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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Roads Not Travelled

One of the extra benefits I have found at my new job are the three ladies that are Registered Nurses. They had gone through school and had worked in the Emergency Room at some near to work hospitals. The fact that I enjoy is that their opinions carry so much more weight (all puns intended) that other co-workers. So it was with interest that I listened in on a conversation about Diet Pills - specifically Miracle burn.

I lost my weight through Gastric Bypass Surgery, something which my Wife wants no part of. So she is also interested in diet pills.

  • I can only Hope.
  • Did You Get Your in-vi-TA-shun

    It took patience, lots of patience but we finally got some Good Neighbors. Actually considering all the help they have been to us, they are Great Neighbors. In the past few months we have made an interesting trade off.
    When his lawnmower gave up the ghost I needed someone to look into why my mower wasn't acting quite right. He said it was a minor repair and refused to charge me anything for his efforts. Then he mentioned his need to buy a new mower at which time we offered him the use of our (recently given a new life) mower. Since it is only "driven on weekends", mowing two small yards would not be a major task for a Briggs-Stratton powered mower. He decided that He would do the deed. So I do little yard work. And I have been trying to think of how to pay him back.
    His daughter's birthday is coming soon, and he wants to "do it up right" and get some higher qualitykids party invitations. I finally talked him into letting us pay for them.

    Saturday, December 15, 2007

    Wedding Ring

    I need a new wedding ring. Nancy's ring and my wedding ring both have diamonds and sapphires. The ring I got married in is now so big that it falls off every finger, even my thumb. We're going to have to get it re sized or find a replacement.

    I don't know much about men's jewelry. I've never worn watches much, as most bands were too small and I didn't bother getting the larger bands. I would like a nice tie tack and a pair of cuff links, and Nancy's on a general look out for a set for me. We hope to get one for a fairly low price.

    Oh well, we've not got the money for fancy things right now anyway.

    Tick Tock Away from the Dock

    One of Nancy's brother's likes to dive, sky dive, bungee jump and generally do things that are possibly harmful to the body. Still, he does them successfully enough that he hasn't yet been harmed. Though, he may have been careful to edit some of the stories he tells his mom about some of his adventures.

    Another one of the things he likes is expensive watches. He's been known to flash, oh so nonchalantly, a Rolex under the nose of whomever is sitting next to him at the Thanksgiving dinner table. He seems a little disappointed that the rest of the family are not only NOT impressed, but they see the watches as ostentatious (if they are even real) and are a little irritated at his attempts to flaunt his material things.

    They actually show a little more interest in some of the different diving watches he's had. The Technomarine watch at least had interesting things it did and was functional.

    I try to talk to him as little as possible.

    Tuesday, December 11, 2007

    Wedding Rings

    Nancy here:

    'Pup has lost a lot of weight. So much, in fact, that his original wedding ring is too big. My original ring had to be replaced because the diamonds kept falling out (a design flaw). So now, here we are, with neither of us wearing the wedding rings we got married in. Good thing we're not superstitious.

    We'll get 'Pup's ring re sized when we can afford to. Until then, he's wearing an inexpensive gold band.

    I hope we can re size his ring soon. Our rings match and it's not the same...

    Other Places

    Nancy here:

    When 'Pup and I had been married for two years, we took a trip to Washington D.C. One of the states we traveled through and enjoyed way North Carolina. I wish I could have been as comfortable exploring the internet as I am now. I'd have liked to have had the opportunity to really look at and explore things like the communities there. It would have been interesting to look at the houses like the ones they show on the site about Wilmington NC real estate. I'd have enjoyed looking through the gardens and imagining we lived the summer.

    Sunday, December 2, 2007

    New Clothes

    Nancy here.

    'Pup has been looking good lately. He's been getting new clothes and the new clothes are nicer looking than the old clothes that he's shrunk out of. And the new clothes are affordable, where the old clothes hurt the pocketbook terribly, especially as the numbers of stores selling men's big and tall sizes went DOWN.

    A question: if the population is getting fatter, why is clothing for fatter people sometimes very hard to find?

    Online, the situation is much better. There are sites that carry and sell sizes that a lot of smaller stores don't even acknowledge. The sites carry a large number of brands as well, including port authority clothing.

    You've got to like a site that calls itself "clothing 4 all".

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