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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Floppy n Soft

Well the good news it that it is October. That brings on the good news that oddly dressed outer garments are an acceptable way of life for the next few week, 'til the end of the month. The bad news no wait make that the sad news for this pup is that neither the wife nor I can think of what happened to the soft, floppy ears that my Bodacious wife attached to a small, brimless cap ( the kind we see in the travel film clips on top of someone driving a sports car thru the countryside- yeah one of them). I wore that Halloween costume at every our of the day 'cept work, the shower or deep sleep. Yeah being da Pup ppl know me to be, I often wore that silly costume to bed.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pump It! Pump It!

From time to time our veins leak. The good news is that we have a drainage system to deal with this extra fluids.

For some odd reason it is rarely the arteries, more the veins. Also the liquid we sometimes see seeping from a wound is used white blood cells is sent to this drainage system. The drainage system is known as our Lymphatic System. Our Lymphatic system often gets blocked itself!!

I was recently introduced to a Lymphatic Team at Cy-Fair Hospital. (If you do find yourself going there ask for the physical therapist - Ana Daquigan) Ana knows a few methods for unclogging that system and pushing thru fluids that would otherwise be trapped in a selected part of our body. For me those areas included my feet & lower calf.

I have been given a copy of the routine I am supposed to do daily, but learning the whole thing is an ongoing challenge. I think I will bring home the laptop from work so I can do more of the routine while lying down.

Funny Shirts

Nancy here: When I was a teenager, t-shirts with logos, funny sayings and the ever present Peace Sign were popular. Then, the 80's happened and fashion got even worse. Now, it seems, funny t-shirts are once again in vogue. Go figger.

I rather like some of the sayings. They're funny and thought provoking. Others...though.. not so much. I'm not real happy about the blatant sex messages, and, as the daughter of an alcoholic, I don't like seeing things that celebrate getting drunk as a valid life choice. Drinking an occasional beer or two, or drinking wine in moderation, well, that's fine if you can do it. (I wish I could, dang it!)

One special caveat I'd like to give out... if you're applying for a job, especially one that involves tutoring children... the funny t-shirts should either be left at home, or be under a nice, PLAIN, collared shirt. I'm just sayin..

Loosing Weight

Nancy here: 'Pup had gotten down to 185 and was looking good. He's up a bit since then, as pain limited exercise and a craving for sweets and carbohydrates allowed for more calories than he needed. Some foods he's trying lately aren't agreeing with him, but he's found one meal out that seems to not only agree with him, but it seems to kick up a little weight loss better than many pills for diet control could.

Golden Corral and it's pork steaks and fresh veggies is a good deal, especially if you go to the lunch buffet. The nice thing about it, too, is that he can try out different foods to see if he likes them, and then we can try them at home as well.

Da New Fence!

We have a fine neighbor. As a Good Person to Know... oh yes, one of the very best. Thank you Leo. You are a fine man and a treasure of a neighbor.
It is a beautiful, strong, well made fence. Rather like the neighbor, it is straight and upright and honest. Someday, I hope to repay him for all the kindnesses he's done for me and Nancy.

Ringing On

Da Wife and I just got some new cell phones. Nancy likes the fancy ones. I like them too, but I'd probably be content with a plain, run of the mill one. (Note from Nancy: yah, right...) It's a nice phone and other than the fact that it keeps calling Nancy when I'm not looking... Humm. That puts a whole new meaning to Nancy's statement that she "loves this phone"... good thing I'm not a jealous man.

We've ended up with a few functional, if somewhat obsolescent, phones that no one is using. I've heard that some charities can use unlocked cell phones for people who need phones. I think we'll be looking into where we can donate the older phones.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Yum Yum

In just a couple of days, Da Wife and I are heading into the air and will land somewhere in the vicinity of Chicago. There are a lot of activities planned, most notably my old High School class' gathering for our homecoming. We'll have graduated 40 years ago, come June 2009. That's the main course of the weekend.... and it promises to be tasty. I lost track of most of the people in my class, though I thought of them often.

But the appetizers (so to speak) of the weekend will include driving around the area and possibly finding the High School Nancy graduated from, in another Northern Illinois community about 9 years after I graduated.

Desert will be meeting this lovely lady,The Omnibus Driver ... this is one time we don't want to skip dessert. We're both looking forward to the weekend.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Restoring An ancient

I have recently met a friend of a friend that is restoring an ancient Harley (I know I should say "antique'). He and his wife have been searching both the web and local supply houses for Harley parts or someone who can recreate select pieces. He told me that he has managed to find a few machine shops that will create the parts, but the costs are exorbitant. That is where the savings Piggy Bank is so very useful. heheheheheheh

Five to Seven

In a separate note, tucked away in a special place is an offer to pay me for creating a hometown video. I think I will look to the past to demonstrate just how special my hometown is.

To go back in to the history of the area one would discover towns were five to seven miles apart. Now the names of these towns are used my the telephone company to generalize a location that is a part of a much larger area such as a city.

Puppy Truths

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