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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Watch a Dog Show (& Learn)

We sat there watching the dog show on TV. As they panned over the border collies I mentioned the prospect of getting another animal KNOWing full well that my wife would say something about we have enough. I then suggested we trade the cat for a new pup and she said she didn't want to endanger the world with Lady SpitFire. So I suggested we trade Butch for some new blood.

That is when I realized that if Butch ever went to another home it would have to have only one human in it. No children, not even a couple. At this point in Butch's psyche he can only have ONE HUMAN - His!

OutShone All Others

Recently I was thinking back to the last of my single days. Back when my fiancée and myself were shopping for our engagement rings. We shopped the mall stores letting the salespeople go through the four Cs = Color + Clarity + Cut + Carats.

On this site I am usually bragging about a particular store. I often given directions to the store or at least give an address to the particular store that treated me so well. Alas because I am talking about going to several stores that treated us so very well, they have since gone away. A few are still alive, but living outside of Texas. I am not sure of the viability of the store where we finally saw just what we wanted already in the correct cut. As for the other Cs, they did not matter as much. We were looking over about 50 diamonds in a large display. Suddenly, Nancy spotted one diamond that met all of HER needs. It sparkled - everywhere - in the display case, when it was pulled from the display case and when it was viewed in daylight. As it worked out - even da Pup was satisfied - as it was amongst the less expensive stones that they sell.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

My Truth or Yours

We get blasted (yeah I really do think blasted says it best) with everything but the truth. I know that there are several "forms" of the truth, but only an unbiased opinion really matters. Consider the Holy Scriptures. They declare themselves to be The Truth. This is a Truth that bears itself out in the results it produces. So that works out. We are willing to seek out an understandable form or the Truth from our religious leaders, so why not the health "truths" with which we are bombarded.

If we do have a doctor (or several) to check with then DO SO often!

For those too lazy to do so, then we need to search diligently and thoroughly for solid, believable information we can continue to develop our health regime about such things as alli reviews, joint pain relief reviews, anti-aging skin treatments and the always popular whatever is most popular this week! HAHAHAHA

As for a pill that keeps the body from absorbing FAT, ya gotta remember that the FAT HAS to go somewhere - aka you trot down the hall much more often. The truth on the joint pain relief the pills they suggest you buy need to have been taken ever since your birth and even then you Might see some improvement - maybe, just maybe. Anti-aging skin treatments including a wand filled with red lights. What the Hell do you think your skin does for you? It STOPS light and/or oils from entering our skin too far. As for the latest fad treatment

How You Got There

What there is beyond the walls of my current job I am not sure. Right now I am very comfortable and frequently challenged position with a company that I think will ride out the recession better than most. This company has ridden out previous downturns and other forms of recession with apparent ease, because of several reasons none the least is they have so many customers in so many different fields. So as far as I need to be concerned being where I am doing what I enjoy.

I think too many job counselors see themselves as marketing jobs experts. They know all and see all about what is possible and what the best jobs are - Bull Shit! Many of the folks I work with have been there for Over thirty years. Their education might have started out as a high school degree but they have since graduated to the equivalent of at least a Bachelor in Business Administration if not a Masters degree.

It is not what you start at that matters, it is what you become and how you got there!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Always There

I think that both my Bodacious wife and I have already posted about a crafts fair we attended recently and found many treats. I am not sure if Bodacious mentioned our visit to the booth that sold magnetic bracelets. The colorful stones are well chosen to look so very stylish. I think I may get a few bracelets for myself next time we find them. The bracelets that are made with the deep volcanic red with small ribbons of black rock or possibly obsidian.

The gentleman that was my best man believes in the therapy benefits of magnetic jewelry along with copper therapy. Dan often wore a few bracelets at work. After a year or so, Dan made the bracelets permanent - they were made to be complete ovals - they would not nor would not come off his wrists.

One of the bracelets is made of bright copper. The brightness was from buffing it every night and not from a coating. Dan also made note that the copper bracelets are Thick - as much as a 3/16 inch. Generally the copper bracelet was accompanied by a magnetic bracelet that is less noticeable BUT be assured it IS there.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Doomed By Its Very Nature

Many of the stores that move into a strip center that has seen better times I think are betting with low, oh so low odds, The exception is if the store is known nationwide and can make use of that notoriety. I pass by one of those strip centers that seemed to be making a comeback. That was most noticeable after a company known for selling items in Big Bunches errr something like that. Now that their store in that strip center is no longer there other stores seem to be disappearing. I can only hope that all of these "failing" stores are leaving because of plans to Develop the strip center into something bigger & better. While this location is near a major shopping mall many of the other nearby businesses are dropping dead every week.

Closer to home are three strip centers that went up in the last year. They sit on a piece of land that had not seen any form of improvements. I think everything was waiting until the county completed a street that tied two other, larger portions of like named streets. The three centers are identical in design, size and shape. As almost a signal of better things to come the stores that first moved in to one of the centers included scrapbooking, furniture, nails and a gift shop. None of these lasted much beyond the first six months. At least 90% of the stores in the other two centers are surviving - barely. I expect to see for lease signs in their windows soon.

Truly it id doomed by its very nature!


Her Fashion Sense

All honors and feelings of respect to the author of Tumbleweeds: Thomas K. Ryan. As I sat there talking about the current fashion young people are wearing these days a tall gent with a bit of a brutish appearance kept walking by mumbling the words "UGG Boots". It wasn't so bad the first half a dozen times, but soon after that it became too predictable and a bit of an invasion of privacy.

As if to answer any thoughts of invasion of privacy, we tried moving away from this brute. Alas it seems that bad luck will seek you out. We asked him to stop so many times that we were becoming a nuisance to other people.

Over and over again he strolled a distance away from us in one direction, only to stop dead in his tracks, perform a perfect about-face, then head back our way. It is as if he wasn't paying attention to us. Truly his thought seemed elsewhere.
Well enough was enough as reminded myself as I gathered my courage to ask him why oh why did he have to mumble UGG boots so often. His answer - I am trying to remember a better way of telling my girlfriend that any shoe she wears cannot be as bad as the Uggggggggly Boots I first saw her in.

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