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Friday, July 17, 2009

A Special Build

I often sit and imagine [aka known as goofing off] what I would do if I were either out of debt and living with our current incomes or fantasy of fantasies - what if I were immensely wealthy. How I got wealthy is never a part of my wild dreams, but having the funs to have anything, I would probably want several gazebos. I would want one large enough for enjoying a small quartet. I could use another for working on my suntan (I burn easily, so it would need to be a special 'build'.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Even The Small SHOPs Are Worth The STOP

The title says it all. Many shops can be set up with a relatively low amount of inventory. Not so with Tile, especially ceramic tile. Too say that a given charge is but a penny or two above the wholesale cost, is proof that your are NUTS! Yes, a shop - large or small could carry nothing but crap is possible - anyone can carry shitty stuff in any field.

Hey did I do it again? - Did I use 'crap', 'shitty', & 'field in the same sentence. If I keep doing that, the shit police WILL place me in a USED pig pen - Whewwwwww

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