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Thursday, September 25, 2008

a M..... Cure

I actually have a co-worker willing to discuss why the pills [for which she paid way too much] just aren't working as the ads hint they would. She has followed the instructions as close as possible. Most people's lifestyle requires at least SOME schedule modifications to take the "Miracle Cure" medicine. Oops did I call the Phentermine a medicine? - there is no proof of that. Did I call this version a diet pills chock full of chemicals a "Miracle Cure"? Yeah - but then I've been a bad widdle wabbit qwite a bit.

Real Strength: Yeah Baby!

Of course when Norm does anything it looks so easy. He simply puts wood glue on all necessary surfaces and attaches a clamp or two. When Norm grabs these clamps he has the strength to open each clamp and surround the wood regardless of the width.
When I have tried to use the simpler, smaller clamps the materials I am trying to clamp together it seems as if the jaws don't spread apart far enough. For my projects, I will need industrial clamps with a Larger Jaw opening and Real Strength. Yeah....Baby!

Monday, September 22, 2008

I Really Wish I Could

I Really Wish I Could...write something really radical about the wonderful news, the exciting new discovery - orovo, but pills never did anything for me except provide an avenue to drain my finances and sour my disposition. No, for me getting an Roux eN Y bypass worked. The surgery brought away from living as a FAT man. A FAT human that had been obese since early childhood. Was it in my genes? I doubt it. Was it inevitable that I be so large? Again I doubt it.

2 Before Pics - @ My Wedding -
Here I Am @ 215

So Diet Pills only make their creator happy and wealthy - not you!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

guess I am not 'with it'

I guess I am not 'with it'. I am not willing to 'go with the flow'. I just have to 'go my own way'. And what way is that? Why would I refuse to be one of 'those in the know'?
As I see it, It Has Always Been ANY/ALL of the following:
  • Not enuff 'disposable' Ca$h
  • not willing to Sacrifice my mannerisms to be like others
  • not Demanding of either my parents or friends
  • Seeking to be unique (see #2)
    Such that the Unique I became
  • Wore the clothes I was given
  • Wore the clothes I could afford/bought
    So Here's Some of the Items I Won't B Wearing Soon
    ariat shoes, asgi shoes, dunhum shoes (is this related to the comedian Jeff Dunham), mephisto (are these what the Devil wears when he is in town?), new balance shoes (aha I have heard of these - and the gals at work really love 'em), UGG ('nuff said) australia -hey isn't that a Country or something?
  • Wednesday, September 17, 2008

    Twitter Sez

  • More blood donors needed to replenish blood supply: Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center continues asking.. about 1 hour ago from twitterfeed

  • Harris County Debris Hotline: Please call (800) 207-2325 between the hours of 8 am and 8 pm. You may .. about 3 hours ago from twitterfeed

  • Message to ALL PHA Employees: Port of Houston Authority maintenance, operations and all employees at .. about 10 hours ago from twitterfeed

  • FEMA activates transitional housing office: FEMA activated a transitional housing office Tuesday. The.. about 11 hours ago from twitterfeed

  • Houston Ike relief fund: Mayor Bill White has just announced a Houston Ike Relief Fund has been estab.. about 11 hours ago from twitterfeed
  • Uhh Where Did You Say U Lived?

    Before and After Ike Photos

    A research team from the U.S. Geological Survey just returned from a mission to survey the affects of Hurricane Ike. Two new before-and-after photos were released today. More will be coming within a few days.

    This photo shows what Bolivar Peninsula looked like on September 9, 2008, five days before landfall. Notice all the green grass, the small beach area and the homes along the coast.

    The yellow arrow is simply a point of reference.

    The second photo was taken two days after landfall. This area was swamped by a storm surge which was at least 14' deep. (Final surge measurements will be available after a storm analysis report is finished.) There is no grass left near the coast, the sand was pushed back across the highway and most of the homes are damaged or completely gone.

    The USGS team photographed five different areas along the coast: South Padre Island, Matagorda Island, Galveston, and Chenier Plain and Isles Dernieres in Louisiana. Check their website for more information.

