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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

So - Tell Me Where To Go

Now for a walk in dreamland also known as retirement. Would I want to make my last years on this earth in the Southwest? Probably not because it is all the rage. And if there is anything about the Pup, he does not follow the trends. So that would also rule out Florida, but not necessarily The South. I did enjoy myself when I lived in the Chattanooga, Tennessee area. I am looking towards the Northwest, if for no other reason then I have never been there. I do not want to live in middle America, because I have spent too many years there (and WOW it is a lot of THERE) Still another choice is the Northeast.
  • Perhaps I should spend some time checking out Wilmington real estate.
  • Saturday, February 23, 2008

    Too Much Fat

    Even though I do not need to use a weight loss system such as Alli, I have talked to doctors about it. When discussing a system that helps your system become less accepting to fats, I was reminded that my system as it is now acts much the same way.

    My system can and WILL only accept a certain small amount of fat before I experience what is called 'dumping'. The reaction is exactly what the word says. My system has encountered something in such a quantity that it can not deal with it. You need to realize that your stomach has a side benefit of being a buffer between what you eat and how your intestines will deal with the food. Whereas I no longer have such an advantage. The food I eat goes directly into my intestines. And if there is too much sugar and/or too much fat the response is not pretty or painless.

    Job Considerations

    While I was job hunting a few years back before I got married, I considered moving up to the NorthEast. In my investigation of what it would cost to get there led me to hear about and investigate New York movers. Oh I had looked into other movers, but these folks were mentioned several times in my conversations with the headhunters trying to place me in one of the New York suburbs.


    As I work my way through an ongoing effort to rebuild muscle mass after my gastric bypass surgery I still fight occasional skin afflictions and seek better ways of applying the appropriate treatment to my skin. We have learned through other's experiences. Following the efforts of others taking the same path thru recovery, we rewash the affected area after taking a lengthy shower and wash our hands. Yet we are both concerned about reintroducing an infection to my system. I often shop both the Internet and local stores for disposable exam gloves. We are also seeking a better supply of bandaging materials.

    Thursday, February 21, 2008

    Savings 4 Ewe

    The Mrs has found a company that will accept payment, ship the product to the client and pay us our portion for object we help design. The company makes their profit as much from each article purchased as from the free advertising and idea development.

    So you should soon be seeing a sign that says
  • ------------------
  • Check Us Out
  • ------------------
  • Sunday, February 17, 2008


    Hey I am all for getting things at the store for little or no cost - but that seems like so much of a pipe dream. Oh yes yes yes, I know there are weekly coupons in my local newspaper and I use some of them from time to time. But to think that anything that can be copied from the web and still be accepted has been considered a scam for many many yeras. I will eave it to Mrs. Pup to investigate this further as she spends oh so much more time on the web than I do and she will know if it is real - or ??

    Now if can just find a store that will accept Shutterfly coupons.

    Old n Slow

    I can think of two uses for the elliptical shape. One is the newest piece of exercise equipment that once you get used to seems to have so many positive results how could anyone say no. Well my wife and I agree that we can oh so easily say Nuh-Uh (aka NO!). We are old and feeble, at least as far as that kind of exercise equiment is concerned.

    Both of us are more the treadmill sort of people. This may be something that has been around for a while, but I have always liked ideas that are tried and true. The other shape that I enjoy seeing and working with is a flower bed. With an elliptical shape so many attributes of plant placement are enhanced.

    Oh I like circles, but ellipticals allow me to use progesssively higher plants in a greater quantity. Besides the view is not the same from any and all sides. There is something new to see from any direction you approach.

    Saturday, February 9, 2008

    Do It Direct

    I have seen some of the ads on TV recently that offer access to members-only showroom and home design center that offers merchandise at manufacturer-direct prices. You cannot expect to view and potentially buy quality merchandise unless it was an exclusive organization. One indication that you are dealing with people that know how to help is when you need to pay membership dues to join, thereby enabling members to purchase merchandise at manufacturer prices without traditional retail mark-up. In my reasearch on the web I have since found directbuy.

    Why join DirectBuy? This organization allows consumers to purchase brand-name merchandise at manufacturer-direct prices -- the same prices that manufacturers and distributors give to retail stores.

  • Interesting Fact: in the home furnishings area alone, stores enjoy a gross margin of 43.3% on average?
  • Tuesday, February 5, 2008

    Finest Kind

    famous words from Hawkeye Pierce - when speaking of his homemade hooch! Those same words are simply the best way to describe my co-workers. I hope that the few people that have left the company since I joined last summer, have managed to find a group of people who are so NOT cut-throat, so Very Willing to Go the Xtra Mile for each other, to give and forgive daily, ask and not demand, and to understand if you cannot do their work first that you Do have priorities and today their requests are not at the top of your list.

    Recently Dr. said I could reduce a lot of my back pains if I sat in a taller back chair while at work. I mentioned this to my manager who passed me on to a secretary - In Charge of Ordering for the Floor. She is the woman I inform when I have used the last printer cartridge or a particular paper supply is too low. She suggested I try out several chairs on the floor. I went to several cubes and said "Good Morning .... May I sit in your Chair?" After checking out some that were Very, Very nice and Oh so expensive I decided to ask for what many others had. The height of the back is even with my head - more than tall enough.

    Saturday, February 2, 2008

    Kids - The Mimic What They See

    Conversations and articles used at the learning center are anything but political. We (for the preservation of our own jobs) try to discuss ANYTHING with these children EXCEPT topics that are might bring on an arguement. But can I help it if a child happens to be looking over my shoulder at my blog and see a Meez in clown-face make-up wearing an Obama t-shirt and dancing in front of an Obama '08 poster. The teacher asked why the kids were wiggling about and chanting "Obama...Obama...Obama...", so I told her. We got good laugh about the kids dancing, as well as realizing what would happen at home when the kids mentioned this to their parents...(and where they learned it!)

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