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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Check Out ---A Home Garden---

I have found a great gardening web site for both the experienced gardeners and the I only have enuff room for two pots on my patio Gardener. Take a trip to a wondrous land by visiting The Home Garden. The author and his wife live in central Tennessee but their writing include information about neighboring regions.

I will add more as I continue to explore their site and their worlds.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Pleasure To Repeat

I have been visited by angels twice in my life. The first time it was the intent of the angels to help someone else in our group besides myself, but I gained insight from them all the same. How do I know that they were angels?

During my time in the Air Force I was frequently asked questions of a spiritual nature and I usually had the answers. One of the my "students" had asked several questions of which I was unsure if I was giving him the information he truly needed. Oh I was answering his questions, yet he then asked for more. Some of what he asked for took me several prayerful reading and researching sessions before I felt good about approaching his questions. It all came to a head when we were in New Orleans (NO WE DID NOT DRINK OURSELVES INTO A NEW WORLD!) on just a small visit.

My friend had just listed off a lengthy, detailed set of questions that I knew I would need loads of help with. I asked the Lord for help on knowing where to look for the answers. After my small prayer I looked across the street towards a small car. From somewhere in close proximity to the car two tall, solidly built, young men appeared and walked diagonally across the street to join our group.

Almost from the moment they joined us, they began answering questions that we all had. The majority of answers were for my friend, but I heard many things said that answered questions I had developed over the recent months. The lectures from them slowly dissolved into conversations and finally into special prayers. During this time, no names were mentioned, neither our nor theirs. So when it came time for them to leave there was no need for Good Byes. Instead we all simply said see you later.
In much the same way as the two men had joined us, they departed. I saw with my eyes and know for a fact that they walked back across the street and as they approached the cars on the other side, they melted into the air. To say that they disappeared would not be accurate. They didn't go Poof. Rather they simply walked into nothingness.

  • That was the first time - circa 1973-1974. The second time I was visited by angels was a few days ago.

    We were at the Lowes and decided to get 5 bags of potting soil. When we chose the soil one of the kids that work there gladly helped load the 5 bags into a cart (1st mistake, not loading them on to a flat cart). We paid for the soil and headed towards the van. It was when I tried to take them OUT of the cart and get them into the van that I realized I was in deep doo-doo. In a soft but determined voice I said "Please God send me an Angel" three times. Then I looked up to see a dad who was talking with his family suddenly stop talking, deliberately look in my direction. He reaction to my still soft crys for help as if I were standing less than a foot away. He quickly walked to the cart and began to easily load the van. By then my wife had arrived and we both thanked the man for his efforts. He mentioned how proud he was that he could once again lift so much weight as he was still recovering from back surgery. The first back surgery was done from the back while this last surgery was thru his chest. So it could be said that this most recent event was not an angel, but instead "just" a helpful father. Then my question is how did he hear my request. Words so softly spoken that anyone standing next to me would not have heard. And his immediate reaction to come to me, load the van from the basket, then walk away. It was an Angel I needed and an Angel I was given.
  • Monday, May 26, 2008


    Personally I find it rather humorous and oh so much CRAP that people buy the idea that on tablet or another will cause them to loose weight. They give testimonials of how a pill like Leptovox will immediately and with little or no efforts Melt the fat away.
    How dare I put down these pills? Well they fail to mention that the participant took additional steps, such as following a meal plan.
  • Besides all of that
  • If it comes off in a day, it will probably come back just as quickly!
  • Trudge...Trudge....Trudge...Trudge....

    Workin in a coal mine, working all day. Working in a coal mine, working all day, finishing assignments early, having a Blast all day,

    Yeah the song makes ya think that work is so bad, Work is just trudging thru an assignment. Well it used to be, but now it is downright fun.

  • I think so many people view their work as a treadmill...trudge....trudge....trudge....trudge.... For these folks I feel sorrow -
  • they have yet to learn the secrets that seem so clear to me!
  • Thank You Lord n Thank you Angel

    My Bodacious wife likes to use both plastic/fiberglass and Terra Cotta pots. She uses so many of them that we are often buying large bags of soil. The usual bag contain a lot of moisture and rich fertile soil. That translates to weight. The bags may say only 2 Cubic Feet, but they are downright HEAVY - at least for dis Pup. As I was trying to lift a bag out of the cart, I mumbled at first, the a second or two later, I spoke out loud, being as clear as possible - Lord in Heaven - Send me an Angel, Please Lord send me an Angel - Lord I need an Angel Now.

