me and hope that the memories flood back into my mind!
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