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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Perhaps A Nuther Blog

In my auto owning history I have possessed and on occasion upgraded a pair of Rabbits, a Golf, an Escort, a Venture and of course what every Texas must own at Some point in their lives, a Pick 'em up Truck. In my case it was a Sonoma. While there are definite benefits to owning each particular type of vehicle, I think that there are valid reasons to consider using accessories from other manufacturers.

It would take someone from my era, ya know them there 'good ole days' to even remotely consider using Dodge Charger accessories. Well heck it would take me a separate blog just to educate y'all on what a Charger is and why they are so special. Hm mm that may not be such a bad idea - I will definitely give it some thought.

Friday, January 25, 2008

IB n OB - Who Dew UB ??

In-store-banks, savings and loans, that big bully down the street - ya know like having Inner banks and Outer Banks. Wow so many ways to spend what little cash I have after my wife and her mother divide up my paycheck. I can safely know that I can put these meagerly few pennies aside in safe places. Although personally I would think that hiding my money under my pillow would be safer - hey what do you want from me Logic - Reason - or even Maturity. Sheesh I am only a nine year OLD kid!

Rumors and Dreams

Somethings are rumored to be true even though I have yet to experience them. One such idea is theater seating. The mere mention of this phrase brings about a feeling of enjoying Privacy, Luxury, Comfort, and a place to be all by myself. Could all of this be true?

First there is Privacy, because being at a public, noisy, often freezing theater is anything but Private. That in and of itself would be a major selling point. Then there is Comfort, which you might be able find for the first few weeks in a new theater. But when you own your own special seats you will be assured of the best way to watch TV.
  • Couch potatoes will have a completely new standard.
  • Thursday, January 24, 2008

    Does This make Sense To You?

    Dr. S has been MY doctor since 1993 and my wife's since 2000. He has helped both of us deal with many, many medical & financial difficulties. He was instrumental in my getting a Gastric-Bypass operation. And now his staff is in the midst of convincing the BIG BAD Insurance company to pay for a preventative treatment. My complaints about my pains were primarily aimed at what seemed to be a lack of action by both the Dr.'s & Insurance, when in fact Dr. S had limited choices at best.

    Dr. S has prescribed some rather strong medicines for my pains. He has mentioned to be several times that until the medical world can accurately measure & quantify PAIN, he would move cautiously about what he let me take.

    We were both waiting on results from a few bone scans I had recently. From the results of the Bone Density scan, the Dr. has prescribed a combination that DOES help a tad bit. It seems that the Dr./Insurance-Co are convinced I want MORE meds as "feel good" pills. The only "feel good" I want is to Not HURT Like that poor sleepy, blind kitten with the long tail trying to escape the big room full of rocking chairs - OW no matter where ya go!

  • Usually I am not one to complain to the public - by voice - cuz

  • 1. I'd prolly get arrested for using such language in public

  • 2. It serves me no good

  • 3. I'd be ignored by as many as possible REAL Fast

  • 4. Straining my voice to complain will just create more pain!

  • 5. So complaining thru a blog - gets it out of my system

  • Now if I can only get the Big Bad Insurance company to pay for the Shots Dr. S says I MUST have, then there would be oh so much less reason -

  • to complain
  • to seek relief
  • to see the Dr.
  • to cuss in public
  • to feel like I am losing the race
  • to keep posting such filthy &^%#&%#&* stuff!
  • Saturday, January 19, 2008

    Lessons Taught

    I had to learn the hard way. I had to be taught the costly way. Yes, I even had to be shown the embarrassingly rough way that using a travelpro makes the most sense. Several summers back my wife and I went to Washington, D.C. Overall the trip was great, but we have since learned that it could have been so much more. So many of the sights we wanted to see, museums we hoped were open and showings we had heard so much about were unavailable to us. Eating on a budget was way to difficult, tho we did manage to find some good local stores. I think my next trip anywhere outside of Texas will start with a trip or two to a travel agent.