    Just then I saw a gent that was walking with his family (as I later found out) suddenly stopped chatting; He looked up and turned in my direction; As I said "Lord - send me an Angel" This gent asked if he could help me. I said YES, I need Your help loading the van. As he finished loading, My wife asked out loud if we could take him home (to unload) to which the little girl said softly "No! We need him at Home!"

    Saturday, May 24, 2008

    Completly Different Animal

    My Bodacious wife was heard chatting with several neighbors last month about what they would have liked to wore for their weddings. They seemed grateful about the gowns they were wearing at the time. The ideas that they met the expectations of their future spouses, the parents and for some the guidelines of a pastor and/or priest. Then the conversation turned a corner as the topic of bridal lingerie was mentioned. That is when the faces of the women lit up. They seemed to enter a dream like state, as they imagined a completely different wedding and a spectacular honeymoon!

    Wednesday, May 21, 2008


    Along with the post about travel guides it is worth the effort to check a site about travel supplies. It is something I have tried to do in my past travels and I managed to get fairly close to 100 percent.
    I do remember buying certain supplies AFTER I got to my destination that if I had purchased BEFORE I headed out, would have given me a trouble free time. Ya gotta go with the flow, just remember to learn from your "opportunities".

    My over 25 years in the corporate world prevents me from saying mistake, rather they are opportunities.

    Been A Laggin

    I need to put together a few posts about some of the places I have been to recently and how I was treated. I'll do that later today if I get some free time to think hard about where n how. This Pup's Tail is Laggin'.

    I will discuss our weekly visit to Rave Theater on wednesday Evenings. I should discuss Lee's Sandwhiches on Bellaire Ave. @ Boone Rd. A review of Germain Salon as well as TSO (Katy Freeway - West of Gessner). Canton Chef on Mason Road in Katy. The Miccy D's close to the Canton Chef (see previous).

    Livin In America

    This Pup is domesticated in several ways, but for this discussion we will only discuss his preference to stay in his own backyard - i.e. "Livin In America!". No, I am not an isolationist, nor a fear monger. It is just that this Pup prefers to visit all of what this country offers long before going elsewhere in the world. It is with this thinking that this Pup is slow to get a passport.

    Saturday, May 10, 2008

    Better Than Cash

    Think about it for a moment or two. If you were carrying cash around the state, someone, somewhere would try to take it from you especially if you are Latino. So instead of carrying cash, use your funds to buy luggage. Buy several different sizes especially the pieces that fit inside each other. You can easily load other purchases into these and when you have taken everything you bought in the states home to Mexico, you can sell the Luggage. So the whole process creates a positive cash flow and reduces your risk substantially.

    Tuesday, May 6, 2008


    As I was checking out various web sites for shopping values and warnings I found several that spoke of some medical concerns. While I no longer need to use weight loss pills, I do read what is currently available to be able to help my coworkers as well as people with which I might strike up a conversation. Some of the articles made the statement that Phentermine no prescription. [Boy oh boy. Some folks really need to go back to school and concentrate on the English Usage lessons.] I think they were trying to say that an advantage of Phentermine is that you do not need a prescription to get it.

    The articles also mentioned that there are many, many copycat diet pills on the market with names very similar. I can not think of any, but as I said before I have not had the need to know what is available for my own use.

    Saturday, May 3, 2008

    Oh Wow....Look

    When my Bodacious wife spots the garden decor items in the nearby Walgreen she goes Nuts. Pssst more than usual. She loves to pick one of these and one of those. It is when I ask her where the Hell she plans on using these brightly colored birds, bees and frogs that she fumbles her way into mumbles. Then when we get home a quick look around the yard and see loads of places where a bright color would only help.

    Thursday, May 1, 2008

    The Crowd

    It is a sad state of affairs when it is all the rage to say "I am in drug rehab". Fortunately for me, I do not follow the crowd - never have and see no reason to start now. Even if someone really had a need for such services, could they survive the immediate destruction of privacy? Paparazzi -the scum of the news world - and worse yet the folks that read the rag newspapers creating the demand for such crap!

    Rough Way

    There was a time not so long ago when I had wished I could find some great flight deals. The good news is that now I can use the Travel department at work to meet my needs, whether it be work related or personnel. I understand that many travel agencies charge more these days because of the competition with the Internet - that has to be a rough way to earn a living.

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