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Saturday, December 26, 2009

South Jersey??

I was sitting back and thinking of the places in the United States that I had not considered as search locations for a job. I do this of course while I am employed and employed by a company that just might send my to one of these places. According to the gag lines on television I should not be looking for jobs in South Jersey or Iowa either. I can remember so many of the jokes my dad told me that essentially said if you were smart enough to get to any state that surrounds the state you are interessted in tease away.

Heard After Entries Delivered

The waiter took the order without writing anything down. In a relatively short amount of time all eleven order had been delivered to the enlarged table - oops I guess not because we heard the waiter at the Jade Bamboo say out loud, repeatedly as he quickly strolled back to the kitchen "Where's My Moo Goo Gai Pan"

Puppy Truths

Don't Think Outside The Box - What's A Box?

A Wife is for Life! Once Is Enuff For Dis Pup

Faith - is knowing that you do not HAVE to panic.

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