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Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I know a bunch about alot for I listen often - as often as possible to learned men, but there are so many things that I neither kn0w much about nor care to learn about. (uh oh a hanging preposition) Oh yeah back to what I could care less than snake poop about. (Dang it - did it again!) I do not care about ...
any pills but what I take
any car but what I driven
what they expect of me here
why I didn't get that job at the motel downtown
why the hell these companies don't hire their own people to answer the phones, oh well they may never understand why they are losing customer loyalty
why my pain meds don't work very well on some days
why the Sweet Lord in Heaven still Cares about mewhich hurts more - my neck, my hands or my sacorilliac - today the neck wins - I lose.why some dot com companies succeeded while so many failed
why I lost my last job - I was >> << close to 20 years.
why I was so successful at my 1st job out of college and why the hell I walked away from that one.
why I didn't get my hair cut so short YEARS ago!
why they ask me about medical short-cuts - THEY'RE AIN'T ANY - ya pays for it now or later - but your body pays for it sometime!!

As for what I do know - I love her - and to be without her - life would have no meaning - they says my BiL is talking about ending his life if his wife of about 15 years walks away - yeah I can understand him ;-<

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Rehab In A Space Lab

I have listened and listened about famous people going to various drug rehab centers in their attempts to "kick the habit". While they are in these centers they manage to access a secret stash, so they mysteriously need to stay longer than they did the time before. Tsk, tsk, tsk....they just do not catch on to how much damage they are doing to themselves with the drugs and how much damage they are doing to their relationships. Oh well will they or for that matter will WE ever learn.
If we really want to kick the habit. If we really want to get away from any of those mean and nasty influences, why don't we just take a ride on a space shuttle. Heck we are going to spend a million or so at the Betty Ford Center, why pass the cash on to
The Final Frontier Folks

Monday, August 24, 2009

1st Mistake - I thot

I wrote what I thot they wanted unfortunately I wrote the report in a form most useful to me. That translates to what's simple and what the final result is. No I do not always succumb to the KISS theory, but I thought that they would fare best in a meeting with as little paperwork as possible, especially if that small amount of paper included an immense amount of information. So after a few snide comments from them, I wrote a report that explained reality in a lengthy statement. That statement, in an itsy bitsy font, was crammed into 1 cell - albeit that that information was repeated in ninety percent of the report - no shortcuts here.
Then I ran a standardized report that proved what I had written in the 1st report was TRUE and was in a format they had seen many times before. My deadline, like most deadlines was the next working day so I did ever so much more work than I planned. Oh did I mention that there was a weekend between this day and that. That was the good news. The bad news was that I spent six hours re-creating report one in report three's format.
What does this have to do with this blog's title - nothing.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Family News

My mother in law is hospitalized right now with two broken arms. She broke her arms while getting into bed, catching herself on the arms of a wooden chair she keeps close by the bed. Ideally, they'd pin the bones, but surgery, in her case, is out of the question. So, she's in BC, with family around her, but none of them able to provide the care they and she'd like. That means, unfortunately, that she'll be in an assisted living/nursing home while she recovers.

Somehow, I don't think this is what she had planned for her 7th decade of life. It's not that her affairs are not in order, as she has everything from her will to a durable power of attorney and medical power of attorney assigned to various forms of term insurance. We all have our assignments for when the time comes. I just don't think any of us are quite ready for the time to come.

Let me amend that. None of us are ready for that time.

She will hate this time. First, because she won't be in her own home, her own bed and with her own family. Secondly because she won't be in charge of the schedule of things, and most importantly, she will be in the hands of strangers, in a place where she came to visit her husband before he died. It must feel rather like she is going there to die as well. I'm hoping my mom's strong sense of self and pride will allow her to cooperate with the caregivers and to recover. It's going to be a long time recovery.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

If it is true - EveryOne will Know

If it is true - EveryOne will Know

Halloween 0 da Pup's biorhythm's peaks will all get together.

So if it is true - dis Pup will give everyone else HELL - even Satan may need to take a vacation for the weekend!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Population Explosion

It seems like just about every woman I work with is either having a baby, has a grand baby due or is due to become an aunt. There must be something in the water. That, or the hard times, resulting in fewer nights "out" and more nights "in" is having it's effect.

We'd already gone through one boomlet in May and early June, when the Ike engendered babies arrived, along with more birth announcements than I'd ever thought to see on one company bulletin board. Still, those weren't all that unexpected. Where this second wave is coming from? Perhaps it's just the last wavelet from the storm.

A welcomed one, this time. It's never a bad time to have a baby, or so they tell me. It is, alas, something that Nancy and I will never have a chance to find out... so... we get to spoil everyone else's. All in all, not a bad deal. We get the fun, the parents get the meltdowns and the clean ups.


Our Adventure in Costco

So, there we were, lost in the cavernous treasure trove that is a warehouse store. Everywhere we looked were bargains. From toilet paper to toilets, from candy to the best diet pills, from televisions to computers to DVDs. It was was....expensive.

Note to self: remember that they don't take credit cards, and do we really need a 40 pack of toilet paper? Okay, well.. maybe the toilet paper was a good buy. Toilet paper is always a good buy. You don't think so? Ever need some and not have any?


Then you know... one NEVER has enough toilet paper.

Sunday, August 2, 2009


How does one go about writing a paper for English class with a title of "best diet pills".
I mean the teacher gave me a topic I know nothing about and on my cursory examination of available information in the library it is all about what the advertising department of the local advertising agency claims to be true - regardless of reality.
Personal facts: I only weigh a little over two hundred pounds; I gain and lose weight first by not believing in little magic pills that for the right price will make all you troubles go away. I remember a story just like that. It had a golden goose, a really overgrown vine, everybody had a British accent and somebody knew his fees from his fies, although he seemed confused about his foes and his phums.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

It Rained

Actually I get to announced that is percipitated twice this week. And both time I not only saw it out "my" office window, but I received a phone call announcing the event elsewhere in the county in a shrill, loud voice.

Warranty Options

I try to limit the posts to places I have been and to people I have met and dealt with while I was at said good places to go. I might want to include having visited a site about extended warranties, I had had reason to search for and locate such a site. I did give a listen to They wanted to offer me "for a price: and extended warranty. But alas I do not own a vehicle that would, could or might even need such an agreed upon resolution.
I wonder if anyone would consider issuing a warranty against a lawn mower I have loaned my previously mentioned neighbor. or would that action be better served by seeking the lawyer of a good kawyer?

So Many Promises

Oh so many promises. In fact so may promises that they begin to lose what ever small amount of value they had. Yet here we go again. Could this actually be more fact than fiction when a company, nay a person says he or she can help you lose belly fat? Oh is only it were true. If only I would stop dozing off. If only I had enough words to follow "if only" to complete this post.
Hey maybe I do...
And maybe they are speaking of a truth.

Gee Whiz

Gee Whiz. I mean on Television it only takes about five, perhaps as much as seven minutes to run a sample (found at the crime scene thirteen years after the nasty fact) through DNA testing. Then by simply pressing a button, the results come out on an always over sized printer in a clear to understand format. Oh and these results are never, never confronted in court.
Well I would hope that the real world is not too far away from Tee Vee land, but personally I do not have either the immediate need or the funds to have such a test performed. I think? Unless Nancy has yet to br passed on information. ugh Nancy?

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