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Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I listened to Meet The Press - What a joke! No not the show, or even the basic concept that being put before the press might actually cause you to say something like the TRUTH. Who were the guests, I do not remember names, but they were either Democrats or Republicans and nothing else. They took their delight in finding fault in the Tea Party - leads one to think they are afraid.
We need government that works as hard as peonexin or as some call it, Pronexin. Yeah with all of their complaints and other forms of bull shit, oh they are definitely afraid of people with go to Town Hall Meetings to voice THEIR opinions and not repeat what you have been told. Sad, so sad - or is that just how we are supposed think?

Sunday, July 4, 2010


My Bodacious One had developed a skin condition similar to what da_pup had done many, many, oh so many times before. And what do we see coming down the hall - I do not know her title, tho she does resemb an E------r B-----y and I cannot call the name of the equipment by name but every once in a while she lets us hear that familiar "W-hooshing" sound. The W-sound is Great to hear for it is whether or not that sound is the same everywhere she touches the skins - Dear Lord above, please let it all be the same.

Your question might be what happens if the sound differs? My Bodacious One get to visit the Hospital for a WEEK or TWO! And for Us, That Would be BAD!!!

I Know of THAT FOR WHICH I write! BTDT - 5 times in a town called H*n and once in a town called S--A*o I just remembered I got to "recover" from this TWICE in a town called C****s Didn't get a tshirt - just pain - and a vacation!

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