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Saturday, July 26, 2008

With The 2 Of Us - It'll Go Quicker

Your friend that you have known for too many years. The friend that has never asked you to do anything that might hurt you. Yeah that friend. Your friend that has taken the time and made the effort to improve himself physically. Oh that friend mentioned one Friday that he would be busy Saturday Morning and possibly Saturday Afternoon.

It is such a wonderful time - Saturday Afternoons and Evening with My Friend. We could easily find a girl to take to the movies. [Before you get too many wrong ideas, My Friends and I were 12-13 years young. Some of the kids in our "gang errr collection) were much younger.] OK now that I have gotten off topic. I meant to say that Saturday Afternoons were Sacred - nothing should Ever interrupt out Saturday Afternoon. My friends comments threatened the Afternoon plans.... Arrrrrrggghhh

What chore was it that seemed so simple with a special surprise? We went to a small building that had a few boxes. Our chore now that I had come along, was moving boxes from one side of the building to the other side. This was necessary because of the special surprise he mentioned. Just after Noon, an 18 wheeler would arrive with tooo many boxes. Yep we got to unload the truck and put the boxes in the clean, empty half of the building.

Thank Goodness My Friend was so willing to keep on working when I took oh so many breaks.
  • A True friEND Is A friEND To The END

  • To That I Say AMEN!!
  • Saturday, July 19, 2008

    No Worry, Just Do It The Usual Way

    When I walk about the floor at work, I pay attention to the conversations I am passing near. Most of what I hear are humorous just for the comment, taken totally out of context. It is the comments where someone is complaining about something new or a machine that they need to adjust.

    One such conversation that drew me to the cube where four others had gathered was about the labler. Someone had managed to change the default settings but no one was sure which label they should use now. To the best of Ms. C's knowledge the default was Avery. Yet another coworker Ms. l thought the default was Primera labels. Finally it was decided not to worry about the settings and just run a batch of labels thru the machine. Sure enough the labels that were used on a daily basis worked just fine.

    Sunday, July 13, 2008

    Quick to Remember

    Most younger people take things like multi-gig flash memory sticks for granted. I don't think they quite understand why some of us older ones look at a tiny little thing (one that can be used as a key fob!), that holds so much information...why it makes us stop and stare.

    I think, to understand fully, you have to understand just what a Gig of memory really represents.

    Most homes in the US probably don't have more than a Gig's worth of information, in paper form, stored in their house. Our house may have at least 2 G, but we're pack rats and tend to save magazines, books and photos.

    We were shopping the other day and found a 20 G flash drive. Just thinking about all that storage makes me dizzy.

    Givin' Props to Them That Deserves It.

    Okay, speaking as part of a couple for whom trophies are a lot less common than ribbons for "also ran", sometimes, you wish people would give you some positive feedback for the things you do so well, without even trying.

    Things like: eating. We're both champion eaters. Life long members of the Clean Plate Club, we have a real, physical and emotional trouble with leaving leftovers on our plates. Our mothers both did good jobs impressing the need for completion to repletion as far as food was concerned.

    Another talent: uhmm. Humm. I'm sure something will occur to me soon...

    Gettin' the Skinny

    Okay, until someone finds a diet pill that works, even for two chubby people who take too many medications as it is, we'll have to do our calorie burning physically. Problem is, right now, it's 101 degrees F outside. We are both fair skinned to the point of the ridiculous. We'd be trying to burn calories faster than our skin would burn, and I'm just not all that sure it's possible to do that.

    We'll just have to wait until later in the day, closer to sunset and when it's beginning to cool off (a relative term, I'll admit), and take the dogs to the bark park. There are trees and a big pond for the dogs to splash in, and we'll all be the better for a little time outside.

    Friday, July 4, 2008


    Hmmm let's see. What would I need for hurricane supplies. Medicines and the documentation to prove that the meds really ARE Yours and what it will take to get the refills, insurance papers as well as several copies of a list of the people you might need to call i.d. Dr. and parents, water to last several days, food that doesn't require cooking, dog supplies including their medicines. You might consider a crate for the pups.

    Not For Moi

    I may write posts about Branson, Missouri vacations and Las Vegas vacations but I won't be heading to either destination any time soon. I would have to win several Lotto games and the Big Texas Lottery just after winning the Louisiana Lottery game. Then...perhaps.

    It is not that going to these places offends me. Rather it is the fact that everything and everyone there exist to extract available funds from me while providing few endearing memories. For me - it just ain't worth the effort.

  • What would I do with so much money? That my friend, would be a series of posts yet to be....maybe.
  • Sing....Sing-a-Long

    When anyone mentions wind chimes I quickly send my mind to the large nursery on Cannon, South of the Austin downtown. Most people think of the "tinkling" sounds of wind chimes, but those sounds keep me awake at a time I need sleep.

    Located in the center of the nursery is one large wooden wind chime that is over 100 feet in length. It is hollow - now that process I would pay to see. Closeby are shorter wooden windchimes. I believe that there is a wooden chime that has several smaller logs on the same central cord. (I know those in the know- willing to go to the nursery- will endeavor to disprove my comments)

    You Trudge - I Enjoy

    Workin in a coal mine, working all day. Working in a coal mine, working all day, finishing assignments early, having a Blast all day,

    Yeah the song makes ya think that work is so bad, Work is just trudging thru an assignment. Well it used to be, but now it is downright fun.

    I think so many people view their work stations as treadmills...trudge....trudge....trudge....trudge.... For these folks I feel sorrow -
    they have yet to learn the secrets that seem so clear to me!

    Puppy Truths

    Don't Think Outside The Box - What's A Box?

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    Faith - is knowing that you do not HAVE to panic.

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