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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Whats Doin

Don't you wander whats really going on in your home when you are sleeping (or whatever you like to do in the wee hours). What is that little creature doing when it is not running along tha edge of the kitchen. To be truthful, to be as honest with my friend as you can. I should know for it has been my delight to learn first hand, to see those little, scurrying creatures practice for the Kitchen Floor Olympics on those multicolored glass tiles. Oh not the ones that have an even pattern. No not the ones that are of one solid set of the same color. They use those tiles where there ain't no reasonable pattern anyone can see - be ya bug or me.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Ouch – the Truth Hurts!

It is so sad to even thnk about cheap health insurance for my pups. Now think about such things for people, that my friends is another blog – a more sensible blog – a more caring blog – but still a different blog from mine – why> Heck that is the simplest concept in any of my blogs. My blogs, by hook or by crook, are about my Pups and Me! Shhh please do not ask how much I have on my pups, for I am sadly and poorly lacking is that respect. But after these posts, that may just change.

Ouch – the Truth Hurts!

A Big Lummox

While it is true that given any two people, or in our case any two Pups, will often have unique beliefes that radically differ from the remainder of the public for us it is only the belief of what constitutes ecommerce fulfillment. For Charles (oh pardon me, perhaps you do not know who the two pups I have been writing about for the last few months are – well in that case check out my other blogs ; PUPTHETEXASGARDENER – THETALESOFTHREEPUPS and this one. Okay back to the topic at paw. As I was yipping errr saying, for Charhes fulfillment is getting a constant incoming flow of anythng and everything – edible or not. This is true for the most things, but edible definately wins out over pieces of paper filled with words Charles cannot understand. As for Butch, the only definition that matters is incoming, edible, constant flow and oh yeah, tastes like cheese. I would describle Butch as a big lummox, but I am not sure if lummox is a real word.


Nobody likes doing it the same way time after time even if by doing it the same way as you were told to last time earns you a reward, well, it just so boring – at least for humans. But for a dog especially a dog that has set his mind to learn regardless of the rewards or the lack thereof, just to learn. It seems that learning satisfies his master and THAT earns him so many more rewards than doing it the same way as you had done it for days on end.

Now down to the details. The master used to think it sufficient to connect the leash to a pole next to a sturdy tree with no more trees nearby. This means that the largest path I could take would be circles (actually just one big one) and well that works for me. Then my master got a hold of a rig that contained two sturdy poles and a long cable that connected to itself. I was connected to the cable on a two foot leash so that the largest path I could take were ellipticals (as long as there were no trees to get tangled into). Oh well it also worked for me although I seemed to get a bit confused about where I was at any given moment, I will do what ever it takes to keep my master satisfied. After all I am Da Pup – His Pup.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Written By A Child's MIND

I enjoy watching children's shows. I also enjoy stories WRITTEN by children. During our childhood our imagination is at its most fertile and yields the greatest fruits for such little effort. (Huh? What did I just type?) I like to type as I think like a child - just read more of my posts and you will see what a lovely life we all can have if we let gave in to our imaginations. Yeah sure there are those that have filled their minds with trash to them I hope you get what you want - oh so much Nothing. OK Back to the kids!

Imagine houses that bounce - bounce houses. Would I need to buy more seasickness pills? Or would it be something I would think of as normal - wny not? The hospital was bouncing when I was born. The van my parent were in was bouncing - but that is not quite the same!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

In The Know

The people in the know; the folks that have decided where we will meet like to choose Dude Ranch areas for our blog meets. The great news for my wife and myself has been that they only considered Texas locations. But I am wundering if they have ever considered Myrtle beach vacation rentals. Well probably not, but as I mentioned earlier that is still good news for me. But to be fair they do need to consider locations that are close to others than attend these get togethers. And at some point one our more in the group mentions what it takes for them to attend these last getogethers. OUCH!!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Couch Potato

Butch is getting heavier and heavier.  We need to walk him, but neither of us can do it.  And, left to himself, he is a couch potato without par.  He loves his food, too.   And treats are the one and only thing, other than the cat, that will make him run.  I wonder if there are weight loss pills for dogs?  Something needs to curb his appetite.  With Brain, and now Charles, we could leave the food bowl uncovered 24 hours a day and neither of them would eat more than they needed.  Butch...doesn't know when to stop.

So, now the food in the bowl is "weight control" and it's only out a short part of the day.  Chucky doesn't like the weight control food and won't eat it.  And, since he has no weight problem, we feed him regular food too.  Butch doesn't much care for the weight control food either, but his appetite does ensure he'll eat it...if there's nothing else.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Dad's Gift

It was really sad. You would look at the picture - done in oils - so exact a match - yet there it was for all to see, Toni's brother had a blackhead. Toni had done such a wonderful job adding just a bit of blue on the cap and again on the tie - Note: that's a Bow Tie - Then she was careful not to add too much Royal blue to the sweater. Oh how she had asked and asked over and over again - what color should she paint the head. You see Toni's brother had successfully recovered from a terrible fire. His skin was still such a darker that the rest of his body but we wouldn't tell that from this painting - not from the original sketch Dad had done. You would have had to see Toni's brother when he stood up, but this picture was meant to show how his wonderfully full head of blonde hair had grown back and how striking it had looked against his darkened skin. But how was Toni going to fix this happy little accident.

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