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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Orchid Thai Fusion

I do so love when I find a place that enjoys their customers, No make that enjoys their new friends. I have developed a real friendship with Anthony's Po-Boys and Sandwich on Westheimer over several months plus buying meals 2 to 3 days a week. At Thai Fusion I will have that same connection even sooner.

Why.. ask cautiously?

Well there is a cable that runs from your electrical supplier's transformer [(I CHECKED - IT AIN'T BUMBLE-BEE <- NO BULLETS) instead its CenterPoint)] to your home buried about two feet down that "should" last forever or at least a few more than 20 years. Well the house was built in the early 80's so it was time. It broke in a few places - ground shifted with our extreme drought, and melted in other places, along with evidence someone tied into the line BEFORE it got to the meter!
There are all sorts of sparking and pitting marks in the "circuit box" and evidence that the system was drawing way more current than either the "box" or the cables could deal with. The wires were Aluminum (Cheap!)
The result is we were only getting 120 V AC on one leg and 56 V AC on the other (OH SHIT!)
So I called a few places and got a few estimates. I settled on someone that was to show up TODAY (he did!). We are in a motel for the last few nights. They laid the new COPPER CABLE, not 3 separate cables in a PVC pipe over 4 feet down. Add to that new parts to the AC and my 60th birthday was rather expensive.
All of that to say we were going to be doing loads of eating out at several different places. Wouldn't it be great if we could find a place that makes what you want, with REAL food (unlike Intl House o' Pancakes), that was willing to stay open late enough for my Bodacious wife to join me. Yes- Orchid Thai Fusion does all that and so much more. I have learned that the chef was trained in France; that he has family members as co-workers; that he loves to "show-off" and otherwise explain many of his meals and that he so thoroughly loves to get to know ya.
For those that know the Pup (me), know that I talk ALOT, I talk LOUD and I jump from topic to topic.
The folks there love all of that and my knowledge of so many words to compliment their food - it is no effort at all to say only the best things about Orchid Thai Fusion - Try it and tell me what you find!

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