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Friday, November 27, 2009


Isn't it just the way of the world - you ask your wife what she wants to do for a vacation and she replies with "whatever you want dear". During a conversation at work I learned from a coworker that he tried to learn what his wife REALLY wanted to do for their vacation last year. So he had frequent chats with several members of her family you learn that she Loves Fishing.
After mentioning this conversation with her family he then learn that someday his wife plans or going fishing on the Atlantic shore while staying at one of the Outer Banks beach rentals.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

...Working On It....

I am trying to find a way to show you my stuff. Let me out that another way. I am learning how to show you sum damn good pics amongst a field of "Pup maybe you should just use that for an anchor" for a very little boat!

Read on ye Fool!!

Belly Up.

Oh I know I have mentioned in other posts, other blogs that while the desktop is a steady workhorse it is the laptops computer that gives me the greatest versatility. The downside I think is the difficulty in upgrading the machine. If I do decide and do manage to find the funds, I am immediately limited to the few components the original manufacturer offers. And that Bites Big Time!

The upside that will only get better as time go on, is the ever increasing number "Free Wireless Access" signs. Downtown Houston is still pushung to make itselt Internet Friendly. The effort is back on track after the first company that they contracted with - went belly up.

We Have 'Em

We have them - do you? What you do not have any espresso machines? What is wrong? Oh you say it because of the delicate financial status of the economy - do what we did - ask your clients to supply them. 'Them" as in plural - have you priced those contraptions recently - sheesh! It is my understanding that we have ask one of our clients for a machine in three different areas of headquarters. So that is why I use the word them, when in fact all I have access to is one. Well - one is enough for me!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Clean 'n Mean

Someone at work mentioned buying a refurbished laptop and that really makes a whole lot of sense. After all that is what we use at work. The shell may say Dell but I have been informed by several of our IT people that many of the circuits and chips inside our laptops are from whichever supplier meets the requirements and still comes in as the lowest bidder. Considering the few problems that my company has had doing this, if i stayed with the same brand name for all the parts i would think that the minor difficulties would disappear.

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