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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I Write

I started these blogs to tell the world - how I thought, why I thought and if I thought - oh yeah and of the Great People and the businesses they Offer! Now I have been corrected. I am just not sure which part I can correct.

Where Oh Where

Where would you keep boxers and rings, rocks, necklaces, Chinese Emperors, opera divas, bumps in your car door, pictures of a Crosby, spare change, sonar sounds, lift and the energy to write in blogs?

For the boxers and rings, perhaps in a Ringbox!
All the unwanted bumps in your car door, stuff them into a Dingbox.

For just the right size rocks, me thinks in a Slingbox.
The priceless pictures of a crooner named Crosby, you guessed it - a Bingbox.

For an opera diva, definitely a Singbox.
The raw sounds from a sonar, go into a Pingbox.

For a Chinese Emperor, always in a Mingbox.
Best of all where to keep my precious spare change, in a simple Ka-Chingbox.

Oh Yeah! Where would I find lots-o-Lift, a Wingbox!
And lastly, the energy to write in my several blogs, where else but a ZING!box.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Such A Diet

I realize that I neither watch enough news (cuz I work 10-12 hour days-by my choice) nor read enough articles on the web, but somewhere during the last few years they passed or rescinded or at least edited the laws that required a workplace to NOT warn a person or Pup that you might be observed via a security camera. I did notice that the signs informing you of the use of any such security device were getting smaller, but someone needs to write up that process and sell it as a Diet Book. The signs got so small they obviously went *POOF*!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

2 Sats

Softball - she's ain't what I used to play

Actually the following is what they call Duck Soup - note THEY CALL
who are they - the company what makes the important decisions

2nd: PLAY WITH A KICKBALL–tagging includes normal rules and/or hitting the player w\the ball below the shoulders.
4th: PLAY WITH A 16”SOFTBALL (PROVIDED) << Now that is MY kind of softball!!!
5th: POSITIONS ARE PICKED FROM A HAT (exceptions are Pitcher and Catcher)

50 minute games or 6 innings, whichever occurs first ¤Last batter scores 3 runs through the entire game
6-run limit for each team every inning
Last out has to catch on defense through the entire game
ONE defensive and ONE offensive “do over”per game. Must be called prior to next pitch

and what can I offer?
I can't run - hell I can barely walk
I can't hit - never could
I used to be one HELLUVAn Underhanded Pitcher - so
with a little practice, if they want a Pitcher to don't do the batter thing, I can toss some wicked fast or slow pitches.

We shall see in two saturday Morns from now.

Any Portal In A Dream

With the dreams I have been having over, or rather during the last few month's "sleepy-time", I think I will need to install a few exit signs. I would consider this, as an attempt at incorporating more of my insides of my home into my all too vivid dreams. In some of the episodes, I am totally outside. But even with those, I may 'start' outside, but I eventually head inside and get lost or stuck in a corner. My room only has three, yes just three, portals. The majority of my dreams take me down the hall and pictures that are hanging in my hall become doorways i must pass thru, so a little extra signage couldn't hurt!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

dear doctor

i am liking writing in all lower case

i need to find a GOOD site about (wait, wait, its coming to me)

Dont Listen

WOW oh my goodness (sorry I dont say oh my G-- aka The Lord In Heaven)
I wonder if someone, anyone, even Al Yankowhich (or something like that) could make a song about what we can catch.
We can catch puppies and kittens.
We can catch Mesothelioma and meaningful thoughts.
We can catch colds and ideas - oh the Ideas i have caught in my few years. Ah a child in the making, a mere infant mind trying to forget the bad parts and feel enlightened about the good parts.
We can catch crooks and the politicians hand in the till.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Oh The Ouchies

Hurts tooo much!

Sunday, June 6, 2010


I think my coworkers will never run out of strange topics to fill their "free time" 'discussions'. These topics range from how I spent my "day of freedom" vacation all the way to diet pills that work. The topics that happen the most frequently are when they tell THEIR VERSION of a previous topic showing that they know more OR their experience was much more terrible. What else should I expect from Kids! For that matter, what could I expect from a workplace that has a dozen or so people doing the same job. Lots of people, lots of free time.
Unlike my current job - one person, not a team or flock, doing one or more very specific jobs. Times change but Kids do not!

Ace is THE place

She stopped by for a gift. She said she KNEW she could always find a gift at the Ace Hardware. there. We just had an Awesome Shower hit that lasted about 45 min. and showed as RED on the radar. She said she was in a hurry, but didn't want to get drenched so two, count'em, two employees helped her to her SUV. She got to the car DRY (we were told by the employees) but the TWO gentlemen came back SOAKed to the bone!

Location: Barker-Cypress @ F M 529, Cypress, TX

Puppy Truths

Don't Think Outside The Box - What's A Box?

A Wife is for Life! Once Is Enuff For Dis Pup

Faith - is knowing that you do not HAVE to panic.

Da real Pup

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