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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Lotso Lots

After reading and writing the several dozen posts about going to Branson to see the dozens of shows there, if it would be feasible to buy some Branson lots. It should be fairly easy to investigate via the web. Now all I need to do is get all of our finances in a row right next to my misaligned ducks. I do remember driving through the area in the early eighties and even then the area was developing very, very quickly. There were trailer parks as far as the eye could see and it didn't look very pretty. That leads me to think that if I did buy some land with the intent of living there, it would be a good distance from all the mayhem.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Housing Markets

Nancy and I live in the house I bought in 1989. I bought it using my G.I. benefits for the mortgage. I put very little down on the house. I now owe less on it than it is worth, so it's been a not bad investment.

I look at the McMansions going up around us and I wonder. They are so much house for so MUCH money and NO LAND. But what really boggles the mind are the numbers of duplexes, triplexes and cookie cutter low end houses that START at more than my house is worth. They're getting what? for their money? Less house and even less land. How are people affording these?

I guess it could be worse. Houston's housing is still reasonable, compared to other areas. Our economy is a little stronger as well, and the housing boom is not as LOUD a boom, but it's still booming, if not BOOMING.

It could be worse, we could have a market like Hilton Head rentals have.

For A Sec or Two

With both of us suffering from arthritis, I have a pretty severe case of rheumatoid arthritis, finding exercises that we can do is a problem. It would be best if we had a private swimming lane so we could do water exercises. Ahhh to dream!

I wish we could use a machine at home like an ellipticals. They're supposed to be very effective and don't look to take up nearly the amount of room a swimming pool would. However.

I can see me lasting about 2 minutes, tops, and then recovering for 2 days or so... I can see 'Pup lasting even less time, and being in screaming pain for the rest of the week.

It is hell when you need to exercise, and your body won't let you do it.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

No Hurry To Get Anywhere

I have joined gyms, I have bought some of the less expensive exercise equipment, and I have tried oh so many times to get the incentive to use any of these weight loss or stamina building tools. Perhaps it is my memories of trying to use these gadgets in my sordid past. Now I cannot blame my total lack of use on what I failed to do in my past, but I will try.


I need to make use of my mebership. Hell it cost a bunch! So what have I done you ask? I do take the pups to the Bark Park (any of several in the Houston Area) and stay mobile, chasing after Chucky as he heads for trouble. Tho I prefer to stroll about the area with Butch - primarily because Butch is in no hurry to get anywhere, unless he loses sight of me.

Oh to have Money

Oh to have Money - to be able to own or better yet to be able to use Condo Hotels. Regardless of how one goes about raising the necessary funding, it is beyond saying it is a dream to be able to do either of the aforementioned options. As for myself I would only want to consider staying in such luxury would be if the house was out - way out in the forest - although not necessarily in snow country.

  • Oh to have Money....!
  • Good n Evil

    If I want to write a post that stays with the title of the blog, I would have to travel into the past. As my wife has mentioned in a few of her posts, I started in computers when a program was a set of cards.

    During the week you flow charted what you wanted the program to accomplish. From there you wrote the code represented by the figures on the flow chart. Then you went to the Business Ed room at the high school and either created the cards yourself OR come in real close to the start of the first class and one of the students would create the cards just to get you out of the way.

    A few years later when I attended one of them there Colleges, data entry was accomplished via the dos command line. It is there that I really learned how to use a computer for good - hehehehehe and EVIL!

    Thursday, March 13, 2008

    A Returning Customer

    We had known that there were several problems with the Venture Van, but I was content to "let it ride" until I thought we had a problem that HAD to be addressed. As it turned out, the problem did not exist, but it was the best opportunity to get everything looked in to and resolved. The one item that was not resolved may need to go to another shop - it is for transpotation - just not the van.
    Agai I applaud the fellas at my local Goodyear [Langham Creek Goodyear, 17750 FM 529, Houston, TX 77095, 281-856-7864] - starting with the man in the hot-seat, waiting to hear your complaints/needs -Brad Castillo Brad is the Sales Manager and Head Researcher.

    This time they fixed the Fuel pump & sensor in the tank, the from passenger window switch, the A/C controls, the Brakes {which were oh so close to being metal-to-metal}, rotating the tires. I am hoping to yet another 50,000 miles from the van. Then our finances will be in better shape for getting something new.

    Monday, March 10, 2008

    Okay - You Answer A Few

    Place an X by all the things you’ve done. Answer the 32 questions and pass it on.
    {Source of Questions: + Answers Mine~!

    ( ) Gone on a blind date
    ( ) Skipped school
    ( ) Watched someone die
    ( ) Brought back to life.
    ( ) Been to Canada.
    ( ) Been to Mexico.
    ( ) Been to Florida
    ( ) Been on a plane.
    ( ) Been lost.
    ( ) Been on the opposite side of the country.
    ( ) Gone to Washington, DC
    ( ) Swam in the ocean.
    ( ) Swam in a Great Lake
    ( ) Cried yourself to sleep. Argh.
    ( ) Played cops and robber
    ( ) Recently colored with crayons
    ( ) Sang Karaoke
    ( ) Been confronted by the Secret Service.
    ( ) Got into areas that were Very Well Protected (before security cameras existed)
    ( ) Paid for a meal with coins only.
    ( ) Paid for groceries with coins only.
    ( ) Done something you told yourself you wouldn’t.
    ( ) Fell through the Ice on a pond/lake
    ( ) Made prank phone calls (before caller ID)
    ( ) Laughed until some kind of beverage came out of your nose
    ( ) Caught a snowflake on your tongue. But not since I was about 12 years old.
    ( ) Danced in the rain. Naked.
    ( ) Written a letter to Santa Claus!
    ( ) Been kissed under the mistletoe
    ( ) Written a letter to Easter Bunny!
    ( ) Written a letter to The Great Pumpkin!
    ( ) Watched the sunrise with someone you care about.
    ( ) Blown bubbles.
    ( ) Gone ice-skating.
    ( ) Gone Sledding.
    ( ) Play in the snow wearing just a pair of shorts!
    ( ) Been skinny dipping outdoors.
    ( ) Walked naked through fields and forests....just because there was nobody
    ( ) Gone to the movies alone.

    Saturday, March 8, 2008

    Plans of the Poor

    I am hoping we will get ahead of our financial quandaries soon, very soon. One of the first new purchases we both want is two new computer systems. One will be a laptop concentrating on battery life. While the other will be a desktop computer system.

    Following the system set up I have at work we may just get two laptops. Then we can get a docking station, at lease two viewsonic monitors, a 7.1 Dolby sound system, several external hard drives and loads more shelving.

    We might go wireless again, but this time we will make the right decisions and learn how to set up wireless devices ourselves. If we do pay for help, a few extra 'how to' lessons will be included.

    Friday, March 7, 2008

    I Try To Help

    Having offered my experiences of successfully teach others how to lose weight on '', I often get questions about either a temporary weight loss or what can I do to lose 25 pounds by next weekend. The first answer is PRAY - a lot. The second answer is to look at what you have been eating and be willing to make some hard choices and changes.
    If the only want to lose weight for a week or two and do not mind if they put it back on afterwards, they need to be told that their body will think you are starving it and you will put back on twice what you took off. Then I try to give them answers for their description of what they have tried so far.

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