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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Cheap and we ain't talking Feathers.

cardboard displays

I guess it is the least expensive way to get out your product's latest ad.

Float By

I love simple entertainment. Parades are good. While bright colors are nice, staying with simple shades like white or cream are never bad. All I would need is a slight breeze, preferably blowing from the West to the East. A speed of less than a a few dozen or so knots but at least One dozen sounds like a good starting should be good. Now comes the choice of what will be floating on the breeze. One of the best choices for me is patio chairs.

Monday, May 25, 2009


I know the secret. I what you MUST consult before beginning you weight loss program. What you say has all the answers and the words to help you work your ways beyond the difficulties. I know who makes the best diet pills and the cheapest. He is called by Many, Many names so I will choose the one most familiar - God.
In other words the crap that that we produce will not do as advertised anytime soon. That stuff needs to be in higher dosages, AFTER you have had a thorough checkup given by your family's Primary Care Physician - the Family Doc. What? Let my family doctor know the truth about why I trying all those other pills.
Let me leave you with ONE thought.
Eat Less & Exercise More
Whatever you are doing now, do it for an added 15 minutes, drink water and skip the "heathy" snack. No matter what we choose, it is gunna be Carbohydrates..

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Decor Boo Boos

You wouldn't think picking out stuff would be hard. It's not like I can't pick out nice things. Usually.

Nancy even likes the things I get, usually. But somehow, the tricky world of area rugs has become my bane.

After all, I had the good taste to prefer HER company over any other. Wouldn't you think I'd get points for that? Wouldn't you?

Now, I know she graduated from Texas A&M. That was 24 years ago, though.

Oh well...I will admit it. I know she hates orange. I even know that, once I had an orange sweatshirt. I haven't seen that sweatshirt for a very very long time. She denies it, but I have my suspicions. So, denied the opportunity to see her her get all hot and bothered by wearing the shirt...I resorted to what I thought would be a more, subtle approach.

Heheheh. She's funny when she's hot and bothered.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

A Light in the Darkness

After Ike, we discovered that a candle, no matter how tall, can shed enough light. However, they are very welcomed for not just the light, but their warmth. Somehow, it's comforting to be around a flame in the darkness. Perhaps it's an instinct that is bred within us to love and be reassured by fire. After centuries of fire being that which warmed us, cooked our food, and protected us from beasts stalking in the night, fire lets us remember that we are not helpless.

We are the masters of fire, if not storm.

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