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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Such A Rough Life

Some memories are just too terrible to remember much detail. I do remember the results of having acne for almost all of my adolescence My parents tried oh so hard with every kind of acne treatments they could find regardless of cost. At that time Lasers were only seen in a Sci-Fi movies and Scientist's dreams.

Many of today's creams offer perfection only if you use their product the rest of your life. I would hope that there are treatments that would only be necessary to control the outbreaks. I think some of us are doomed to go thru life with acne. Fortunately I only had to bear it for about a dozen years.

One of the side effects of acne was a poor self image. From that point onward I felt I was worthless. I did not play "reindeer games" and was often considered a hermit. Hey - why go outside where THEY will just tease you?? What I failed to realize was that for the most part - nobody really cared!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Oh Looky!

When I had a Commodore 64 computer I asked several people what kind of program my BASIC programming class could develop to actually perform a function that is useful. Several mothers expressed the desire to have a typing program that while it was like others in the fact that it taught typing. The difference these mothers were seeking was to display each character in LARGE print (use the entire screen for character). Well we wrote a program that took about 10-15 seconds to create and display each selected character.

Now there are much better select of low vision aids. From the basic hand magnifier to overhead tables where you can place the opened book or a letter on a flat surface and see the document clearly and much larger on a monitor's screen.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Take His Help! Appreciate His Youth!

It seemed so easy, and I couldn't let Alex do it all by himself - BUT I SHOULD HAVE! Alex is a teenager, in 10th grade I believe, who can't do enough to help my wife and myself keeping up our yard. If Alex sees bags of soil either in my van or already unloaded and in the garage he will ask if there is someplace we want the bags moved to. Well this last weekend I should have had Alex with me when we went to the Home Depot as I had to load several bags on to a flat cart, and into the van which wasn't TOO difficult. Besides I had some energy then. It is after I got home that I began to feel tired and should have taken the hint. But NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I thought I could more the bags one last time.
It didn't seem so bad last night, and I did let Alex do most of the work, but I should have let him do ALL the lifting, carrying and placements of the bags of soil. Well I can feel the results of my foolishness right now. The small of my back aches, my shoulders ache and my knees are none to happy either. The pains are bad enough that my pain meds are barely managing to give me ANY relief.

A Bad Reputation!

I think I have mentioned that I like to stop by Dunn's Coffee [at the corner of Eldridge & Briar Forest in West Houston] in the morning for a large Chai Tea Latte, No Foam and Cinnamon sprinkled on top. To date I have not had any problems at this location. One of the owners is there each morning so the conversation is pleasant.

Unfortunately the crew that run their 2nd location [Fry Rd just past the Grand Parkway SH-99] does everything wrong. I am still amazed to see that location is still open. The first time I went there with my wife and our niece. The kids (college age) acted as if we were interrupting their lives and needed to be quiet or go away. It seems that things have not gotten any better in the last few months.

Yesterday my wife & niece stopped by for a tea and had the following conversation.
As my wife drove up to the menu, she asked for 1 medium Chai Tea Latte. To which came the response - so that's a Rice Krispy Treat? My wife is an English teacher, so she knows how to speak clearly. She said NO, I want a medium Chai Tea Latte, to which the voice from the speaker said - So you want an Iced Tea!??! Right?

Well that brought my wife inside for one last try. She stepped up to the counter and repeated her request and was given a look of what-the-hell-do-you-want quickly followed by a low voice comment about "why are you still here?" My wife commented on how rude these people had been. Oh so quickly one of the kids that had been standing off to the side, entered the conversation with "Hey Lady YOU are the one being Rude!" My wife looked for a complaint form, called the phone number on the card and retold the entire episode.

I hope the kids learn sooner rather than later that the Customer is who they are serving. It is these people that are not invading their space and that if the customer is sharp with you - grin and bear it or your business will walk out the door, tell friends of the problems and few if anyone will stop by. To say that the customer is always right is fairly close to being true, the waitstaff needs to try very hard to give the customer what they ask for - especially if it is on the Menu!

I didn't stop by this morning as I was running a bit late, but I WILL stop by the Eldridge location and repeat the episode to the owners. I am not sure if the folks at Eldridge is the woman that my wife called. Regardless I will make sure that someone is told. The folks at the coffee house I frequent admit that they are just getting by, so the one thng they do NOT need is a bad reputation!

Sunday, April 13, 2008


Whether you are a member, a guest or just someone that peers in thru the windows one of the first areas of a gym that Everyone checks out are the peole on the treadmills. Guy watch gals (and dream), gals watch guys (and dream), guys watch guys (and dream it could be them walking there), gals watch gals (who knows what they are thinking at that moment!)

For A Few Dollars

I had a chance recently to discuss the cost of life with some soon to be on their own teenagers. We chatted about getting quotes for car insurance, home & life insurance, the reduced cost of staying with their folks, and all the seemingly minor costs we don't think about until BINGO we are at that point OY! When I was told by several that they would start out their lives at apartments, I used the recently devastating fire in Pasadena to remind the young people to get insureance for their belongings in the apartment. Most folks think that it will be too expensive, but it is usually a few dollars a month!

lso of special note is how much the important costs in our lives are down right cheap if we get them Early.

Thursday, April 10, 2008


What is there to do when the lights go out, the kids refuse to quiet down, and nobody wants to just sleep. Well get out the candles, the flashlights and a kerosene lamp or two and Deal - card games, nothing like 'em.

You can stop playing at any point you desire. They are easy to gather and put away. You can change games at a moments notice. You can brag about even the simplest move or the most complected setup yet known to man (or woman).

Invest in Futility

Now that's really hard to think about, let alone actually go thru with . What am I mumbling about? Why setting up savings accounts. It just seems so senseless to let money just sit there and earn a measly 0.01 percent. That is one ten-thousandth of a dollar for each dollar I 'invest' in an account. Sheeeeesh!

But then keeping the money in the checking account is not much better. It is just more reading available - to spend.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Oh My Gawd

I have often wondered how much space is dedicated to early drawings and finger paints that once they are taken down from the fridge are stored. Could it be that OhMyGawd they are disposed of, No- say it isn't so! Then we would move up to those things that we cannot discard of without SOMEone noticing such as soccer trophies. I guess that these are kept until Junior goes off to college and starts bringing home the trophies that are true keepers. One of the better trophies that Junior might bring home is his best girlfriend, potentially his wife.

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