    Wednesday, January 16, 2008

    In the Dark of the Morning

    I've been staying up a little to late every night. Or rather, I've not been going to bed at night at all, instead, I've been going to bed in the dark early morning hours. Partly it is because I work from 4 in the afternoon to 7 in the evening, and when I get home at 8 pm......I'm still pretty well overstimulated from teaching some very interesting and energetic human beings.

    So, I watch a lot of late night (early morning) television.

    Some of it, I even try to stay up for, like the series Scrubs. I missed that series when it came out, and didn't really "discover" it until it was on late night reruns. After that, however, it seems that the programming goes away, and infomercials take over. (We don't have cable...won't have it until some debts are paid off.)

    There are adds for exercise machines of all kinds, diet aids like hoodia and hydroxycut, miracle kitchen aids who promise to make dinner so easily you'd think you were Ward Cleaver coming home to June...

    The variety never ceases to surprise me. I know these ads must be effective, or they'd not be running. But I guess I'm not their target audience. I just don't find most of the products appealing. Perhaps I've become a cynic?

    Tuesday, January 15, 2008


    While shopping for an upgrade to interior lighting recently, I came across several higher companies that sold lighting with a proven record of quality. Amongst the names was Hinkley lighting. This company is proud of its status as a respected member of the lighting community. As a fourth generation family owned company, Hinkley's name has been synonymous with quality and value. From chandeliers and wall sconces, to mini-pendants and the popular halogen bath lights, Hinkley Lighting has the fixtures to meet all of my decorative lighting needs. They opened my eyes to a world of possibilities that I never knew could exist.


    Back when I was single, I did not know about contemporary furniture. I thought I was doing good to have something everyday, something plain, something you could go to Sears to buy, something that everybody else owned. Boy was I mistaken.

    I have since learned how much fun, how invigorating, how downright enjoyable furniture should actually be and it doesn't need to be expensive either! Welcome to the online world of a real man's house full of furniture!

    Monday, January 14, 2008

    Clean n Healthy

    Living in this modern world where the air is anything but clean, our body is subjected to harmful toxins in the air as well as in our food and water. These toxins can greatly affect our health. Without proper elimination of these toxins, our immune system may become sluggish, and our body can also begin to suffer from headaches, fatigue, aching joints and digestive problems as well.

    Consider using a detoxifier to cleanse your body and prevent it from feeling rundown. product that does this is a colon cleanser called Co-Clean. This powerful detoxifier will safely flush dangerous toxins from your system that are caused by pollutants such as alcohol and cigarettes, and even from chemicals and hormones that are in your food. Co-Clean will open the door to controlling your weight and healing your body.

    Wednesday, January 9, 2008

    Glittery Things

    Nancy here:

    I don't have very much jewelry. Normally, that's okay with me. Every once in a while, though, I get a craving for something bright and shiny. I want something pretty, not because I need it, but just because it's pretty.

    My sisters have almost always gotten jewelry from my parents. Not me. I don't know why that is. It isn't because I've never wanted any. It just seems as though...I don't deserve any. My sisters receive topaz, rubies, emeralds and even some diamonds. I get....pajamas.

    Someday, when I have enough money, I'm going to have some diamond rings. And I'm going to wear them. Because I DO deserve them.

    Remember When...

    Nancy here:

    I remember when we had Bunsen burners in every chemistry or biology classroom. Along with those Bunsen burners, came a stand that held a beaker over the flame, and an asbestos impregnated, square piece of screening that protected the glass bottom of the beaker from the full force of the gas flame.

    Now? Even the presence of one of those squares would probably be enough to shut down a whole school and bring forth an army of hazmat suited individuals braving the dangers to clean up the hazard.

    And it is a hazard. Anyone with a family member who's suffered through and died from asbestosis or mesothelioma knows the danger is/was real.

    I also remember a science teacher bouncing little balls of mercury on the palm of his hand and passing that around for each of us to marvel at a liquid metal. The little silver pearls were quite lovely and lively.

    How did we all survive to adulthood?

    Saturday, January 5, 2008

    Name Abuse

    It really is sad when something that is actually good for society is abused - and laughed at - by the likes of jay, conan and david just to get a laugh. What am I howling about now - drug rehab.