    I just had to add this link - more before & after

    Help - Ike Survivors - Please

    Several agencies and businesses are beginning to report damages and what people affected by them should be doing. Other agencies are reaching out to victims of Hurricane Ike. Houston Mayor Bill White announced the formation of a fund to help those impacted by Hurricane Ike. The Houston Ike Relief Fund will be used to help fill unmet needs.

    SEND donations to:

  • C/O Greater Houston Community Foundation
  • 4550 Post Oak Place, Suite 100
  • Houston, TX 77027

    OR Check out:
  • Dreams

    After seeing the rapid results from my Rouxe eN Y bypass surgery I have come to the realization that there are no best diet pills. There have been pills that made you empty your stomach at the sight of food. (As you learn only after you have spent loads of money.)

    There is a new one out that stops fat from being absorbed into your system. Well if the fat is not absorbed, it has to go somewhere and usually damn fast. Can we say Hershey Squirts?

    Other late night advertisements suggest that if we clean out colon (actually the entire digesting track), that we can lose weight slowly and safely.

  • Informecials wouldn'l Lie - Would They> I mean, lying on TV is against a law someplace - Right?
  • Friday, September 12, 2008

    Keeping It Safe

    Our friend, and fellow Houstonian, El Capitan reports that he is well stocked with pop tarts and I have a good reason to believe that should things get ugly (not likely, Houstonians are used to knowing that people here have guns and they're allowed to use them when needed), he's prepared for that too. Since the Castle Doctrine does make you wait till the critter is actually on your property (or your neighbor's-- you're supposed to protect them too), he probably wouldn't need Nikon rifle scopes for any of his boom-sticks.

    'Sides, one of the identifying characteristics of a critter is his dislike of being hurt himself. Mostly, all you have to do is wing'm and they'll take off running. Not real quick running, mind you, but enough that the police can add on a charge of attempting to evade arrest...heeheehee...

    Thursday, September 11, 2008

    Just Look

    This is an opinion post - My Opinion! If you look at the sky, look at the air when it is different colors. What do the colors mean or better yet convey to you? A sky filled with Greenair is usually mixed with some Blackair, the clouds look like they are bubbling, and that Greenair usually means several Tornadoes are too close for my comfort. You may not have enough time to get to the cellar, uh you DO have a root cellar don't you? If the Greenair is bubbling a Ditch is a great place to visit. (I know I have dived into a Ditch four times and one of those ditches was concrete.

    If you see a sky filled with Grayair I would hope that it is early in the day when it is common to see fog. If you are standing IN one of the low lying clouds Love it for the moment, walk about feeling the chill and enjoy the crisp Blueair that you know is hiding beyond the Grayair. It is a sad day for me when the Grayair decides to stay for the day...;-<

    Ahhh Blueair the air we see on a cloudless day. I think crip Blueair is the best, well worth getting up very early. What does getting up early have to do with Blueair? I think viewing and enjoying Blueair just before Sunrise is a time to chat with God. I can compliment Him on His handywork, and He helps me resolve what I see as problems. After such a discussion, I know that what I saw as a problem was His way of teaching me.

    Monday, September 1, 2008


    As Gustav is slowly destroying its way into our neighboring state Louisiana. I know where Iwant to go - HERE! From all the comments of the weathermen, we might get a fair amount of rain when the tropical storm that Gusta will become.

    I just watched video of water from the Industrial Canal that winds its way thru New Orleans "over topped" levees. The concern from this is that the water will erode the base soil on the inside of the levee and THEN the levee will fail Now is a good time for me to bark to the levees being so brutally attacked to - Stop..Sit.. Stay...Good Levee..Nice Calm Waves.. Good Girl!

    So yes THIS pup 'da Pup' is SITting @ his PC console, STAYing @ home typing this post and a few others! Just to be sure I may spend some time loading a backpack or three - one for Butch, a lighter one for Charles and anything left for my backpack - prolly a laptop or two (that includes the one from work)!

    Puppy Truths

    Don't Think Outside The Box - What's A Box?

    A Wife is for Life! Once Is Enuff For Dis Pup

    Faith - is knowing that you do not HAVE to panic.

    Da real Pup

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