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Thursday, November 29, 2007

TV & Reality

Oh but to live in a world where the catch phrase "as seen on tv" would dictate how the world reacts to us would be down right fun - I think. Right now we see reality shows that claim to be strictly as is. No editing was used. no one was given a second chance or even a third chance to get any or all of a task done correctly. Hey, it often takes me several attempts to get some things right, so to believe that someone would travel to a far and distant land, learn how to make, string, shoot to kill a bow in just a few hours - and I am supposed to believe this crap - hell I think the easter bunny can beat Hulk Hogan in under 1 minute - yeah I really do believe that!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Finacial Advice

I am frequently looking for alternate investment options keeping in mind that I do not have much free cash - yet. My man that presided over my wife's and my wedding has offered to review our financial needs. I have not replied to his request yet, but I probably will next year. One of the important pieces of information I will be interested in listening to are term life insurance quotes. But I feel confident that he work up will be quite complete. I will post any good advice he passes along!

Dad's Wish List

For oh so many years, my Dad's Christmas wish list was simple and predictable. "Oh anything you guys find will be OK with me". And when we gave him a tie or a sweater he seemed to be pleased. Now that Dad has retired to our choices are more towards adding to his golden years.
It has always been a pleasure to me to listen to his stories. Dad is the kind of story that often adds details to make his point that much clearer. And I think he likes to mention certain brand names like Adidas golf to drive home a point (all puns ar always intended - maybe I should have warned you about that).
We'll be heading over to his place sometime thise weekend and I feel sure I can get him to tell more than one golf story.
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  • Sunday, November 18, 2007

    Exercise machines

    I wish we could use a machine at home like an ellipticals. They're supposed to be very effective and don't look to take up nearly the amount of room a swimming pool would. However.

    I can see me lasting about 2 minutes, tops, and then recovering for 2 days or so... I can see 'Pup lasting even less time, and being in screaming pain for the rest of the week.

    It is hell when you need to exercise, and your body won't let you do it, even when you want to exercise. Which, admittedly, we rarely do.

    I think we're going to make sure HSN has a working bicycle. She doesn't need to have the same physical challenges stand in her way to getting back into shape.

    Comfort Underneath

    Nancy here.

    I'm a boring person. Yes, I admit it, and acknowledge it. It's who and what I am. I am built more for comfort than speed and have never been called "sleek". This has been true for much of my life.

    I am cotton undies, not leather lingerie. I am warm and cozy, not brisk and risk. I am me.

    On the other hand, one never has to be the same person tomorrow that one is today...

    Tuesday, November 13, 2007

    Cell Phones

    Have you ever seen a really good product, like a cell phone that has every functionality you've ever wanted but couldn't get because your current cell provider doesn't support the brand or the model? Kinda like that really cool phone that supports the real internet when yours doesn't. Which mine...doesn't. It comes close, but not enough for me to be able to post from it, which is something I'd really like to be able to do.

    But! You can get an unlocked phone and it will work on and with any service provider. The down side is that you pay the full price of the phone up front, but if it's what you want, and you can afford might be worth every penny.

    Wish I could afford it.


    With both of us suffering from arthritis, 'Pup with a pretty severe case of rheumatoid arthritis, finding exercises that we can do is a problem. It would be best if we had a private swimming lane so we could do water exercises.

    I wish we could use a machine at home like an ellipticals. They're supposed to be very effective and don't look to take up nearly the amount of room a swimming pool would. However.

    I can see me lasting about 2 minutes, tops, and then recovering for 2 days or so... I can see 'Pup lasting even less time, and being in screaming pain for the rest of the week.

    It is hell when you need to exercise, and your body won't let you do it.

    I had seen the sign that this business was open. As a matter of fact the sign in the front window said Grand Opening. Finally I stopped by and checked out the menu. Yep - there it was right at eye level - Chai Latte - 20 ounces - so I ordered one.

    Wow! This is what I had been told it was supposed to taste like. As I watch Starbucks make my drinks, I notice that each component is already watered down and that they use SOY milk - healthier, less fat, less taste. I have called their hot line 800-23L-ATTE several other times to complain - of getting coffee when I ordered and paid for TEA - of getting a cup of cinnamon flavored water - err someone forgot to add the Chai mix - of rude behaviour - and not having any of the breads the sign says they have - I don't care what time of the day it is - they offer it, they should have it! If it is late in the afternoon, should I expect to get less than a full cup - hey can they help it if they don't have what I want in stock - who am I to blame them? How dare I write a post about BAD SERVICE.

    Back to the original point. Dunn Brother Coffee makes the kind of Chai tea that is worth driving across town to get. Last Saturday after my wife had finished work (mid morning to mid afternoon), I suggested we go to the Dunn's Coffee bar for some tea. She agreed mentioning how many times I have bragged about the tea. So we headed out thru Saturday traffic. When she had reviewed the entire menu, she simply said "a Big Chai Tea". She was as delighted as I have been.

    The other plus (at least for now) is that their largest size with tax costs 1 cent less than the Venti Chai tea latte from Starbucks before tax.

  • Yeah - I'm a happy camper - Great Tea - Good Service - with Real Milk - served Damn HOT - that costs less - on the right side of the road.

    So why does that matter? Because they won't let you make the left you need to get to the Starbucks - the 4 lane divided street is now a 2 lane - all on one side so they limit the turns. If I want to stay away from a ticket, I need to make a right, then u-turn on that street, go thru the light and turn left to get to Starbucks WHEW!

    On my way home SB would be on my right, but the traffic is so much worse then that getting back into traffic after buying a cup of tea - is TERRIBLE and oh so not worth the effort.

    For me and my world - Dunn is the Way to Do It!
    <...and isn't even a dollar post or an ad....just me tell'n y'all what's right in the world...>

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  • Friday, November 9, 2007

    Any Child Is Baby Grace

    A young child's body is discovered. A report is made to the local authorities. The report is followed up and the body and the container it was found in are brought to a place where they can be carefully reviewed. This could be a report anywhere, but instead it is near Galveston, Texas. The County Sheriff's Office is looking into about 250 leads as they try to figure out Baby Grace's real identity. That is commendable, but I wonder if this much effort, this much attention, this much tax dollars shouldn't be spent when ANY body is found.
    I have been told is other news stories of a body being found in an empty lot. As an example, this happens on a fairly regular basis in Acres Homes. AH is a subdivision on the North side of Houston. The residents claim it is a serial murderer, but the Houston police blow-off such comments, send the body to the morgue and life goes on. We don't hear any more about the body except that is probably was a young black woman and AH has mostly black residents. Where is the National effort to find out who this was, where she lived, WHO KILLED HER, why she was dumped in THAT particular field (where other bodies are dumped). Hell - if that is going to happen on a regular basis, maybe someone needs to collect a fee. What? How dare I speak of creating a business of skirting the law; collecting cash after someone has killed another - Why not? The police aren't gonna do anything except bury her somewhere else. Oh yeah - she's black and not a Cute, Little Girl, found near a City that must protect its status as a SAFE place to Visit aka Tourists!
    A news report this morning spoke of someone donating a new dress to bury Baby Grace. An effort is underway to collect money to pay for a memorial and burial. People are willing to stand-in for the yet unknown parents/friends of Baby Grace.
    Hell - helping Baby Grace is all the Rage - Politically Correct - and almost a fad!

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