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Saturday, October 27, 2007


Just about the only good thing about all the medicine for pain that we have to take is that we may have joint pain, back spasms and general body aches, but headaches...don't usually have a chance to break through.

That means, when one does, it is a bad one. They can be bad to the point that it's hard to see or think. They're bad enough that you'd go almost anywhere and do anything to get effective headache treatment.

Right now, I've got one of those headaches.

Dream Vacations

What would be more romantic than staying at a remote log cabin in the Smokie Mountains? Especially one that came fully equipped with everything a couple could want for playing house, right down to the 600 thread count sheets on the bed and an outdoor grill.

Being able, both financially and physically to take advantage of all the wonderful things that Pigeon Forge cabins could offer would be very nice.

I wonder if they're handicap accessible?

Put this on the "want to do before we die" list.

Where to Go

There were a lot of people who bought more house than they needed, could afford, or could afford to keep up. They did it because they thought that real estate would always go up. It didn't, at least in most parts of the country. The Houston area is still pretty strong, especially in the Woodlands, where, it is reported, that wealthy Mexican businessmen are building multimillion dollar houses as fast as they can be built.

And, for what they pay, they get a good deal. They have access to good schools, a good neighborhood for their children to grow up in and all the amenities that life in the USA affords...and that Mexico does not. They are even here legally, under the NAFTA act, that allows them to come and run businesses here.

Ironic, isn't it? Mexico's poor come to this country illegally to have a better life. Mexico's rich do the same.

Friday, October 26, 2007

2 B Thrifty - Shop Thrifty

The large sign near the top of the building says "Thrift Shop". At lease it did the last 50 or so times I bothered to look. The building used to be a Safeway food store, before it became a Hobby Lobby, then migrating into a Michael's. All of those names tell you that this is ONE LARGE store. The great news about this place is that their profit margin is 1 - 2 cents per article.
My niece R and I will go there tomorrow and look for jackets and sweaters. I usually do not like to go with my wife, because she is on a scooter and I WALK. I may have lost over 200 pounds, but I still have Rheumatoid Arthritis. That means that if I stand still or walk very slowly, my joints SWELL UP. I will make sure that R & I move quiuckly with an attitude of get in - get it - get out!
Even if something we buy doesn't fit well enough, we won't be out too much ca$h. Why? The clothes are marked way down from any other store. These prices are truly pennies on the dollar. I'll post the full address later, so suffice it to say it is on State highway 6, North of Interstate 10, across from the Neighborhood Walmart. That's North of Clay Rd and South of Keith Harrow.

Not A Nightmare To Me

I can understand how doing a job that is repetitive can become very boring and a great source of cynicism. If the job requires accuracy and gentle "small talk" with each client, again I can see where one my become critical. I am speaking of the folks that perform "outpatient tests" i.e. a blood draw. If the job allows for testing what they have taken from a patient, then their might soften a bit. But it is my understanding that these folks "just" gather various bodily fluids. That is why I am happy to mention the folks at 12000 Richmond in Houston.
They manage to keep a positive attitude and announce each step of a process. This gives the patient some warning about the near future as well as using a verbal checklist for the tech.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Now You See it...

Someday, we're going to have to buy a new television. We like the looks of the flat screen HDTVs. They don't take up as much room as a similarly sized conventional or projection television. That means placement possibilities of the television are more flexible and varied. You can even hide one in a console by using a plasma tv lift.

For those of us with smaller houses, that would allow a living room that wasn't dominated by a television. It could be a living room for entertaining rather than an in your face home theater.

Bar Stools

Some furniture is good for only one job. Others, though, are muti-taskers. Not always by design, but by necessity, some furniture I've owned has had various incarnations. For example, bar stools are much more versitile than one might think at first.

I've used them for make-shift baby gates (only works when the kid is very small...but when it worked, it worked! I've also used them as desks, TV tables, occasional tables and bedside tables.

Still, the best use of all is for sitting at a kitchen bar and watching someone cook you breakfast.


No lie, Texas is where both of us want to spend the rest of our lives. That doesn't mean, however, that someday we won't need to or have to move away. If we did, one possible area might be Arizona.

Even if our main home were in Texas, I'd like to own land somewhere that's...wild. I'd like to have some land I could go to for some quiet and peace.

I wonder what Arizona real estate goes for?

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Someplace to Sit

I like shopping for furniture. Even when I don't plan to buy any, I can daydream about the room I'd put together with various pieces. I can pretend I'm redoing a house for a friend, with a budget, so I'd need discount furniture, or I could pretend that I had an unlimited budget, and could get anything from anywhere I wanted.

It's kinda like a grown-up version of a doll house, where you decorate it and then populate it with a fantasy life of the perfect family.

I need a Getaway

We've had a tough month so far. I feel as if I've spent a good part of the month on the road and in my car. I would so much rather be spending it somewhere that required nothing more from me than the need to decide what entree I'd like for dinner and when I'd like the massage guy to come over.

I'd like to go on one of the Orlando vacations that are advertised on the TV... The ones where the mature couple are watching the fireworks over the Magic Kingdom hand in hand......with nary a kid in sight...

Pain, and the Lack of it

Right now, the relative "friendly-ness" of the medicines and drugs we (Pup and I) take are balanced by our need for them. I don't need many pain killers, and only occasionally. But, when I need them, I need them. I try very hard not to need them, but when I get tired, the nerves seem to stop transmitting the commands to "MOVE" and start sending out pain signals instead.

If I don't pay attention to what my body is trying to tell me, then I pay with several days of pain. Luckily, I don't need them often, but when I do, I worry about how difficult it might be to get the refill I need.

Why? Well...I think you can thank all those rich idiots/celebrities that manage to get Oxycontin for a hangnail, become dependent on them, needing drug rehabilitation, and then making it difficult for a physician to prescribe pain killers without being in danger of prosecution or worse.. losing his malpractice insurance.


Last weekend, 'Pup went to Central Texas with his dad. His dad was being honored for donating some land for the volunteer fire department in the area in which he used to have a small farm. They've recently completely rebuilt the fire station so the new engines would fit in them. They've even built an area for a dispatcher to stay or for some of the volunteers to clean up afterwards and maybe even have a meal.

'Pup and his dad haven't done a lot of father/son things. I think it was good for both of them that he could be with his dad for this one. I don't think they'll ever be the "world series tickets" kind of father/son couple, but they have have interests in common and I think they're closer than they know.

New TV

Looks like we'll have to bow to the inevitable soon and buy a new TV, (one that will still WORK without an adapter box)sooner than we'd hoped to. Actually, in my original long term major purchases plan, we'd have been buying our first HDTV about now, as I'd figured the prices would have come down to reasonable levels by now. And, they are, sort of. They've gone from ridiculously coma inducing to merely painful.

I'm really looking forward to the plasma screens. They're light, skinny and take up a minimum of room. That's important, esp in our master bedroom where we'd probably be using a plasma mount on the wall to maximize room.

I've had to put the major purchase back by a couple of years, but that just means we'll be buying a better TV.

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