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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Good Friend

I got my friend to start her own blog which is her second step into cyberspace. She can now write about what she wants. She enjoys goivng her emotions a voice by responding to the Public Boards.

If One was to narrow down Ms. M to one word it would be a choice between Horses or S.I.R.E. Not that I would try for I know she is an entire book of One Special Words.

Saturday, August 30, 2008


Oh - we do need to upgrade the master bedroom sink. But I am not sure why we are constantly admiring the kitchen faucets every time we go to Lowes or Home Depot. The best looking faucets are - of course - the most expensive.

Complain ... complain ... complain - not good - but better than Bitch - Bitch - Snitch - no wait that is for another blog. Oh yeah back to upgrading the master bathroom. Well we are in the path of one hell of a rain maker, so we shall see what comes our way in a few days...

Malnutrition Thru Malabsorbtion

After seeing the rapid results from my gastric bypass surgery I have come to the realization that there is no best diet pill. There have been pills that made you empty your stomach at the sight of food. (There is a new one out) That stop fat from being absorbed into your system. Well if the fat is not absorbed it has to go somewhere and usually damn fast. Can we say Hershey Squirts? Other late night advertisements suggest that if we clean out colon (actually the entire digesting track), that we can lose weight slowly and safely.
  • Informecials wouldn'l Lie - Would They?
  • Began To Tell Those Stories

    Come with me as I take a whimsical trip down memory lane. Back to the times that I was small enough to fit in dad's BIG chair. Dad would come home from the office and eventually end up in his chair. As mom went through the house with the vacuum, my brother an I would be sure to vacuum his chair before we curled up into a ball in his chair. And again when mom came back down the hall pushing the vacuum cleaner we would use the hose to clean his chair again. The chair was big enough to flip upside down with my feet resting along the back of the chair. "reaching for the stars." If it was cold we would wrap and I mean really wrap ourselves in a blanket in the midst of that chair.

    Why would I bother to stroll down memory lane now that I am all grown up you say? This is because of a story I heard at the office about feeling so small, so very much like a young child when they tried out theater seating. They knew they were buying the new and improved and expensive sound system that they had saved for. But after sitting in those chairs, they both began telling stories like I just described.

    Wednesday, August 20, 2008

    Need A Break!?!?

    Well the man DID say he wanted an attention getting presentations. So I worked myself sillier after gather too much information. As an introduction several color and shapes of Halloween invitations sail across the screen. Then my presentation is seen. After 23 minutes I give the audience a break, sorta!

    Have you seen the video where all you see is a car driving thru a serene countryside. Just as the car approaches you the face of a Witch pops onto the screen. I have a video of just the scream and I insert that is place of a slide. Well it does wake them up. I send them on a break and warn then that it may happen again.

    Wednesday, August 13, 2008

    Yeaaaa Today!


    Saturday, August 9, 2008

    Promises - Promises!

    This is where reading the small print would have saved us major money as we accepted the offer of 0 balance transfer. The balance transfer where our new credit card company effectively wipes out your debt promising to only charge you Zero percent when you pay back the debt - Surprise. For me they are charging us the same percentage as our regular credit card debt.

    Promises - Promises!

    It would have been useful if there was a web site to warn us!

    How Many Keys Define YOUR Life?

    How Many Keys Define YOUR Life? For me it is It had been five, but I removed one key that too closely resembled one other key that falls into the HAVE to HAVE - the van key. The "Other" key was for locking drawers I rarely locked, so its value was little or non-existent.

    So again I ask - How Many Keys Define YOUR Life?

    Stick With B.J.M; Slow, LowCost BUT Effective

    Talk about Bad Timing!

    I posted my resume on every job finding site I could find. I was sent a list of job finding sites, most of which either required major money or the sites were job specific. Job specific means they were just for one kind of job; i.e. senior citizen care, baking, cake decorating, seamstress, tailor.

    What I needed was help for my IT job search.

    What I finally went to was a Baptist church on the North side of Houston. They offer Between Jobs Ministry (BJM). It was through this ministry that my current job found and hired me.

    Monday, August 4, 2008

    I Still Have My Doubts

    Some of the acne commercials on TV promise the world. They claim that using a certain product will remove any sign of acne overnight. Having been a teenager who had acne for several years longer than my fellow students, I so ruefully doubt that such a claim can possibly be true. Can It? I suppose it may work that fast if you have been using the product on a regular basis. Then treating that lone pimple "might" be possible. I still have my doubts.

    Now that I am older I no longer get acne, but my skin still reacts poorly to any kind of skin abrasion. But that's another post - elsewhere!

    A 3-Way Anyone??

    I overheard an interesting comment today. The connected or better yet contrived the association between one-way radio and a single person pleasuring them self. A one-way radio is what we normally use to listen to Then someone suggested the phrase 2 way radios and again insidiously related this to various activities between two people.

  • Oh my! What would they say about a 3-way radio??
  • Tracking Cat Affairs - Possible?

    Many of the posts I write am what we call dollar posts. Well this one is a tad bit different. I have heard the radio ad twice now, and am thinking seriously about getting the service. I wonder if the GPS unit would fit on the cat, Ms. Lady Spitfire - Well I have a back pack for Butch, so I may need to get one for Ms. Lady Spitty. Could it be true? Might we discover where she goes when she leaves the house early in the Morn' and returns about 9 in the evening? Am I nosy? YOU BET - !!!
    I also thought is funny if a company installed these on their trucks and for to mention it to any of it workers. It might prove interesting to tell the employee that you KNOW why they couldn't get to an assignment ON-TIME.
    Here is a snippet from their web site. Oops I forgot to tell you this is a GPS Tracking system/service.
    Your daughter is out on a date with a boy you just met for the first time.
    Your son goes out for the night, telling you he’ll be at a friend’s house.
    There’s a concert two hours away that your teenager is begging to go to.
    Your teen son or daughter dashes out the door with the parting line, “I’ll be back soon”.
    Thanks to the real-time data the new iSight system provides, parents no longer need to worry. They can now know their teens are where they say they will be, when they say they will be there... It’s that simple.

    Peace of Mind Made Simple... at a Very Affordable Price
    For an introductory price of only $144.95 plus shipping and handling, and a $16.95 monthly service fee for Web access, the iSight tracker can be yours.

    Puppy Truths

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