    I pray that I never let myself excuse my actions and come to a point my life that I need this sort of treatment - but anything is possible - just very, very, very doubtful > OY!


    My oh My! A web page filled with dreams for boys and their toys. Would I, if I had the extra cash, love to but loads of high quality video components? You bet I would. I have seen what can be done with such equipment, and I have seen some of the games err gyrations people have to go thru when they do not use the "good stuff". Hmmm give an example of "good stuff". Well you should consider HDMI video splitters.

    Its My Money

    A Las Vegas hotel, now there is a place you will never find me. I do not have the funds to get there. I do not have any desire to be there. If I want to spend a weekend in luxury I have loads of choices right here in the Houston area. Heck I might even drive to Austin, San Antonio or dare I say it, Fort Worth for some out of this county pleasures.

    Besides if what the press says is really, really, really true "what happens in Las Vegas" DOESN'T STAY in Las Vegas despite the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce advertisements.

    Wednesday, January 2, 2008

    Us and NOT Us

    Most of us live ordinary lives, making enough to live, enough to afford small luxuries, requiring us to make small sacrifices now and again. We live in homes that reflect this reality. Things need fixing, upgrading and that means we usually end up doing it ourselves, or making those small sacrifices of the small luxuries to be able to hire someone else to do the needed tasks.

    Then, there are those who live in a completely different world.

    I happened to catch about 5 minutes of a "reality show" that seemed to be dealing with a sixteenth birthday party, and the birthday girl. One of the opening scenes has the girl explaining: "For my birthday my mom gave me a Lexus, but it wasn't really the color I wanted, and the interior wasn't what I wanted... Then my brother and his friends borrowed the car and totaled it, so mom and dad bought me another. This (shot of new silver Lexus) is my new car. I don't really know very much about it, except it has pretty wheels."

    The utter bizarre other worldliness of this monologue is what has made it so easy to remember, word for word. What must it be like to live that way? I don't know if I feel jealous of her, or sad for her. So young, so clueless, so...utterly useless...

    These families give luxury cars as birthday presents and luxury real estate for wedding presents. The children of these families are so self involved that they regard anyone not in "their circle" as not quite...real.

    I think that last fact is what tips me away from jealousy and into pity. There is so much of the world that they are simply unequipped to ever understand. And if Paris Hilton is an example of the type of "adult" they grow into...then, pity is all I can feel.

    Not Off The Cuff

    Oh how I remember fighting those cufflinks. It was using my right hand to insert the cufflink into the left cuff - underneath. I know it shouldn't be too difficult. Heck just hold up your left hand, gather the two pieces of the cuff lining the the button holes, and then while holding all of this manipulate the piece of jewelry to insert the link thru the holes. Then you drop the damn thing, cuss out loud, bend down, rummage around trying to find where they bounced off to - AHA finding them you stand up again and start all over again! Oy!

    Now I am looking for a good pair that doesn't cost Way Too Much!

    Be More...

    Well I just checked out an interesting web site. It is of an organization that likes people who make a car donations to them. Oh they accept other types of donations an effort to generate funds. [Hmm I wonder what they won't accept? I have several aches I'd love to get rid of . And then there is all that junk errr stuff we pay to store just down the road - oh well] Hey I am all for making money, but what do these folks want with cash and who am I to sound so critical about someone who is actually trying to improve my reality? Oh yeah back to the money. These funds [heck you DO remember the fund raising, Right?] are then used to create children's DVDs, prison literature and Anti-drug videos to be given away freely. Well it sounds pretty good so far. Please continue.

    While the site seems to jump between describing this as a non-profit company and a ministry. Oh yeah I realize that it might be a company for legal reasons and a ministry as a description of its intent, but I wish they would be more consistent. Hell I wish SomeBody would be more consistent.

    Why call these people instead of a local "give me your car" charity? That my friends is a good question. These folks say that they will come to get your car anywhere you live. Hmmmmm must be a local ministry that gathers with others under one umbrella.

    If I need to be told facts that prove how successful they have been, then the note of having given away over 2.4 million videos - well that gets my respect. What will it take to get You involved?

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