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Monday, December 29, 2008

Optimize Me

It is interesting that as a result of our telephone box being hit by lightening I get a chance to discuss Electronics when Printed Circuit boards were populated by Resistors, Transistors, Capacitors and tuning apparatus. Of course new terms are often inserted into the conversation such as conversion rate optimization whatever the Hell that is supposed to be. I am usually given some freebie to fix something inside the house such as new phone sockets. Remembering Electronics when you needed to know more than how to remove and Install "Chips" - ah yes - the Truly GOOD Old Days!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Their Play Ground!

Why is it that diet pills cost so Damn Much! It seems as if these forms of snake oil set the scene for this form of higher costs. So if diet pills are more expensive can a gallon of milk be very far behind? Why doesn't gold set a pricing trend, but then again perhaps platinum, gold, rubies and/or other rare metals may in fact set new pricing costs in realms I will never play.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Circles Of Life


The usual Grumblers were hushed!

We knew
it couldn't
last long!

We were
to see some
Tall Snowppl built!
[Texas Style]

If this is the result of IKE - Then This IS Good News - THANK You GOD

Friday, December 12, 2008

Ordered List HTML

    First Ya
  1. Take 495 north
  2. Cross the 14th Street Bridge
  3. Take the Maine Avenue exit
  4. Turn left at the first light
And You Will Be LOST!

Lack in My Efforts

I was thinking back to places we have gone to recently and my LACK of posts about them. If I am repeating any bragging - OOPS. After all that is the reason for this blog. If I go somewhere and/or meet someone that gives me all the right reasons to think about them often.
  1. Lee's Sandwiches (Boone Rd & Bellaire) - the entire staff understands that how they treat any given customer is also advertisement for the whole restaurant. While I have gone inside a few times to order, I have [once again] settled in with two choices. Lee's Club on a croissant is a whole lot of meats on a large slice of bread. These folks us immense croissants and fill up evey in with meats. The other selection I enjoy is the Spring Rolls. Oh how I enjoy the Spring Rolls. I think I am reaping the benefits of going to the same place too many times. No I am not the expert, but it appears to me that the last few rolls have grown in serving size. The rolls come wrapped as a pair with some peanut sauce (Hoissan sauce with crushed peanuts on top). On my last few visits I have gotten two orders and the young woman at the window gets my order faster each visit with compliments from the chef!

  2. Quest drawing station @ 12000 Richmond - the thin tall bald Afro-American tech seems to have learned from Texas Skeeters. He can stick ya with no pain. Honestly, I knew a 'stick' was about to happen, after all I get blood drawn ALOT, and I never felt nuttin.
More Later - I Hope

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Yearly Enuff Check

This is the last chance I will have to seriously review our finances this year. I mean I can only put off finding out if we still have the right level of auto insurance, life insurance, [emergency] savings and retirement funds. These are not just finances we might use during 2009, but they are also Our Future. This is trying to determine the best combination of funds and funding "to infinity and beyond.".

Monday, December 8, 2008

Can't Walk

Oh those posters that surround you, allowing no escape, reminding you of everything you have done wrong . That includes Past and Future! Everything seemed so innocent as you were lead like a lamb to the slaughter into Exam room 1, or Exam room 2 or even the room with the shortest exam table yet known by any doctor OMG dare I say it? Exam room 3.

As you sit there waiting....and...waiting hoping beyond hope that you do not develop problems with your Plantar Fasciitis - you know that connective tissue betwixt the toes and your nose. No wait make that between your toes and the other end of your foot. Yeah that part that remids you of your ex - the heel!

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