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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Give That Boy a Prize

Does anyone else out there remember this? Long ago and not so far away, when a man reached retirement age, the company he worked for (probably all his working life) gave him a pension and a token of appreciation. Often, those tokens took the form of gold watches. Now, when the company decides you've worked there long enough (often well before retirement age) they don't even give you fair warning.

No, 'Pup is still working, and liking his job very much, thank you. But another of his former co-workers at Very Large Bank of the World had gotten another job with yet another Huge Bank of the World until the Huge Bank had merged with a Larger Bank of the World. His position was deemed redundant and gold watch folks, just another job search.

Good luck my friend, any company in its RIGHT MIND would be very fortunate to have you working for them.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Tomato Recal Problems Solved - Howdy Neighbor

The terrible tomato problems can easily be solved by any of these situations:

1. Grow your own tomatoes - we do - every year. We often vary a little bit, Bodacious likes trying new varieties, but we always have at least one Big Boy or Beefsteak to keep da Pup happy.

2. If you don't have the inclination, time, space or wits to grow your own - get friendly with your neighbors.

  • Introduce yourself; quickly change the topic to tomatoes and see if you can find the neighbor that is indeed "growing their own".

  • Now comes the challenge of finding out if there is any excess on a regular basis and what it will take to get some of their Delicious, Picked at Just the Right time, probably cleaner than the handshake that started the conversation.

    3. If you do buy from a local veg stand, just get into a conversation with other patrons to learn about why they shop there, any problem(s) they have had in the past with this stand AND How and When to get the best deals / sweetest corn / juiciest tomatoes / tastiest melons ??! (When you find the last part - add a comment here please)
  • Baby Back....Not Ribs...Bedding

    Actually this post should be in the Tales of Three Pups blog. There I could write how I need baby bedding in ample quantities for Butch. If you have not met Butch, he is a 66 pound lump of hound dogs that lives to sleep. That is not to say Butch is lazy. But it is to say that I could use more bedding supplies to keep him comfortable in the dog condo; in front of the food bowl; at the corner of the hall; in the back seat of the van.

    Spell It...A...C....N....

    Some memories are just too terrible to remember much detail. I do remember the results of having acne for almost all of my adolescence My parents tried oh so hard to find the best acne treatment they could afford. At that time Lasers were only seen in a Sci-Fi movies and Scientist's dreams.

    Many of today's creams offer perfection only if you use their product the rest of your life. I would hope that there are treatments that would only be necessary to control the outbreaks. I think some of us are doomed to go thru life with acne. Fortunately I only had to bear it for about a dozen years.

    One of the side effects of acne was a poor self image. From that point onward I felt I was worthless. I did not play "reindeer games" and was often considered a hermit. Hey - why go outside where THEY will just tease you?? What I failed to realize was that for the most part - nobody really cared!

    Monday, June 9, 2008

    Toss It Out With The...

    It is a wonderful sight to see. It is a grand feeling to have. And furthermore it has to many benefits to one's finances to be able to follow that latest trend and still do what you like. What the hell are you writing about says the reader? Why the newest or should that be the latest fad in kitchen design. This even goes beyond retro, because it is the ultimate retro short of doing it the caveman way. Ok so spit it out - I am talking about farmhouse sinks.

    Bigger, Deeper, Copper or Tin, the Sideboard Drains Into The Sink, tall Faucet, No Separate Soap Dispenser, No Separate Rinse Wand -ya know sounds like sanity to me.

    dung heap

    For Now A Post...Later as we think about it, we'll prolly write a note that will be a permanent note at the top of several of my many blogs, then migrate to a permanent position at the FUCKING bottom on the dung heap.

    If you are ever in one of Houston's wonderful malls and get get a bit hungry, do your tummy & your pocketbook a grand favor and steer away from Thirsty's - more later.

    So Stop Bitchin

    While the big city cries over the lack of tax money. While the people in said large city complain about the taxes getting higher without a good reason. While we all think the Biggest Gas Company of the Northern Hemisphere (ya see it ain't a bunch of oil companies, it is actually ONE big company with many different faces - kinda like a lawyer) is setting the price of gas and diesel too damn high. While all this is going on (poor pitiful us), there is a small community in Near North East Houston (that used to be a separate community but like so many other areas, has been absorbed to be taxed and yet to be recognized) who are still using textbooks published in the 1050's. Central air conditioning for them is opening all your windows and having 1 big fan in the "center of the hallway" draw in fresh air. So Stop Bitchin!

    Tuesday, June 3, 2008

    Need For Speed

    My computer system is usually kept running at peak performance considering its limitations. The good news is that it came with enough memory to run the (current at the time) applications. Recently I have noticed a slower response when using certain programs. These programs offer a lot of functionality, but without the extra computer memory they cannot show off their strengths.

    From my browsing several sites I am considering using Dell Memory to enhance my system's response times. I'll keep checking for the best prices and return policy. My funds are a little short right now, but I think that will improve by the end of summer.

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